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  1. Career? The word career implies persueing the making of a living or earning some money at the very least. Fly fishing has not earned me any $. In fact it's cost me a small fortune......not that I'm complaining.
  2. I'd be leery of spending big money on any Walmart bike. Thery look cool, but I know a guy who had a bike shop and a large percentage of the bike repairs he did were from Walmart bikes. The bearings, hubs & wheels & derailers were absolute junk.
  3. I was actually there yesterday. We took some guests up there for a drive.
  4. I've seen them many times when they were in their prime - including their small 2nd US tour at Mechanic's Hall in Worc Ma before they were in their prime. I'd see them again but never at the price of tickets today. When you can buy their entire catalog of work for less than the price of a ticket to see them....... 'F that. P.S. You can always recognize their tour bus on the highway - it's the one going 40 mph in the high speed lane with the left directional light blinking.
  5. Well, if all of you guys are leaving the state, that ought to free up some fishing spots.......
  6. Mambo Minnow?
  7. Playing like they did last night will not generate any more interest in the team or this forum.
  8. They probably don't mark them because they use different lead sources at times and the weight marked on the jigs would be off more often than not, and then they'd have to hear about that. If it's necessary for you to know the weights, just weigh them yourself and mark them with an indelible Sharpie.
  9. Don't eat your bait.
  10. Interesting. I find the past so interesting. There was a Huguenot settlement in Oxford Mass. I hiked through the area, not much left to see there.
  11. Nah. I'd never denounce a day dedicated to family and eating. I do like to dig deeper into what is passed of as history and seek out the objective truth. I think we should have Native/AmericanThanksgiving, Viking Thanksgiving, Spanish Thanksgiving, etc......
  12. Oh, and as a postscript, the French had set up a small settlement in Fl just before the Spanish settlement but there's no way to know if they had a thanksgiving feast as the Spanish killed them all off. So much for the Pilgrims or Jamestown being first oin the New World.
  13. Which Thanksgiving are we celebrating here? The Thanksgiving feast of the Pilgrims or the Thanksgiving feast of the Spanish in St. Augustine Fl, a full 55 years before the Mayflower even sailed for here? And yes, the Spanish did invite the local Indians to eat with them. Our history is a little skewed.
  14. How ironic and funny. trump's rails about "Obama judges" when the dust hasn't settled yet from his appointing a "trump loyalist judge. Irony is always lost on the Right.