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  1. Yes
  2. Ill do $350 for my Bauer LM5 and Winston rod. Floating and intermediate line included. The reel was just serviced by Bauer. It's listed on this site.
  3. Not Pulaski, but my son and I were up in the Buffalo area last week with Steelhead up to 8lbs on the fly.
  4. I purchased my Billy Pate and Bauer LM5 for under $200.
  5. Fly line not included. Just an FYI
  6. I use the loop until it looks compromised....than i do what they say. Confidence equals fly fishing.
  7. I have an Old Florida 456 reel backing included large arbor couple little nicks no clicker compression drag $100
  8. I dont really know how to handle this one. If forum says you were the first to offer, Ill sell it to you for $150. Just looking to be fair. I thought you implied an offer of $100 and that was too low.
  9. I’ll do the $150 for the rod
  10. 1 piece. I would say 1-3.5…maybe 4oz
  11. Not looking to split. But I’ll do $450 for reel and line
  12. Looking to get $400 for the combo. Reel was just serviced by Bauer. This is a 10wt combo
  13. I’m looking to sell the combo for $550 braid included. Well used but good condition. Reel just serviced at the fisherman. I might have the reel bag as well. The rod is killer. Located by Sandy Hook, NJ
  14. I have a bunch of stuff but the bauer LM5 and Billy Pate salmon were both just serviced this year. The BP is 30 years do you beat that? I fish it both fresh and salt.
  15. In the back where I fish, its all about the popper.