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  1. throw away the parrot into the bed of my truck and pick up a green mack
  2. I would be interested in the surf/jetty/canal group, fish everywhere from north shore of MA to the canal, cape beaches, ri and ct regularly, and block/mtk/cutty each at least once a year
  3. it's not a small lure, but does present a slimmer/smaller profile than an 8 inch swimming plug with an almost 2 inch diameter is all i meant by that
  4. i find that most of those fish on the bottom are still relatively close to the drop off, hanging outside of rips, and swinging a northbar, which gets down about 8 feet, medium or deep diving pikes, which get down anywhere from 12-16ft, or bigger darters that get down 6 feet or so across those rips produce just as many fish as a jig. my thought is that they dont mind coming up a few feet to hit a large bait but pretty much need to be hit in the face with a smaller offering like a bucktail or sluggo. plus, throwing 4oz of lead all night isnt exactly my idea of fun
  5. dont get caught up on having to throw jigs at night, you can be just as successful throwing darters, bottle darters, sebiles, pikes, conrads etc and not have to carry 40lbs of lead around
  6. [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/3703843/width/700/height/525]
  7. i'll take them
  8. Tracker Grizzly 1548 with 25hp Mercury 4-Stroke, 45lb Minn Kota Trolling motor, trailer, two fishfinders, livewell, batteries, seats, and more. Low hours on motor, one owner, located in Worcester Mass... can email additional photos $4,500 or BRO
  9. i recently replaced my lami xra 1261mh with a sling shot 1328.... the century is amazing, i'll not probably only carry one rod at the canal most of the time, as that rod will throw up to 6oz head with a 9in sluggo and down to 2oz plugs, and even throws the sp minnows pretty well. had the chance to put it it to the test on some high teens to mid 20's bass last set of tides and i was very impressed
  10. Are you interested in trading it? Its at my folks house in Monument Beach and I'm up North until tomorrow night. I can post some on Saturday. Sam yes, ive been wanting to build one conventional for a while but this would work out even better
  11. also i'll be in mashpee this weekend and have to meet somebody at the canal to sell a GSB anyways so i'm sure we could work out a time
  12. i have a 1 year old 1261MH spinning built by CMS, its been replaced in the rotation...
  13. i bought a bunch at cc charlies last fall