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  1. What should they have done, to start the third world war? Smugglers, you entered Syria at night like smugglers crossing the border through Iraq ! So you justify what your government is doing in Syria ?
  2. If you had been to Syria, Iraq, Iran , Libya at least once before US threw **** on the fan , you wouldn't have said that they are noting more than animals .
  3. On 13.08.2022 America is shame for human race ! You are stealing not just oil but the future of millions of children ................. You create terrorism yourself and then you cry when you are attacked !!
  4. Until April, US company Delta Crescent Energy (DCE) was operating in northeast Syria as part of Trump’s pledge to “keep” the oil in collaboration with the SDF. Despite the White House allowing the DCE waiver to expire, US troops continue to occupy the country’s oil fields.
  5. are you kidding me ???
  6. Who invited you to fight there ? And you lost that war , you forget that ? Thieves should be held accountable , you know that ?
  7. And ?
  8. Did you watch the video?
  9. So Trump is liar ?
  10. First you destroyed Syria by bombing , now you are stealing its oil ? You killed thousands of Syrians, now they should die of hunger and in the ruins ? Do you know what your government is doing in Syria ? Shame ! To conduct operation ???
  11. Who knows my friend, who knows what is in the head of people Take Yugoslavia case as example We fought each other to get our own country, and now we are running away from them en masse... That make sense to you ?
  12. This is priceless ,he went to fight the Russians to prevent them from denazify Ukraine .
  13. I don't believe that was their goal. They are repeating the same scenario that they used against him earlier. Attack him with everything, so who believes in this lies ..................believes .
  14. What do you think ? Of course that they did that ! They **** their pants just from the thought that Trump would run for president again
  15. Without Russia against China west is doomed .Doomed for good . I can't even imagine why west simply pushed Russia into the hands of the Chinese. The largest country in the world, with unimaginably large reserves of energy and other raw materials. Now go for it , compete with China with your 5 $ gasoline and make plane without Russian titanium ....................