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  1. Follish move to skip the second shot. It pretty much nullifies the first shot.
  2. Looks like a suicide mission in a shooting war. Talk about being an easy target.
  3. It sucked back then, it sucks today.
  4. I would never put Marchand down on who he takes on. He's jumped right into the fray with some big dudes over the years. Hell, nearly everyone is bigger than him. He's got the balls to torment them all and he knows they are bigger than him and he will face them over and over. He has the ability to get into their heads and then deliver the coup-de-grace goals. He does it over and over. Pound for pound he's one of the best, wether you like him or not.
  5. Yep. The last decade has been windier here in the NE than I can remember. You can blame it on the non-existant climate change.
  6. Last year, a slob that lives upriver from me on the Middle Branch of The Swift River had a massive pile of household trash behind his house, like a year's worth, right near the river. A high water event took most of the trash downstream. A lot of land on the other side of the river is DCR land and below my land is DRC land. I fished out all manner of toxic material out of the river, paint, radiator coolant, brake fluid, solvents, etc, plus normal trash. I notified the local DCR rangers, sent them about 30 guessed it, no call back, no response, no one cared.
  7. Dogs have never been allowed in the Quabbin or the other Reservoir lands.
  8. The only thing more boring than watching Oak Island is reading about it.
  9. No fish if Fisheries Management doesn't get their act together.
  10. Herd Immunity is a real thing. In the wild, old, injured or sick animals are quickly taken by predators, leaving the rest of the Herd stronger and healthier. It's the same with alcohol. Alcohol kills off some of your old brain cells. That's why you always feel smarter while drunk.
  11. They couldn't have been racing too fast or have big wakes as they are only 8 HP motors.
  12. Funny, I don't hear anybody bitchin' about trump appointee DeJoy purposely sabotaging the postal system's sorting machines to slow down the mail-in ballots. From the top down, USPS was delt a moral blow causing huge mail slow-downs putting pressure on everyone, right down to the rural delivery person.
  13. You can still use the Clambrella Rig but it has to be with in-line circle hooks.
  14. The Chota's are good but I've found that I like the Canyon Hippers from Frogg Toggs. Same type of breatheable Hip boot with a stocking foot. They have a better strap arrangement than the Chotas, more like a traditional hip boot strap. You have to order them from the Frogg Togg website.
  15. Yep, that's him. The Club guys called him Capt'n Bob because of the boat. He sold the Parker 2-3 years ago. He's a good guy, very knowledgeable about the Canal.