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  1. Awesome tip on the Danner rat boots and now this! Thank you sir.
  2. Holgate looked like that before the storm
  3. I always have a bunch of pretied leaders with swivel and TA clip. I lose a lot of lead under the bridges:) With that said, when I run out, I tie direct and use an Alberto's knot. Its good to have options that you feel confident using.
  4. The super strike sinking popper can be reeled slowly at the top of the water column and produces a v wake. It is a very versatile plug. I have found this to be the best alternative albeit not a replica. It also has the benefit if being a great casting plug.
  5. Maybe you can try and find a used Lami BT 108 3m. This can cast the 1oz and lob the heavier stuff
  6. I built up a Lami 1081L a while ago and was wondering how it compares to the suzuki special 9'6"
  7. Diamond jig with tube during the fall is the only time I break out a metal.
  8. Am I still the only one that loves the original VS250? Great reel.
  9. interesting, I did the 4am to 7 thing and had only one fish. I was thinking it would have been much better.
  10. I use the storm front Patagonia sling, but mostly, I keep leader material in my waders or chest pocket. My flies go in my bucktail pouch that I repurpose. I can also have my pliers on the belt.
  11. I've had a solid week of big blues and some bass up to keeper size. The bait is thick. Bucktails and wire leader.
  12. Nice, I was getting them on the fly too....bayside.
  13. I sharpen some of these rusty 4x VMC hooks and it is always shiny after one draw on the sharpening stone. I say let if fly. It's mostly surface rust.
  14. I thought I was pretty good at knots. I guess I need some practicing. Its the 5 turns on 80# that's a bugger.
  15. A blood knot on heavy mono is tough in the field compared to a double surgeons knot. Is this an acceptable alternative? The knots only have to be as strong as the tippet knot?