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  1. Hi i' m looking for a Nautilus CCF X2 8/10 Spool preferably in SILVER, but open to other colors besides black.
  2. Reel received! Thanks Chris and SOL! CLOSED
  3. What did you do to get it down to 2 revs?
  4. Open to offers. Located on Eastern LI.
  5. $600 VSB200B serviced by Saltwaters last Spring and strung with new 30lbPP/SS. Hasn't been fished since. A few nicks here and there from use, otherwise great condition. Comes with box and bag.
  6. woops so sorry I missed that response. Im in for $500 if you still are.
  7. Ok cool, does $450 shipped work?
  8. Looks good what line is on there currently and condition?
  9. Looking to purchase a good condition Nautilus ccf x2 8/10 (any color)
  10. WTB blind BM 3oz darters. White, gold, Mtk sunrise etc.
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