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  1. set on the original red gills, thank you though I snoozed.
  2. do you have pics? these are the older run?
  3. hey little tunnie, you still have these? ill take them all if you do.
  4. Surfster mini in Sea-Bass next to an original CCBCO in Silver Shiner.
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. STOLEN 1998 BLUE JEEP CHEROKEE: North of BOSTON (Haverhill, Mass) last seen today (Christmas day) at 7:30pm. My friend Lou drove up to his fathers for Christmas today and it was stolen right outside his home. NY LICENSE PLATE: AJ9 08U Please be on the look out and pass along, any info will help.
  7. give you a pair of brand new smith glasses for it.
  8. give you a pair of brand new smith glasses for it.
  9. just need 5 for now.
  10. great. these are the 4.5" how much?
  11. Looking to buy a few original red gill teasers the 4.5" (115MM) model not the new ones.
  12. price drop $400 + s/h
  13. no longer need, please close this thread. thank you for the space.
  14. I could be persuaded. $460 + shipping?
  15. Hi MVS, really looking for a 9' legend or the NEX1