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  1. The B's were outplayed and pushed around on both ends of the ice. Carolina would skake the puck across the blue line and not be challenged until they reach the top of the circles, the B's never could cross the blue line cleanly and had to chip the puck into the corner where Carolina pushed them around and skated away with the puck. Just about every damn time. The B's got talent, some serious talent but they don't have the size to compete on a high level. Look at the 2011 Cup team, Chara in his prime, lots of big talented guys who played heavy. Whatever Bergeron decides to do, the B's need to be rebuilt from the ground up, management included.
  2. Say's you. I waded through your deepest thoughts and never got my ankles wet.
  3. I think that they don't want to touch the issue. Seals have the same MMPA that protects endangered whales. An amendment would have to be put in place before anything, even studies happen. They fear the seal huggers who would go apesh*t if they start culling seals. When the seals took over and killed the classic Outer Cape striper fishery, I predicted that once the fishermen stopped coming and spending money on the Cape something would be done about the seals. Well, I was wrong. The number of fishermen dropped off, and the Locals were just fine with that. A few legendary Tackle shops closed down, a lot of people like me stopped renting vacation houses on the Cape, but the Commercial Cape businesses didn't notice it one bit. People started coming in droves to see the seals and hopefully to see a shark. The PETA types can Ooo & Ahh over the seals, but the fish that the seals eat and the bacteria that the seals crap out are invisible to them. They don't exist.
  4. I'm sure you'll find that any new influx of people with the affordable housing will soon take up the attitude of being "locals" and quickly take on the attitude of "Locals Only." Seriously though, there will never be much in the way of affordable housing on the Cape.
  5. They should play "Pop Goes The Weasel" over loud speakers over and over as these russian tanks go down the road.......
  6. Same old story, every year.
  7. I'm sure the crew was just fine.
  8. A friend of mine has a small trout hatchery in New Salem. He has three small ponds on a hillside. The middle pond drains out to bottom pond by a 20', 8" diameter PVC pipe. He kept his trout in the iced over ponds over the winter last year, and otters found an opening into the lower pond, swam up the pipe to the middle pond and ate trout by the dozens.
  9. Giant Corp General Mills took the big tax cut, didn't add a single job, bought back a ton of it's own stock, had it's largest record profits and then raised the price of it's cereals 20%. Inflation or price gouging? You decide.
  10. The fat lady has not sung yet, but she's warming up......
  11. Yes there are. But they are trophy wives that belong to multi-millionaires.
  12. When I was in High School, I was double dating there with a friend and laying in the back seat of his '64 Chevy with a girlfriend. The Sutton drive-In had a fairly steep hill, and suddenly his car started rolling, the speaker got torn off of the post and next thing you know we slam into the car that was in the row in front of us. Funny now. It sucked back then.