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  1. If they were to do a tunnel I hope they don't use the company who did the tunnels for the big dig in Boston. That thing has leaked since day one and if the pumps stopped working it would become a tunnel for submarines.
  2. They might have the technology to safely go around but it still comes down to the fuel used to travel the nearly 100 extra miles by going around.
  3. There is a famous modern day plug maker, who stopped making plugs a few years back who posted on SOL's lure making forum some years ago that if it was up to him, he would only use screw eyes on his plugs. He felt that with using the correct screw eyes the lure would be just as strong as a wire through and he could charge a lot less for his lures. It was the market that forced him to do through wired lures. Fishermen were schooled to think that without the through wire the lures were inferior.
  4. Really, the BSP is a huge piece of that pie that they'd take. The Sportsman's Club area isn't that big at all.
  5. I don't know what the big deal is, he could easily build that wall with all of the bricks that he is currently sh*tting.
  6. Career? The word career implies persueing the making of a living or earning some money at the very least. Fly fishing has not earned me any $. In fact it's cost me a small fortune......not that I'm complaining.
  7. I'd be leery of spending big money on any Walmart bike. Thery look cool, but I know a guy who had a bike shop and a large percentage of the bike repairs he did were from Walmart bikes. The bearings, hubs & wheels & derailers were absolute junk.
  8. I was actually there yesterday. We took some guests up there for a drive.
  9. I've seen them many times when they were in their prime - including their small 2nd US tour at Mechanic's Hall in Worc Ma before they were in their prime. I'd see them again but never at the price of tickets today. When you can buy their entire catalog of work for less than the price of a ticket to see them....... 'F that. P.S. You can always recognize their tour bus on the highway - it's the one going 40 mph in the high speed lane with the left directional light blinking.
  10. Well, if all of you guys are leaving the state, that ought to free up some fishing spots.......
  11. Mambo Minnow?
  12. Playing like they did last night will not generate any more interest in the team or this forum.
  13. They probably don't mark them because they use different lead sources at times and the weight marked on the jigs would be off more often than not, and then they'd have to hear about that. If it's necessary for you to know the weights, just weigh them yourself and mark them with an indelible Sharpie.