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  1. Yes, you pay the fees for paypal (or send MO) and I will pay shipping (or meet if you prefer). Sold to Skinny755 thanks
  2. Thanks for your offer skinny, I'd do $375 if you could get a MO in the mail today or paypal if you want. I live in NY Hudson Valley now but driving to the cape this weekend, not sure where you're at but we can PM the details.
  3. Purchased them 1.5yr ago and fished that summer some but didn't take a cast all year this year (moved inland ) They work great and truly held up similarly to my Stella SW's, no issues what so ever. Saragosa SW 10000 has an 8K body with 10K spool (faster line retrieve than either reel and lighter..) $210 Saragosa SW 6000, reels are loaded with 40lb and 30lb Samurai 8-strand I believe $175 $10 shipping for one or free for both money order preferred, venmo if TimS allows, paypal plus fees acceptable
  4. You got em. All sold out here. Cheers
  5. it does. I will tonight. I do, PM on the way. SurfRasta gets the double barrel. double tube is called for - do you mean the 4-tube? If you google the "4-tube elite hunter" bag it's exactly that, not sure if listed as an eel pouch. just the 4-tube bag and the pants
  6. sure, you got 'em.
  7. Sorry guys, was away for the weekend and just checking in. Nothing officially gone yet. I’ll reply and award according to regs and then follow up here.
  8. you got 'em Rey, PM on the way
  9. 4-Tube (this is the full size, not the cobra) $200 shipped Double Barrel $80 shipped Sheath and non-elite belt with SS carabiner and sling $40 shipped - I have an extra elite belt as well (not pictured) add $25 to above if you would like that instead Brand new Kokatat breathable pants $50 shipped
  10. All plugs sold in pairs as shown. Shipping is $5 no matter how many purchased. $25 per pair (Hudson Valley NY for pick up)
  11. Last call - anyone with a glock for sale?
  12. Deal*
  13. Haven’t made a few yet