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  1. last bump. make an offer everything must go. thanks
  2. Sorry, no more main gears left
  3. Bump
  4. Payments received from ehlawyer and jsam. I will ship out shortly. Thank you Bassassain, are you still interested or can I offer the parts to someone else? thanks
  5. $2.00, do you need anything else?
  6. 3 bearings included i would ship out everything for $33
  7. No emblem and lots of scratches. I will add it in with the sideplate screws. $20 shipped for everything
  8. 15 shipped
  9. mstrcc435@aol
  10. I have 1 main gear, 2 spool shafts, 2 crosswind arms with screws and 1 pinion gear. You can this lot for $25
  11. Yes I am open to splitting up the lot
  12. bump, bunch of good parts here.
  13. Bump
  14. They are all used.
  15. I have a few parts lying around I want to get rid of. Would like to sell as a lot but I will part out. Looking to get $150. I can post pics later if needed. Thanks 704z rotor cup 710 main gear 710 greenie sideplate 700 housing 700 spool shaft, pinion gear and crosswind arm ( 4 ) about 12 sets of the small parts that go inside the 704 housing (clicker, liner, handle, springs) 704 spool shafts 710 spool shafts, pinion gears, crosswind arms 12 704 bearing retainers w/ screws, 11 704 bumper brakes, 3 bearings, 33 704/706 sideplate screws, 13 704 rotor nuts, 7 704 bail nuts, 11 704 bumper cups 8 handle washers