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  1. Not everyone deserve to be named HUMAN no mater of race ........
  2. I knew it ! I knew it that you are not that smart to make that F-22 ........ Alien technology ...God help us ..... Where you find them ?? I mean your presidents
  3. Reminds me of Emperor of the Roman Empire Caligula Imagine that Putin declares the same thing for USA I recommend reading, great book
  4. Respect for you and your faith my friend . Very soon I will visit a very sacred place near to my town . It is customary to light candles there for the health of those we care about .I will light candles for you and your family
  5. I respect your faith but did you ever thought what will be if Emperor Constantine the Great did not decriminalized Christianity in the Roman Empire in AD 313 ? He do that because he need them to fight for him not for religious reason ?
  6. Let see ..... Iran shoot down USA military drone worth 150 million $ .USA claim that drone was shoot down in international water which / if true / is act of war .USA done nothing .............England seized one Iranians tanker .Iran seized TWO England tankers..............UK done nothing .....So , how it is when the boot is on the other foot ??
  7. War at the end should bring long lastin peace .USA war bring chaos . . . . .
  8. Wrong ......again . Macedonia is where Macedonians live .It is not place that matter it is spirit which live thousands years in Macedonians... Greeks still have no sense of nationality and that explain their irrational desire about Macedonia name .How you can like/praise something that thousands of years oppress you and you never belonged to them ??? But not every American can understand that ...Maybe the elders of the first settlers in USA have that feelings and are the real Americans who really love that lend...because all the stories/spirits of their ancestors are embedded in their consciousness. Sorry for my bad English I hope you understand what I want to say .
  9. I was planning to go but new USA ambassador do not give me a visa......She says I do not look stupid enough
  10. They will work against USA aircraft .......... that s way Erdogan get S-400 and want S-500 too . You forget coup ??
  11. Not any more my friend ..... NATO is no more joke since Macedonia joined it Next week I will declare war to Russia and according to article 5 USA must be involved too ..on my side And THAT is JOKE !!! I Think that Turkey find elegant way to get out of F-35 move
  12. Netanyahu was right of course , the state-of-the-art aircraft can fly anywhere in the Middle East. Even though it is not quite accurate ..they still have to many problems...did Japan found theirs F- 35 or Russian found it on the bottom of the ocean . Can fly and execute a mission is two different thing ... why they don t dare to come close to the Syrian border ? Or to Iran border ?
  13. What are sick society make them rich you give them political power and they rape your children and all you do is bla bla here ??? Burn all that sick MF !! Burn them all in public !!
  14. So far only Iran proves that they can take control forgot the RQ-170 Sentinel ?? So you believe in that cuberattack ? Naive ..................if they are capable to do that they will not lose that RQ-4A Global Hawk which cost 150 million $
  15. When I say that ? Iran so far proves that have very solid air defenses and that s why USA /Trump ?? stop that **attack** ten minutes before start . . . which is nonsense , of course .