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  1. I always liked that movie “Dumb and Dumber”
  2. Get in their wallet. These fat corrupt politicians are coming after your 401K’s, your employer subsidized health care and your inheritance. Even a dumb liberal with half a brain should see this.
  3. Biden never going to make it. Sure likes the fix is in for Cuomo.
  4. Thanks reelfire. Surprised not a state wide law. In Mass, anybody with a fishing rod can fish most any beach as long as they gained access legally and fish within tidal lines except public beach that is designated for swimming. Many of us carry a laminated copy of the law when harassed by land owners and police.
  5. With all beaches closed, are fisherman allowed to go on beach and fish tidal lines? Not sure on legal access? I heard if you own oceanfront property and you have a private beach that it is ok for them to use their beach ?
  6. On Friday came back in and bought a little more oil, dividend and real estate funds. i think the market is oversold. See this as a buying opportunity. Think with Trumps free market, pro business policies that the market could really take off especially after the elections when he wins again.
  7. Not sure how it would work. moratoriums come and go. Say in couple of years the bass stock recovers and they do away with the slot limits....I would be pissed that I released world record striper. personally I would obey the law and release it but would not be thrilled about it.
  8. Sold the boats, gave up six pack license, don’t commercial fish anymore and selling off all my gear. Just not worth it anymore. I do feel sorry for any and all fishing related businesses around the cape.
  9. Many years back, I kind of recall Ande line offering a huge cash prize if you caught record bass on their line. Not sure, but it may of been a million.....so would you keep it for a million?
  10. And you are a charter captain, and/or it’s not a commercial day and you can’t sell it. A new world record could mean a lot of money and publicity for a charter captain, plug builder, public speaker etc.... so what do you do....let it go or keep it and have it mounted and go on tour with it?
  11. Follow the money. The Saudi’s buy a ton of our jets and military hardware
  12. I would give some to Red so he could fix up that deplorable white trash trailer that he lives in.
  13. $190 Wow gear up and bend over Don’t forget your $50 Yeti white bucket and your $250 Van Stahl pliers and you will look quite fabulous on the canal!
  14. I usually get all the fat boy, unhealthy stuff that my wife won’t let me eat at home