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  1. Ha, yep. I remember when they last got the cup I was leaving the beach to go find a bar with a TV, then heading back out to fish the rest of the night. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  2. Well, that was better, but still a lot of holes to plug in their game.
  3. You had better hope that they never come here. A few Lionfish released from aquariums in Fl have multiplied and spread across the Carribean and up to NC. They are voracious eaters and have decimated the reefs of juvenile fish everywhere they spread. There were plans about getting scuba divers to spear them and tempt skarks to eat them, training the sharks to view them as food, but the numbers make it pretty impossible. A small research sub spotted one down 800 feet off the continental shelf. They are bad news.
  4. I'd say the missing #5. The ability to understand the lure and to use it correctly and at the right time.
  5. I thought the B's had found a good game plan in game 2. Seems like they forget that plan for game 3.
  6. Answering the age old question, "does the bear sh*t in the woods?" Sometimes, but sometimes they sh*t in my yard.
  7. Just looked it up. Thanks Bob!
  8. Do I dare ask the question? What is a booby? That's a fly term that I haven't heard before.
  9. There comes a time when it's over. It's over.
  10. Some times when goalies get faked out on a 2 on 1, good committed goalies will throw themselves back and flail away with the glove & stick trying to block the open side of the net. Not Rask, he'll just keep sliding in the wrong direction and watch the puck go in. Tim Thomas was a great example of a goalie turning himself inside out to at least try to stop the puck.
  11. Resting on Rask......well, that's depressing.
  12. A buddy of mine jigs with conventional at the Canal, but he is becoming the exception. The retrieve rate with conventional reels is quite a bit less than with spinning. In many spots if you can't get your jig in quickly as it approaches shallower water you'll hang up nearly every time.
  13. If you like the reel, if you can get it cheap enough, even if parts are getting scarce, go for it. You should get plenty of use out of it before it croaks on you.
  14. The muslims treat woman like crap.......unlike this country where we just pay them much less than a man for doing the same job, and have an entire political party who makes sure it stays that way.
  15. A few months back I was watching the Blue Planet show with my 6 year old grandson. When the trevally went airborne and grabbed the flying chick my grandson said in disgust "where are the parents?" Out of the mouths of babes.......