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  1. I'm in. Thanks for the chance Nick! You continue to show the world who you really are. Happy holidays.
  2. beachmaster

    where are you located?
  3. (7) BM lot $170 for all + shipping No splits (2) spin atom jrs.(yellow/blue) (1)Cowboy Jr. (Blue mullet) (1)Danny Jr. (Parrot) (2) wadds (blurple/Block green) (1) Early style needle (blue)
  4. no shipping sorry.
  5. any takers at $250
  6. Sorry, I'd prefer no shipping since both rod pieces are pretty long and would need to create a tube for it. Still for sale at $300
  7. bump at $300
  8. Price drop to $300 picked up. I can also meet at Ward Melville show early Saturday morning 3/7.
  9. All good, I can't remember if its lifetime or 15 year since it's the legend. Either way you're good and st.croix has been great with their warranties and upgrading to newest model if that one is no longer made, so it's a good deal. I just have no use for the rod.
  10. Rod is perfect, nothing to worry about. The tape is just the 28" mark I put on it.
  11. I wasn't planning on it, but I will be driving past the show in the morning so I can meet up early. Yes I believe its 2012. The rod was bought new in 2013.
  12. Located in Sag Harbor, NY
  13. WTS my like new St. Croix Legend Surf rod. 11ft rated 3-8 oz, 2-pc, medium-heavy/Moderate action. Rod was only used a few times. Absolutely perfect, only light marks from being stored. $350 picked up.
  14. price drop $135 takes them all.
  15. Will split for $120 shipped.