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  1. You need to "thumb" the spool as the bait & weight is about to hit the water, and not let the momentum of the spool over run things. As to less distance for bait & 8, it might all be due to your technique casting the bait, maybe less distance because of aerodynamics etc. Heavier does not translate to further distance.
  2. I don't want to talk about it.
  3. They were caught, eaten or thrown in a dumpster or dumped at sea as bycatch last year.
  4. Spending time keeping your bucktails looking pristine might make you feel warm and fuzzy but really isn't necessary. Chipped paint will not make it any less appealing to the fish. I used to be one of those guys who lost confidence in my jigs when they got beat up, but when all I had in my bag was beaters and had to use them I found they worked as good as a brand new jig. In fact, I took it to the next level and used some jigs that had never been powder coated and they worked also. What does need touching up are the hooks. Keep them sharp.
  5. It certainly did.
  6. I'm still trying to understand how his supporters have no problem with his lies. It's not just the Dems that he lies to, he's lying to them also. He proves to them daily that he has no respect for them.
  7. If your chosen way to feed and support your family is tuna fishing, or for that matter any kind of fishing, and your struggling don't expect me to feel bad for you. Why not go into some other lucrative employment line like ping pong ball washing, or harmonica repair?
  8. B's outplayed. That slewfoot non-call hurt, but a powerplay probably wouldn't have scored, the way the game was going. I'd like to hear the ref's reason for the non-call. I can't believe that Chara played. I have a feeling the top line is playing hurt. Their production has been really poor this series other than that one game.
  9. Disappointing effort last night. No question who the better team was in that game. Nearly every time the puck was chipped into the corners, the Blues skated away with it. Also have to give them respect for playing really hard and staying out of the penalty box. On to Thursday.......
  10. One of our local trout river spots gets trashed big time. No Asians, Latinos, or other minorities here. Just your local home grown Caucasian A-holes. Sad part is they live nearby, and have no qualms about trashing the neighborhood.
  11. Good that you watched the final episode. A few surprising twists but I won't spoil anything for you. I think you'll enjoy it.
  12. Just watched the Deadwood Movie, and really enjoyed it. It was long overdue. When HBO dropped the ball on the final season and left the big cliff hanger out there, it really pissed a lot of fans off. This made for HBO movie brought a lot of resolution to the project. What are your thoughts if you watched it?
  13. The new movie should be based in a nursing home. It's long over dude.
  14. I doubt it. I think a lot of "thrill seekers" will want to come just to be able to tell the folks back home they saw a shark in the surf.