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  1. Do you know why murders in Kentucky are so hard to solve? No dental records and everybody there has the same DNA.
  2. The only problem with the Saxon Cronicles is that it just doesn't end. Too many books that are way too repetitive. I've always liked author Bernard Cornwell, but he dragged this series out about three books too many.
  3. I would also recommend the Lonesome Dove series. I think there are 4 books in it. Larry McMurty is the author.
  4. Do you know why there are very few hillbilly murders solved? There are no dental records and the DNA is all the same.......
  5. I've always been impressed that stripers at the Canal, on the darkest of nights, in that dark, turbulent water with all kinds of weed drifting, can pick out a jig bouncing off and zooming along the bottom.
  6. At the begining of winter I make out a long list of all the things that need to be done concerning my various hobbies. I micro manage the little things that need to be done to my fishing gear, I order the gear that I need, do the repairs, and replacement of line, etc. I get out on the milder winter days and do a little tail-water trout fishing, I try to do any work inside the house that needs to be done, don't want to spend one minute at it in the spring.
  7. I catch a lot of flak from my purist, one piece rod friends because I use two piece rods. I use them for the sake of ease of transport. Guess what? I cast just as far as they do, catch just as many fish as they do and when the rods are inside my camper, they are out of sight.
  8. Yep, Helin Fishcakes. Those little Helin treble hooks are real grabby. Believe it or not, My night bass fishing tackle bag has two old Fishcakes lures in it. They work great as a night surface disturbance lure.
  9. Flea-bay also has many waterproof cases. I wouldn't trust any of these cases for a dive down to 20' for an hour, but just as a splash proof case they are fine. My only complaint with them is that if you record video, there are some internal camera noises that get magnified being in the case and are picked up on the video's audio.
  10. My problem with fishing around seals wasn't about the seals chasing off the bass, it was the seals grabbing my catch before I could beach it. On a couple of occasions I knew the seals were quite far away when I hooked up, it took an eyeblink for them to appear and grab my fish in the first wave. They are way faster than you might think. Getting stripped of a fish and usually your lure sucks. Teaching the seals to hang around fishermen for a fast meal sucks also.
  11. I don't know what you guys are complaining about, you should feel happy for the golf course & private jet owners getting their tax breaks.
  12. As cold and windy as it was yesterday, we had a few chicadees singing their spring song. I like chicadees, they are avian optomists.
  13. Seems like a great altrernative. In the past I tried some other materials but never really put them to too much of a test. This year I'm going to have to get back into this.
  14. Sorry if this has already been commented on, I haven't read the 3 pages of posts here. I never got beyond your opening post. What do Federal Employees have to do with UPS or Fed Ex?
  15. Along with the Non-resident Canal permit, they have to take a 2 hour course in Canal Ettiquette.