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  1. As we celebrate the Decadetennial of the Tavern's 2009 year class, I think it's important for the rest of you to recognize the contributions (or lack thereof) of this special class of members. Not all of them have moved on to bigger and better things, some are still here among us while others have drifted off into the ether, greater members have come and gone before and since.......but The Year of The Pinata shall not be remembered in vain! The fun of kicking Reed while he's down (in SIM's kitchen) can't compare to taking aim at the best/worst inmates we've had yet. Take a moment to tell your favorite niner how much they don't mean spit to you! While I know there will be some colorful commentary to follow, just remember one thing..... WE GAVE YOU MOKES! Now let the hate flow.....
  2. While servicing the fuel filters and water bowl, the sensor wire at the bottom of the bowl (inside the engine) must have been a little brittle and the wire broke......I don't have pictures but can take one when I get home. Just curious if anyone knows how the engine will behave if I run it while the wire is broken? Will it alarm or fail to alarm until I replace or fix? Assuming that water floats on top of the gas, the bowl has to be completely full of water (or high enough concentration) to complete the circuit and sound the alarm (since pure gas is a poor conductor) if the wire is broken it will never complete the circuit, same as if there was no water present. My question is: is the sensor sophisticated enough that it knows that a 0 reading is far below the expected normal threshold, or is it simply a status of 1 or 0 (ON/OFF)? As long as I know there isn't any water in the chamber, I'm OK with running the motor until I fix it, but I don't know what the default behavior of the sensor is if the connection isn't complete. Thanks..... BBBF
  3. Do we still have a Mokes? Holdout niner we need to keep on the roster.... Making spoons and still sensitive about his bathroom? Nifty make any updates to the McRoo files? I think that is worth another read......Greg stole the show! TimS - did you ever get to the bottom of the nosy wifi bandit snooping your neighborhood? Scummy Lies....any text's from BranfordJeff?! TackleJunkie?! Ravioli I will assume is still Ravioli MikeMC - I'm glad to see you are still keeping everyone in line....especially the REAL goat is Eebs? Still handcuffed to domestic responsibilities?
  4. TeddyG up to his old tricks?! Are Homer, Rav, and SDF OK? Terry Mac is still ornery? HDinghy currently banned or active? Patrick? I can only assume Speedracer is still MIA as is MightyMouse?! Magish and Ambish still duking it out in the Gulag? RiverRaider is still alive?! WTF is wrong with you guys?!?!?! Petunia wrassling pigs in aviators? Brian laser the Bluefish off yet at the request of the clowns? Please give BillyBob's Son's Father a high-five for me! Wigeon still can't kill a mouse! Mr. Reed....PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!! just keep it Jerz for us! Belmo.....what are the odds this weekend? Is RedFish going to cage the parrot for the storm? KOQ still keeping the SOD green? DoaF showing up strong lately! WayneTJ ready to dig up the baseball cards and wedding pics?! Niners....our Aluminum Anniversary is upon us, we must unite!!
  5. The overlord in HR is making me take more days.....1/2 day tomorrow.....working 1.5 days next week (Thu/Fri) Apparently I worked too much this year
  6. Get well SiM!!
  7. We get it....she's on top
  8. Still better than the guy who put 300 gals into his rod holder....
  9. What year is the hull?
  10. Whatever you barter behind the Piggly Wiggly is not in the same context.....
  11. I don't think you can even get one of those NY editions in MA now.....sad
  12. Someone rescued them, and released them back into the ocean!! Three harbor seal pups are back in ocean waters after spending some time getting nursed back to health at the Mystic Aquarium. A crowd gathered to watch aquarium staff release the rehabilitated seals — Pyrite, Beryl and Ivory — Tuesday morning at Blue Shutters Beach in Charlestown, Rhode Island.
  13. Gotta be good at skating backwards and blowing a whistle Striped shirt too?
  14. He's protecting skates? From poachers? Need more info!