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  1. Would you take 500 p/u?
  2. Discontinued, still available at dealers
  3. Torque has 1 15xn 2 speed only, awesome reels the fathoms are awesome reels, but from what you described( 10 oz lead) I’d look at the 25n.
  4. Your looking for the explorer s , or older stuff
  5. How many would it take for the arsenal?
  6. .
  7. I’ll take this
  8. Cool thank you for the clarification, I don’t get down there very often. Are you flexible with the price? I don’t want to waste your time and effort.
  9. Thank you for the response, I have a couple 112’s that I just ordered new frames for, but I appreciate the response. as for the jiggy it’s tough to tell from the pictures, is that a lee conversion?
  10. Sebile still makes one under the ocean born label same plug different lip i probably have a “sebile” not ocean born, I’ll check tomorrow
  11. Any wiggle room on this
  12. I’ll take them please