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  1. quote - On 9/17/2018 at 10:01 AM, Kooky said: biologist says this is just a sign of an healthy environment coming back into balance"........... Already discrediting the folks who spend the most time on the water Healthy environment coming back into balance? Apparently that biologist never studied the Native Americans here along the east coast and factored them into the balance. You can be sure that 50,000 seals never gathered along the Cape back then. They were hunted on a regular basis and held in check. Their bones are found in shell heaps and trash middens that the N/A's piled up. Here is a pic of a large Levanna triangular point that I found on a coastal site. It is almost 3" long and was used on a harpoon head. It would still work just fine on a seal hunt today.
  2. The Cape tourism industry is doing just fine in spite of the sharks & seals. The new thrill is to come to the cape to see the seals and hopefully see a Great White.
  3. You can damn well believe that when the Native Americans hunted and gathered along the shoreline, and from the artifact record they spent a lot of time there, the seal population was held in check. There was no overpopulation of seals then.
  4. If it floats, it's a boat.
  5. That's exactly what's going on. Not only with Amazon. Last Christmas time my wife bought an Electric Blanket for a gift off of eBay. It came in a Walmart box from a Walmart site. Nowhere in the ebay description did it state it was coming from Walmart. Middlemen are making a few bucks.
  6. Here's what I've learned about lights over the years. On a sandy beach, lights shining around on or near the water will send bass that are in close to shore Hell West. They'll blast out of there, but if they were sucessfully feeding in the shallows, they'll return after about 10-15 minutes of no lights. Stationary lights such as light poles, a lantern up on the beach, or even rotating lighthouse beams don't bother them in the least. It's those random, jerky lights shining on the water that spook them. At the Canal, things are different. The bass have to be right against the shore for moving headlamps to spook them. Bass are usually out a little ways, either riding the current by, or holding behind some structure. I don't belive lights will spook them as much. A zillion times I've been into fish slightly downcurrent from me, I'd hook up, bring the fish in close and use my light while landing the fish, unhooking it and releasing it. I'd hook up again on the next few casts, so the sparring use lights didn't seem to affect the fish at all. The thing is, I think lights affect us fishermen more than the fish. Night vision is very important to me. Maybe it's because I spent time in the dark in Vietnam. Guarding my night vision was ingrained in me. Red lenses, help. It's amazing how well you can see, even on new moon nights if you keep your use of lights to an absolute minimum, and give your eyes a little time to adjust.
  7. Some great ideas there.
  8. Ignore the light police - that is to a point. Use your light sparingly, and only when safety is the reason for having it on. There is a new breed at the Ditch that is apparently afraid of the dark. They keep their million candlepower lights shining at all times, even shining them into each others eyes as they talk up a storm. I don't get it.
  9. It's that time of the year again. The Monarch Butterfly catapillars are munching on the Milkweed plants. We'll have butterflies pretty soon.
  10. For the Canal, with Stick Shadds, I prefer the slow sinking version. It has better side to side action than the Fast sink version. For Magic Swimmers, I also prefer the slow sinking. When the bass are in on bait, they are looking around and up, and running a lure 2-3' iunder the surface results in explosive strikes. For distance, with my rods I get just about as much distance with the slow sinking M.S. as with the Fast Sinking. The sweet spot of most rods is in that range. Not to mention the fact, that the few rods that I've seen explode were all with the heavier fast sinking lures.
  11. I'm not surprised that the top leadership has no environmental enforcement education. It's not just a state problem, just look at the current Fed administration & cabinet. As to the high salary, I've got no problems with that. They earn it. Imagine having to go into the woods to arrest a law breaking hunter who has a gun.
  12. "they" are getting "personal". Really? you feel that getting "personal" with this slimeball is unjust? Really? The guy who has no limits on attacking other people "personally?" Whew, that's just breath taking.....
  13. I've been using them for about a year now and I'm very happy with them. They hold up good and as they wear they still offer great traction. Price is right also.
  14. If you need more proof of that just ready the Tavern & Political Grafitti forums here.
  15. There is a good chance that her walking her dog on the beach is illegal. Most beachs have a no-dog policy for obvious reasons. Mention that to her next time and let her argue her way out of that. P.S. Some years back I had my truck and boat at the gas pumps. I filled the truck and then proceeded to fill the boat on the other pump. I had some lady get out of her car and she went ballistic that she had to wait so long and that the stupid boat owners were a P.I.T.A. I let her rant on for a while and then calmly asked her "So, how many years has it been since your husband left you for that other woman?" Bingo. Spot On observation on my part. She went completely nuts, got in her car and backed into the car behind her, and just drove off. Miserable people are just that, miserable people.