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  1. Now ..that is really good one Sure .............in 2500 AD , when US will use electric Abrams tanks
  2. Prove that Vatnik I bet you won't
  3. Are you sure of what you are saying ? 100% sure ? It's time for you to move on from words to evidence .Prove what are you saying , prove your credibility Show us how many missiles and drones were launched during that attack , please ?
  4. Can you explain this to me a little more ?
  5. Musk .................. “no way in hell” Russia would lose the war This spending doesn’t help Ukraine Prolonging the war doesn’t help Ukraine “real question” in the conflict now lies in how much territory Kiev will lose before it agrees to sit down to peace talks with Moscow smart man Who is willing to bet that this will end as Musk says or with Armageddon ?
  6. Bruno Lemaire, French minister 3 years ago: 'we will bring Russia economy to its knees.." Russian economic growth ‘strong’ – IMF The country has enjoyed a rebound in consumption and an uptick in real wages, analyst Alfred Kammer has said The Russian economy will keep growing steadily in 2024, Alfred Kammer, the head of the IMF’s European Department forecasts. Speaking at a press briefing following the release of the agency’s latest European Economic Outlook, Kammer noted the resilience of the Russian economy in the face of the wide-ranging sanctions. “What we have been forecasting for Russia is actually growth this year, and we also have seen quite strong growth last year, that was explained by economic activity that has remained strong because oil export volumes remained while prices were high,” the analyst stated. According to Kammer, the country has been enjoying a rebound in consumption, growth in real wages and a strong labor market. He noted that much of the economic growth can be explained by a “boom in investment” in state-owned enterprises, particularly those in the security and defense sectors, as well as a surge in investment related to import substitution. “There is not much support from the fiscal side, but it was there as well. Most of the fiscal support was lent to security and defense. So that explains also the upgrade of our numbers for 2023 for Russia and the growth outlook for this year,” Kammer concluded. Earlier this week, the IMF once again upgraded its growth estimate for the Russian economy, expecting the country’s GDP to expand by 3.2% this year, up from its January projection of 2.6%. Its latest projections put Russia ahead of a number of major Western economies in terms of growth this year, including the US (2.7%), UK (0.5%), France (0.7%), and Germany (0.2%). Russia’s Economy Ministry expects GDP growth this year to come in at 3.6%, the same as last year.
  7. Vatnik , * right or wrong * don t won battle ............................the question of right and wrong is discussed on over thousands of pages in this topic . You are so biased that you cannot see the white elephant in front of you ! And since you are an *expert* please explain to us how Ukraine can win this war?
  8. Let's discuss for moment just war between Russia and Ukraine, not who is right and who is wrong . Last year Ukraine had a much better equipped army in every sense then today . More numerous, solders with more experience in war, most modern weapons....etc . We know how that counter offensive ended. What will change this new aid to Ukraine on front ?
  9. New Hi Tech Russian Tanks ............................. turtle tanks from future Better to use tanks as expensive howitzers $500 Russian drones destroying $10,000,000 American tanks – NYT Expensive American M1 Abrams tanks delivered to Ukraine are increasingly falling prey to Russian drones that cost only a fraction as much, the New York Times reported on Saturday. Even “one of the most powerful symbols of American military might” is not invulnerable to such attacks, it said.
  10. EU Countries +EU Institutions = 144 billion
  11. https://www.eeas.europa.eu/delegations/united-states-america/eu-assistance-ukraine-us-dollars_en?s=253#:~:text=Collective EU and EU Member,Ukraine's success on the battlefield. https://www.statista.com/chart/28489/ukrainian-military-humanitarian-and-financial-aid-donors/ https://www.ifw-kiel.de/publications/news/ukraine-support-tracker-europe-clearly-overtakes-us-with-total-commitments-now-twice-as-large/
  12. I'm talking about what six batteries can cover, that's why I mentioned the length of the front and the total area of Ukraine. Recently thermal power plant near Kyiv was totally destroyed .Six batteries are not enough to defend everything that needs to be defended in Ukraine, that's my point... clear now?
  13. Whole world was better then ................now everything has gone to hell !! And it's our fault, not idiots who burn the flag . . . .. Biden-Trump : Clash of two weakened Americas.America is essentially at war with itself, divided as never before on questions of its cultural and value identity. NUSA .................. Not United States of America
  14. Excerpts from a long text written by one Macedonian .....* God , then America * Google translate ..... After winning the Cold War, America as the only superpower declared itself as a global one. America declared globalization as a pass and entrance to unprecedented blessings, something the world never accepted, because most remained excluded from the feast. America has already reached its maximum. It has already implemented its dominant and exceptional role in the world, something it has dreamed of since its inception. And she came out burnt by the process. It derailed the very ideology of globalization, planting the seeds of internal discord . America underestimated her opponents, pushing them towards unity instead of keeping them apart. America created a professional army to fight only the wrong wars .Today, Americans themselves no longer know what their mission and story is . America cannot become the world and the world cannot become America Like Icarus, America flew too close to the sun…............
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