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  1. I prefer the 9' rods over the shorter ones. I built up a GSB1081L. I use it with a Battle 2 4000. It also cast an unloaded redfin well.
  2. I would also like to add length is only half the equation. My GSB1081L (9') is much different than my 9" BT1083m and the 9' John Skinner rod
  3. I built a GSB 1081L a while back and its a light rod that I use for fluking the beach...but it is 9'
  4. I like an 11'er most of the time except when I need more accurate casts (ex. under a bridge)
  5. ...and you can't kick you leg over the back when you have rods back there
  6. The jointed redfin swims just under the water where a bomber or sp snags. It also swims at different speeds well. Quite frankly, I fish the jointed RF and the 7" RF more than all the other plastic plugs combined.
  7. I personally believe in lessons and practice over expensive gear for any sport....and the statement "for my casting style, I like...." very over rated. Thanks for the fly line tip.
  8. To me, all this rod business is over rated. Put a metal lip on any rod you can dream up with a head wind and you might as well thrown it with you bad arm.
  9. I do this all the time because I need felt/spikes on the rocks. Neoprene wading socks are the same thickness as the neoprene booties on your waders. If i'm walking the beach when it gets warm, I keep the flip flops by the sand dunes.
  10. Who needs a fancy skiff when you can have that boat?
  11. The Largest ones do not swim like the 2 3/4oz version so I don't use them at night. I would probably even go as far and say they don't swim at all!
  12. My yellow produced 4 bass last night. All were high teens to low 20'. As I state earlier, sinking model only. This is their best plug. If you need a floater save yourself 10 bucks and get the tsunami talking popper.
  13. I use a 9" spook all the time. It catch's 20" Blues and Bass wonderfully!
  14. I use a MAK bucktail pouch and stuffed in the center are three tubes I made up. They hold a sinking little neck, stubby needle and a redfin. Cant do big plugs but I make up for that with big bucktails
  15. 2 3/8 sinking in burple or yellow. These plugs swim awesome. I would forget popping at night.