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  1. Last call - anyone with a glock for sale?
  2. Deal*
  3. Haven’t made a few yet
  4. Oh sorry, coming from cape cod but we take rte 22 back roads often, let’s move this to private message
  5. I’m headed to Lake George on the 26th and then Millbrook on the way home - could you meet somewhere near there? If so I’ll take the deal.
  6. Interested - pics and price? Thanks
  7. I had a G23 and still have e mags so I’d consider it but I’m not a huge fan of the round - for the right price tho I may, how much? Could you post pics?
  8. Looking for a newer 9mm or .45cal. Mid or compact but open to offers otherwise.
  9. looking to buy a reasonable rod wrapping rig near the local canal area. thanks yall
  10. interested and have cash, please show pictures
  11. I can offer you $225 SWJ. I'm on the cape but go to NY occassionally
  12. Definitely like that! Pm coming
  13. Offer withdrawn
  14. Sold. Thanks.
  15. Yes sir - I don’t think they make a direct fit as these OEM knobs are pressed in.