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  1. A couple of Stratford teens have been arrested in relation to the second smaller trailer fires, the fire at the Shakespeare Theater, and a bunch more. Police did not release the names, but the article noted: "Sources stressed that there is no evidence the teens set the fire that destroyed the buildings at Silver Sands - that separate fire has not been ruled arson - but sources said the teens might have taken advantage of that situation to set the trailers on fire".
  2. Science also rarely looks at the whole picture, sometimes that is on purpose but other times it is legitimately impossible to do so. It's a big ocean, and everything is interconnected.
  3. Time to come clean PaulS, which part of government do you work for, how far away are you from enjoying that nice pension?
  4. The special interest groups don't care about the state of CT, they only care about their special interests. They are organized and they give their votes to the politicians who bow to their demands. The politicians don't care about the state of CT, they only care about getting into office. They know to get into office they must bow to the demands of the special interests groups.
  5. Keep it on topic or start your own thread.
  6. Recent update below, but still nothing regarding the cause of the first fire. From the Article... "The general contractor, Scopes Construction of New Britain, was insured. Sawyer confirmed this week the state intends to complete the project, but funding depends on the insurance coverage, and whether it will be enough to cover repairs. Those factors hinge on the cause of the fire." "While the cause of the March 19 fire has not been determined, a subsequent fire on Sunday at two storage containers at the park has been ruled arson". “There are so many things that have to be put in play before we can talk about rebuilding,” Rose said, adding, “Nothing moves quickly at the state.”
  7. It can be done a couple of different ways and depends on the contracts in place. If a contractor was negligent, that contractor's liability insurance should cover the loss. If it was arson or something where there was no clear cause of the fire, it would likely be the GC's property insurance / builder's risk insurance that responds... if he hasn't delivered the project to the client yet. State's don't typically buy insurance, they "self-insure" with taxpayer money... so the project not being delivered back to the state yet HOPEFULLY means the taxpayers are not going to be left holding the bag on this one.
  8. Pretty unlikely that anything like that would be the case... typically contracting with governmental entities means you had to swallow some pretty one sided contract terms in favor of the governmental entity client. $10M of liability insurance is on the low end for typical insurance requirements in a project like this. If this contractor was a subcontractor, the GC's insurance or indemnity comes into play if there are any shortfalls in the subcontractor's insurance. Also, LLC's are not a perfect vehicle to "limit liability"... they very rarely hold up in court in cases when the LLC has other assets outside the LLC.
  9. Everybody involved in the investigation keeps hinting that they know what happened on Tuesday night, and that it wasn't arson... I wish they would say more but I assume they are not because there are lawyers and insurance companies involved now. If it was contractor negligence, the insurance company would at least bear the loss, and not us as taxpayers. Also, there are a lot of guys who are construction savvy on this site... Kim Rose went on the record that there were contractors staining wood the day of the fire, and they were using space heaters. Anybody who has ever stained wood knows that you cannot do it in cold weather. The wood repels the stain. You would need to heat the space continuously for a 2-3 days. It is also known that no one was present at the time of the fire, no one was injured at the time of the fire. If this fire was started by unattended space heaters, the contractor responsible should lose their license and maybe even go to jail. Who the hell knows what is going on with the recent fires, but I hope they start releasing more details on the first one soon.
  10. They did, and they were unsuccessful... the state gets to play by its own rules.
  11. Rather than list them all, I will provide you with the one that made me most upset... The environmental impact study (EIS) required by law to be submitted with the plans for the project in 2015 was 22 years old, it was authored in 1993 for a completely different project, that original project was rejected. The EIS is published for public review and comment, when the EIS was pushed out for the 2015 project, the public cried for a new study to be done, one that takes into account the current state of Silver Sands... and the State said they were too far along to do another study and kept bulldozing their way forward. In case you aren't familiar with the beach, it has changed dramatically in the last 25 years, storm damage in recent years has caused great erosion, the marshland has rebounded, and the number of species making this park their home has significantly increased. Also, I don't want to go down the rabbit hole on climate change but maybe its a bad idea to be building a $9.1M project without a recent EIS, on land that was turned into a state park after a hurricane destroyed close to 100 homes in 1955, and got whacked in both Sandy and Irene. As for more specific building code... when is the last time you saw a project being built on a marsh, with timber frame construction, and power to the building but not fire prevention? Sprinklers were not installed, ok then what about fire breaks in the construction of the 3 buildings, what about using flame retardant or resistant materials? How about just an alarm? Just something to say "hey, this $9.1M project is about to burn down why doesn't someone come to take a look"? The project itself was such a hot button topic, I was against it (in support of bathrooms but you can do that for a lot less than $9.1M) but that battle was never a fair fight, and no objections mattered... the park happened. I really see all that as a separate thing now... the real shame of all this is that after all that fighting, that park was built, the "environmental impact" whatever it is or will be, has already taken place, and now its happened for nothing.
  12. 24 hours later and there are people going on the record stating that this "looks to be contractor negligence" rather then arson.
  13. I don't have data good enough to share... thats part of the problem. For any science based study, there is another "science based study" to contradict it. Between road taxes, gas taxes and property taxes on cars... it sure adds up. Most info I looked at put CT in the top 3... and there are lots of other states that get frost and ice.
  14. You couldn't be more wrong... look up what we currently pay in road related taxes in comparison to the rest of the US. Now think about how crappy and unsafe our roads are? Where is the money going? Taxes SHOULD be a way of supporting the common good... but it's not... its a way for A-hole politicians to reward the special interest groups (by way of unfunded pensions) that they are beholden to for re-election. Everybody in control drinks the cool-aide and hopes the ride doesn't stop when they are in charge.