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  1. I always wanted to go, because of the history associated with the island. A friend of mine did a few years back and while he enjoyed it, he said he wouldn't do it again. The bowling ball rocks were extremely difficult for a guy in his 60's and he was constantly in fear of a broken ankle. It's a young man's game. I'm too old (and cautious) now.
  2. Seriously? A wicked beating and take his gear? What do you do after you've beat him badly enough that he dies and you've taken his gear? That will have been worth it......
  3. I saw an EPO pickup truck heading East on Rt 2 Friday morning, Philipston area, lights flashing, probably going 85 mph. Trout poaching report?
  4. If your lucky enough to land that big slob of a bass on light tackle after a 20 minute fight, especially if it's in a current, your pretty much guaranteed to be that statistic of Rec Bass Mortality.
  5. With that particular base, with the end of the base that flares out like that I would think it is a Kirk Stemmed. If I'm right, that is one extrememly old projectile point for this area. Kirks are 8,500 to 9,500 years old, before present. Points that old are not arrowheads, that technology didn't arrive here in NE until about 2,000 yers ago. They were used as spear points or atl-atl dart points or even knives. I would have been real happy to find that. https://projectilepoints.net/Points/Kirk_Stemmed.html
  6. Post a picture of it and we'll see if we can identify the type for you. There could have been farm fields there a long time ago where artifacts were found, but then again it could have just been a random name. Was/is there a stream or other water nearby? That would be a clue.
  7. Finding artifacts is one thing. Displaying them so you can enjoy them, and see them as a collection is another thing. Displaying them properly also honors those Hunter/Gatherers, these are the last remnants of a long gone people. They walked this land long before we did.
  8. If I can't tie a knot in the dark, standing in the surf up to my waist, with the wind blowing, it's a completely useless knot for me.
  9. They don't seem to be the correct material. They appear fractured but probably from plow strikes.
  10. Counting on GW's to control the seal population is a foolish endevour. The Predator/Prey relationship doesn't work that way.
  11. Counting on GW's to control the seal population is a foolish endevour. The Predator/Prey relationship doesn't work that way.
  12. A few decades ago there were a couple old timers who fished the Quabbin from shore using big dead bait on the bottom, casted with surf gear, early season. I believe they used to walk in from gate 16. I'm sure it would work at the 'Chu. A few years back fishing the 'Chu, I carried in some fresh dead shiners as I was walking in about as far as you can walk and didn't want to carry a bait bucket of water. I did ok with dead bait. Big lakers don't mind scavenging.
  13. If they catch who did that, I hope they rub his nose in it.
  14. People tend to want a magic bullet when it comes to csting distance. Longer rod, slicker line, better reel spool....I think the first place to start is with a person's casting technique.
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