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  1. Are you saying you didn't snag any bunker or didn't hook up to any bass? Snag and drop isn't the best way to fish, but it is productive when you are in a pod that is clearly being pushed around by predators. When you see large slashes across the pod, of bunker trying to jump out of the water and fly away, you are in a great spot for easy hook ups. There are also more sporting ways to target fish, but with some extra care you can avoid any un-needed harm to bass and blues. Snag and drop doesn't have to be with a weighted snagger, you can just use a VMC 5/0 treble hook, cast along the outer edge of the pod and snag one. I like to jerk the snagged bunker out from the pod a little bit to separate it from the group... then I open my bail and hold the line with my index finger, when you get picked up the fish will pull the line out of your grasp and its good to set the hook quickly as you don't want to gut hook a fish with a 5/0 treble.
  2. What do you mean by this?
  3. The smaller sizes on the heavy metal hogy jig are KILLER. They are about the only lure (other than a fly) that you can throw and hook up when they are on micro baits.
  4. For what it is worth, very few people (not counting actual employees) are being PAID by tackle companies these days... most sponsorship deals are discounts or best case, free gear. I am talking about the legit ones, from legit companies, not the guys who start and Instagram page, mark up their product 75%, then offer you pro-staff where you get a 15% discount.
  5. Skinner was first to do what he does... he deserves credit for that. His books and vids taught a lot of guys who were clueless how to go out and catch a fish. There are tons and tons of cheap imitations of his format (cough cough jigging jerks cough) where guys who don't know what they are talking about are giving you advice like they are experts. He doesn't even seem to mind that they are ripping him off. If he can make a little cash, and it is definitely a very small amount of money, by telling you to use certain gear... good for him. People are catching because of his work. It takes about 1M youtube views to make money... roughly speaking you get like $1K for every million views. He has got about 15M views over the past 10 years or so... hes not buying gold chains and BMW's. He has given more back to the sport then he has made off of it.
  6. I wouldn't say a weakfish is likely to chomp your bait in half or to take "fast and straight" runs... if your drag is set for blues/bass they are probably not going to take much of a run at all before pulling the hook.
  7. Nature’s fish finder... I’ve seen em fly by with tons of different fish. The more interesting ones were small blues, schoolies, eels, porgys, fluke, and even a dog fish once.
  8. I’d like to report the Osprey’s had a great day of fishing yesterday. They were picking off Porgies right next to me all day long.
  9. Ok for now. But in 2 months... its going to matter.
  10. Nice biscuit! Lose the swivel snap as your connection to the jig. Tie direct... use something like a non-slip loop knot on those jigs to increase the action. You might say "the swivel snap doesn't matter" but a loop knot on the Hogy Epoxy Jig makes a huge difference. Especially when you are fishing vertically.
  11. Hard to tell from the video, given the profile of the fish I would say probably peanuts.
  12. how about putting the pics up so we can see them too? Might help others when looking in the second hand market.
  13. Albies show up whenever they want to show up... and leave whenever they want to leave. They can pretty much swim from one end of the sound to the other in a day. Bait and weather are probably the biggest factors in moving them to or keeping them in a particular area.
  14. If you want to do more then one lure, do you have any other Lordships you would want to package together?
  15. Looks like I am #2 in line, but if you split I will take the Lordship for $27 shipped. Interested in any other Lordships you might be willing to part with. Prompt Pay Pal.