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  1. Here is the fishing pole made from a piece of wire a piece of paint brush hair and a toothpick and electric tape
  2. HO scale
  3. On my railroad
  4. We chum one day and catch the next
  5. Old photo 10 years ago from bait store
  6. This is how you catch big fish
  7. Chunk of mackerel
  8. My wife goes and gets an infusion every month. That infusion wipes out her immune system to the point the nurses ask her how terrified she must be. She got yelled at for not wearing a mask the other day and I want to ask why? Where were all the people willing to protect her for the past years, when you would say “oh it’s just allergies” and be sick as a dog. Some of you people have literally spit at me my whole life calling me a slob now I’m supposed to save you.
  9. I am seeing lots of people saying, government take my rights for I am weak and fragile and cannot fight. We need our government to take over. when the ghetto police come to the window asking why you are out. The answer is, this is going be constitutional in a second and you need to decide if we are gonna fight
  10. From sandwich to ptown every little store has shark stuff. Well almost every store
  11. Hand are nothing takes till January till the truck starts to calm down
  12. Cary some baby wipes in your purse, no more problems.
  13. Are you a licensed commercial fisherman?
  14. did not read the whole story. Is there an increase in fines for the guys that are buying the fish? I don’t think it is enough. Poachers are not gonna worry about a license and the buyers are not getting enough of a penalty to stop the next one from doing the same. One guy that was buying got caught and lost a bunch. Seems to be not enough cuz there are obviously guys still buying. This poaching is not a recreational thing this is all commercial and I have been saying it forever, they cannot police themselves from stopping this, stop all that have commercial licenses, and not allow them to get another. Time and time again they prove me right.
  15. Not my problem at all. It’s like watching cartoons