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  1. skunk and rumors.....and all the above
  2. Terrible news
  3. I find that the Korkers interior material will deteriorate way before the outside material, but their customer service is wonderful and their interchangeable soles are great too. I also use the simms freestone boots. These have proven to be very durable.
  4. It goes all the way to Atlantic Highlands. My white spider wire stealth is brown
  5. I had clear water and 2 skunks. Last night 8-10 and 4;30-7;30am. Just terrible. The day before I had one on topwater than decided to switch to a 3/4 BT. Got two right away. It's been tough the last week
  6. Hit my 30th bass outing of the year this morning. 3 bass. They are getting smaller. MOCO
  7. my white BT1083m with 4 guides.....used it all this week
  8. I had bunker all around me this morning but no takers. we need a wind direction of any kind and we need it at 5mph not 25mph.
  9. A bunch of years ago I had MAK build me an 8 tube bag that I carry around. This year I have been using a single 3" tube by flatlander on my belt with pliers. I can fit 3-5 plugs in it. At certain times, this is all I need.
  10. I used to do all the previously mentioned stuff loading a redfin. Now I lose the rear hook, add a bass sinker and put a 3/0 hook upfront with a heavy duty split ring (I do not add swivels). I have not caught a 40lber with this method but a few in the 20's.
  11. It seems to me that science is not an ideology that a lot folks on this site care about.
  12. When using a spook, I use a 9" most of the time. I have several bass this spring on them, all at sunrise. I find the plug gets more attention when the water temp gets into the mid to upper 50's. I use it at night too but prefer the non rattle varieties when its dark. When fishing the shallow back bay areas at night, I usually leave my car with a 9" spook, redfin, and one metal lip and one sinking super strike popper...all in a single 3" diameter tube attached to my belt.....and pliers.
  13. I get rid of mine
  14. I had my first blue fish May 26, 2019 April 23, 2018 April 24 2017. April 21, 2016
  15. I have an Orvis fly fishing jacket that is in terrible condition but I love it. The cuffs are rubber on the inside with an adjustable velcro strap on the outside. I don't get any water up my sleeves. Now, for the record, i'm not doing the Montauk thing. I'm Jersey. Fish around bridges, wade the flats, but do use it to fish the mountains between VT and NC.