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  1. or rod geeks
  2. Some guy recently posted a pic of a gear up bucktail pouch with an inset for a couple plugs. If you fish at night thru sun up like me, this is the ticket. I use a custom 8 tube MAK bag that should be used as plug storage.
  3. It is a good plug
  4. I'm all for returning a lost plug bag or forgotten rod but if I find a plug on the beach, I'm keeping it!
  5. I use the sinking model in Blue over white this time of year. You can work it like a pencil or slow pop and let sink a little.
  6. One additional thought. Bucktails!
  7. NJ report. I typically fish 5 days per week during the fluke and SB season. I have 6-7 locations that I typically hit during the year and they are all 5 miles from my house. I'm not chasing fish all over gods creation. OK, enough about what I do. This week every morning between 3:30-7 I had 10-15 bass up to keeper size but no bigger. Monday I was into gator blues along with bass.
  8. does this have a bucktail holder?
  9. I have a love hate relationship with the doc. I think the 7" stinks. The 9" front hook is too far back in my opinion but it floats on water wonderfully. I work it by striking the rod tip down. It forces the lure to glide back and forth. I prefer using the Limiers (SP) plug out of RI.
  10. I'd just bake them. If you did a slight tap after swirling them in the powder, I bet they will be fine.
  11. I just want a pair of pliers that cuts a hook and doesn't rust. Don't care about cutting braid. I have not seen in the search forums if the manleys with the teflon coating is a good option.
  12. I had a lot of brands except for the VS because of the price. I'm constantly oiling and taking a wire brush/dremel to my Sargent because of the rust on one of the arms. The other arm seems to be better stainless. The aluminum pliers may be my next stop.
  13. Nice rod. I built up a SB136 2f just like that. Should have kept it!
  14. My son was using the floater last night and got several bass and small blues. I upgrade the hardware and remove the rear hook. I have not had success with the stick shad or larger swimmers. Granted, I'm generally a bucktail or spook guy. These two do everything for me.