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  1. As other have mentioned im pretty sure it's a beach master.
  2. I forgot to accept in the tread thats my fault and plugs have been shipped.
  3. 1 yellow & 1 blue mackerel pilgrim 1 all white raptor all very lightly used. $63 shipped
  4. I and alot of people catch bass of them lefthook "rocks"
  5. If you have another one I would be interested in a trade ;-)
  6. Thanks guys much appreciated
  7. First let me start off by saying that I am relatively new to rod building and I currently have a century Slingshot 1329 on the way that I am trying to order guides for but before I do so i wanted to double check that my intended guide layout will work. What I am thinking is double foot (titanium torzite TKWTG) guides 30,16,10,8,8,8,8 and size 9 tip. Does this sound good to all the more experienced rod builder? Almost forgot to mention that this rod will be used for jigging the canal and beach sharking and the reel will be a 14k shimano twin power. All positive feedback is welcome and thanks in advance.
  8. Yes but I like to fish these spots at night to try and keep them low key.
  9. Almost all my hold overs have come on small soft plastics but almost all my biggest holdover have come on the small redfin (loaded) just slow rolled a foot or so down. I did get a 20lb holdover on plastics early this season tho.
  10. Thank dude, I use Google earth a lot and try to find similar structure/marsh/length to the spots that I already know produce. More times then not I do not catch at the new spots but some times it works out for the best as in this case.
  11. I agree. I only caught one striped bass in Jan and it was during a warm spell towards the end of the month. Side note my first striper and largemouth where caught on the same day in 2017 (different locations)
  12. January was by far the hardest month and ty :-)
  13. Thanks to the redfin and this small holdover striped bass I have now officially caught a striped bass every month of 2017 in Massachusetts! The wind tonight was tough and my usual hold over spots were not producing so with a little due diligence I found a new spot and caught this little dude :-)