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  1. My friend was fishing the Vineyard Derby and put his shoulder bag down on the top of the beach behind him. A while later the bag was gone. He followed the drag marks and found that a racoon had dragged it up into the dune grass, carefully unzipped a side compartment and took off with a sandwich. Clever little critters.
  2. Now that this year's derby is over and done with, I'll answer ther original question of this thread. Yes, I'm making Derby plans. Plans for next year. I have a few new spots to try, some new gear to buy, and and few new tactics to try. It's never to soon to plan.
  3. Surf fishermen tend to carry more weight in their plug bags than fly fishermen in their chest packs. It's just the nature and size of what's in a surf fisherman's bag. I'm not seeing a comfortable, ergonomic chest pack capable of holding maybe 6-8 lures, some tins, and all the "necessary" lures while still giving you the movement you that you need.
  4. Ah....isn't he being paid to talk and give color?
  5. There's one way to see if they feed at night. Any volunteers?
  6. I have the 11 foot -3-6 oz insane surf, and love it. My buddies look down on the rod but their Legends have all had to be sent back because the tips broke or the ceramics shattered when simply looked at. My buddy with a Rainshadow had his explode when casting a Magic Swimmer. I've beat my Insane Surf and casted big Magic Swimmers, Stick Shadds, Bucktail jigs and Savages with no issues at all. It does come with a one year warranty as opposed to a longer one with other Lamiglas rods so maybe that's part of the cheaper price tag.
  7. Yes...........and all boaters should monitor their chart plotters and pay attention to where they are going, especially on a very dark night. There's no excuse for hitting a navagation bouy.
  8. Ooooo, the little ball of hate is not afraid to knuckle.....impressive. Hope that picks the team up.
  9. Nope, nobody will be laughing at you if you make the derby leader board. Transportation will open up a lot of spots to you.
  10. An hour just isn't much time. You can bike over to the jetty by the drawbridge, that'll take you about 10-15 minutes. That's the only option I can see.
  11. I wonder if this invasion of baby Bonito is going to translate into some seriously good Bonito fishing a few years from now?
  12. What he said. 1/2 ton is a little light for a slide on camper, unless you get one of those pop-up type rigs with the canvas side. Those have drawbacks as there is no upper cabinet storage and the canvas makes the camper damp anx noisy in the wind. 3/4 ton gives you a lot more options, and a lot more used campers available for them. Like he said, if buying used beware of hidden wood rot as a result of leaks. Check for mouldy smells, and check the roof to see if gobs of silcone sealant has been spread around. A sure sign of trouble. Lots of used on the internet, don't be in a hurry, wait for the right one.
  13. I agree. If you want to know where the large biomass when, look at pics from the Ditch the last couple of years. We have met the enemy and he is us.
  14. quote - On 9/17/2018 at 10:01 AM, Kooky said: biologist says this is just a sign of an healthy environment coming back into balance"........... Already discrediting the folks who spend the most time on the water Healthy environment coming back into balance? Apparently that biologist never studied the Native Americans here along the east coast and factored them into the balance. You can be sure that 50,000 seals never gathered along the Cape back then. They were hunted on a regular basis and held in check. Their bones are found in shell heaps and trash middens that the N/A's piled up. Here is a pic of a large Levanna triangular point that I found on a coastal site. It is almost 3" long and was used on a harpoon head. It would still work just fine on a seal hunt today.
  15. The Cape tourism industry is doing just fine in spite of the sharks & seals. The new thrill is to come to the cape to see the seals and hopefully see a Great White.