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  1. SRI, North Jetty, but on the ocean side, back before they pumped the sand, soaking a clam in the spring.
  2. Out front MoCo, 5:30-8:30. Beautiful rolling white water, no visible bait. Nothing until first light and then a 30 minute run of ~ 10-15lb bass. All on a school bus bomber, all on the edge of a drain. If the cast was even a few inches off, nothing. In the right spot, just staying in touch with the plug as it thumped in the outflow, fish on. I’ve got one more day before I hit the road back to TX; glad I finally had a nice taste of what fall can be. These fish were FAT. They’re chewing on something, and they were all silvery bright. Take that for what you will. Interestingly, hard structure had no life at all around it as far as I could tell.
  3. Those small strippers are trouble.
  4. Did a dead low to chunk of incoming beach walk in MoCo today, looking for beach soft structure. brought the gear for the walk, ‘cause why not? So, so, so much bait. Small bait in the wash, shad in that sweet 5-6 inch range balling up, bunker about 1/4 mile offshore, with what looked like Albies crashing through it. Only thing that swiped at my offerings was hickory shad, the beach front is drastically different than it was before the blow, but the variables look good for the next week. ID your pockets, cuts and drains and fish them hard.
  5. Just did the same. The beach I’ve been fishing most lately looks drastically different. One stretch looked much more promising. A productive spot lately not so much.
  6. For something like this, I’d request something I wanted (not needed) that I would never be able to justify the spending on for myself. If that’s a gift card to put a high end reel in your budget, that’s one option. If that’s a new “daily driver” rod that is a cut above what you currently have, if that’s another. Today, my plugging setup is a Lami and a Tica Libra that are both over 20 years old. They still work (though the reel might be getting ready to finally give up the ghost), so I’d consider which I value/need more (probably the reel right now). I could justify paying out of pocket for a Sepheros SW but probably not a Saragosa SW right now. So I might ask for the Sepheros. Or I could put $300 towards a VS. I’d want a sealed reel for certain, particularly if my time on the water was about to increase. For rods, there’s a ton of great gear at that $300 price point that I couldn’t justify but would love to use. In the end, it should be something you get pleasure in using and that you will use regularly as a reminder of what you achieved over the course of your working life.
  7. If this is a Google docs issue, there’s a fix. I thought I’d lost a bunch of work related docs, but was relatively easy to clear up. PM if you want details. because this is a report thread, I fished the top of the tide and a couple hours outgoing yesterday afternoon. Great water, bait, good structure, nothing on it.
  8. This is kind of an A-Ha moment for me. I heard sounds in the dark last night that sounded like weakie slurps, but discounted it. This little guy is about the size of what I saw slapping around on top last night. I assumed bunker/mullet mixed in with the rain fish I was scattering on my retrieve, but juvie weaks on rain bait could’ve been it. If it was, there were a lot of them. Hope they survive and grow up.
  9. Family obligations have had me on a daytime schedule, which has been pretty poor out front outside of fluke banging the teaser. Got out tonight right at sunset, dead low tide and a couple hours of incoming. Lots and lots of bait—and nothing harassing it. Dead calm water, still finding nice cuts in places, pretty night. Nothing going on.
  10. Thanks to @JayDag1128 owner has been located and making plans to get it back to him.
  11. Thanks to @JayDag1128 owner has been located and making plans to get it back to him.
  12. This is the right spot. Pretty sure this is the guy. I’ll PM you my cell and he can feel free to text me.
  13. Could very well be it.
  14. Just bumping this up for visibility. Whomever lost this bag really likes fishing jigs.
  15. I found a surf bag near SRI about 2pm today. If you lost one, I’d like to get it back to you.