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  1. This is awesome news
  2. "Sissy Stick"? I think not Now that's a fun looking way to catch a tarpon.
  3. Happy Birthday Tim!
  4. Nice video, well done!
  5. So... we had a crash and burn, and then a Pheonix? ... at least tell me it was a drunk and disorderly Pheonix
  6. Agreed. I was a little worried when they let Brosnan go... I thought they might keep going a bit more cartoonish but the Craig films have been pretty bad-ass.
  7. Yeah, probably
  8. .... and hard core gambling!
  9. and over club for almost everyone playing "Nine iron from 170? Nah brah, you hit the 5."
  10. Damn you double post! I must love that bacon smell
  11. If he does that a couple more times, he could write a book of his own.
  12. Mokes is all good in my book
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz0eWkXNflI
  14. She'll do great, John.