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  1. I’ll take measurements tonight and post tomorrow, but this is Jamie’s standard 4 tube configuration. It actually came with the 4 large tube plus this custom set up. I just planned on keeping the 4 large tubes for another bag
  2. I’m sorry. Not interested in the trade, but toss the bailless one back on here and grab this. Reel is excellent.
  3. Clean, recently serviced silver ZBB25. This reel is in perfect working order and has the mojo to boot. It's seen the rocks off of Cutty to big fish in the Canal and everywhere in between. I have the bag, box and papers if interested. Price is picked up in Ma If mailed you pay all shipping charges
  4. Custom Flatlander 4 tube bag and wallet. Barely used, never dunked. Simple design with no pockets inside. One large front pocket on lid. Custom tube configuration perfect for the surf. No hook tangles. 18 grommets. Bag is as clean as you will see. Not even broken in yet. Price is picked up in Ma. If mailing you pay all shipping charges
  5. Where would I find such a place??
  6. How much for the Z25?
  7. The search continues
  8. I thought i was losing my mind
  9. No fish in the Canal
  10. TOMBO!!!!