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  1. I think what he is trying to get at is that smaller fish are less likely to hit big baits... which does translate to plugs and swimbaits... bigger lures typically get you less fish, but better quality. Dave Anderson writes a lot about this in various publications and blogs.
  2. Objectively, (and no offense meant)... 3 years is not a long enough time frame to make sweeping statements about a fishery. I don't really disagree with your position though, we need to take some drastic steps with striper manager to protect such a special resource. There is just a lot of complaining on the CT forum lately, and I want to encourage people to remember that fishing is supposed to be fun!
  3. Didn't stop my buddy with the kyack and bagels!
  4. I feel like too many people are focusing on the wrong things... This year has certainly been more difficult, but there is lots of fun to be had on the water. Sometimes the conditions need to dictate where, when, and how you fish... even what you fish for. If you enjoy fishing, go fishing... be flexible.. if you cannot catch a bass, try fluke, if that doesn't work go sea bassing. If you only want to catch 30lbers at noon on Sunday, then you are going to be disappointed. Enjoying the great outdoors is not a contest. BTW, I will add that this past weekend around 9AM, I watched a kid who was probably around 13, paddle out to a school of bunker maybe 100 yards offshore, snag one, then paddle back into shore. Next what looked like his dad and another adult walked onto the sandbar with beach chairs, a bag of bagels and 3 more rods, they held on to the rods, cut the bunker into three pieces. Then the kid paddled back out 100 yards, dropped the baits down and paddled back in. Like west coast shark fishing from shore... about 30 min later they got bit and the kid reeled in a nice size striper. Now, I would have bet anyone of you a million dollars that kid wasnt going to catch anything, but he had a line in the water, with bait on his hook... and he did.
  5. Not catching fish is frustrating, but you can learn a lot from not catching. The difficulty also increases the enjoyment of when you finally put the pieces together and have success. Patterns are only patterns for as long as they last... once things get shaken up you have to figure it out all over again. For me, the past few days have been pretty good, and the bite is building up. I would suggest you try something different if what you are doing is not working for you... and focus on fishing sunset, darkness, and sunrise. But not catching fish how and when you want, does not mean it is a lifeless sea. The harder it is to find the fish, the quieter those that are on them will be. If you are the type to watch reports (not saying the OP is), you should be paying attention to when things go silent too... the fish are out there, somewhere, and someone with no need to pound their chest online is on them!
  6. Nice 1801! How far are you from the Coimbra, a lot of guys are pulling up short of that wreck in the 5/10/15 mile range to fish when they see busting tunas. This could be your year!
  7. For bait, think squid... whole squid if you can get it. If not, then squid like colors and sizes. Been pretty good the last few times I was able to get out.
  8. Its still early in the year fellas, lets all stay positive! I had lots of bait two weekends ago. I did not see much other than the small stuff this past weekend, but with all the extra holiday traffic I am not surprised by that. Hopefully this weekend it gets going a little better. In recent years, it has been less of a migration and more of a concentrated wave of fish. They seem to all come at once, and fishing is great while they are here. Then they are gone.
  9. Yes sure, I am with you 100% on that.
  10. science shouldn't be based on assumptions.
  11. You just gonna ignore that the equipment is attached to a shark? Put your phone underwater and tell me how long that GPS works for.
  12. LOL... Yea. I am a even more suspicious when they have a reality TV show.
  13. I don't buy it... not for a second. I am not saying OCEARCH is outright lying, but at the very least they sure seem fine accepting a data anomaly without any verification. There is also a history of misreads... like fish showing up on land. The chances of this actually happening, the fish traveling distance over time and the speeds necessary to leave those pings are much less likely than the chances of an equipment malfunction. What is the effective range of the GPS ping, is it 9 feet, 9 miles? It would make a lot more sense if that fish was on the other side of LI. Also, don't sleep on the fact that this fish tale was the week before the biggest beach holiday and in the single most expensive zip code in the US. OCEARCH has already stated that the donations have been pouring in and the increased traffic has been crashing their website. This was the top story on every news channel in CT and NY last night. I don't have a high opinion of the work these guys do... they are a non-profit, but they sure seem to be big on ego and fame.
  14. This is pure baloney.
  15. A couple of Stratford teens have been arrested in relation to the second smaller trailer fires, the fire at the Shakespeare Theater, and a bunch more. Police did not release the names, but the article noted: "Sources stressed that there is no evidence the teens set the fire that destroyed the buildings at Silver Sands - that separate fire has not been ruled arson - but sources said the teens might have taken advantage of that situation to set the trailers on fire".