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  2. Not exactly a booming business these days. The peak of selling vintage collectible items on eBay is long over. It was the baby boomers who had the disposable income and the time to collect whatever. Now they have aged and are all downsizing and dumping their collections on the market. Their kids don't want that stuff. Believe me, I know. We sold on ebay since it started back in the 90's and did very well for a long time. That ship has not only sailed, it has sunk.
  3. An old blue sock on a bare hook.
  4. DCR....Depadrtment of Cash Recovery.
  5. How many Rec guys are fishing 7 days a week? Not too many, and those that do are generally retired guys. Very few Rec guys are taking 7 fish a week.
  6. Well, the DCR has 'graciously' opened the Quabbin to boats after the Covid lockdown. Unfortunately, it's only open to personally owned boats that have followed the Inspection/powerwash protocol. They are NOT offering the boat rentals like every year in the past. If you one of the hundreds of guys who would rent one of their boats and motors, you are out of luck.
  7. If the Comm season is allowed at the Ditch this year it'll be easy for the EPO's to check on them and anybody else without the permit keeping a bigger fish. Anybody with a fish over 35" had better have the Comm permit.
  8. Ha! This has been my pet peeve up here in Mass for years. On a good night tide at the Cape Cod Canal the million candle power head lamps on both sides of the Canal look like a Star Wars light sabre battle. I'm an old fart but I guess we now have a generation of wusses afraid of the dark. Sure, use a moderate light when moving around on the rocks or unhooking a thrashing fish, but to keep a light on the entire time your fishing is just pathetic.
  9. You are a proud sportsman. You’re a Fisherman, A Hunter, A lover of the outdoors. It’s your whole life and identity. You’ve taught your kids and grandkids to love and respect nature. Your also a Trump supporter. Here’s some of what your vote for him has cost you. 1. The Endangered Species Act 2. The Clean Water Act 3. The Clean Air Act 4. The National Fish and Wildlife Act 5. The Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act 6. The Coastal Zone Management Act 7. The Eagle Protection Act 8. The Rivers and Harbors Act 9. The Migratory Bird Conservation Act 10. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act 11. The National Environmental Policy Act 12. The Safe Drinking Water Act 13. The Noise Control Act 14. The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, liability Act 15. The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act 16. The American Indian Religious Freedom Act 17. The Federal Land Policy and Management Act 18. The Solid Waste Disposal Act 19. The Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act 20. The Farmland Protection Policy Act The actual list of Environmental Laws, Acts, Policies, and Regulations that Trump repealed is over 100 long, but you get the point. What else will you lose by voting for him again?
  10. Does that also go for the Baker is dumber than Biden guy?
  11. Nope. Togs sleep at night. When I used to scuba dive at night we'd find them tucked into a rocky crevace in a sleep trance. You could pick them up and handle them for a few moments before they sluggishly swam away.
  12. I know, going to the beach is dumb. (sarcasm) If you want a tan just paint one on like Trump.
  13. I agree. Cabela's had an identical product and I've had a pair that I use fly fishing fresh water and love them. Unfortunately I don't believe they make them any longer. It was too good a deal. Now back to the subject at hand. Boot foot is fine if you only fish sandy beached and have no leg or ankle problems. Stocking foot with a real wading boot is optimum for rocky shorelines.