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  1. Classic Philly my food just came out, but I'll have more later.
  2. Thanks Doug, she is. This is us with my dad. I carried his ashes around for thew last few minutes of the game. He was a big fan.
  3. my sister picked those up at 4:56. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing depends tomorrow
  4. The line in lindenwold
  5. i suggested that if we cant get train tix
  6. How could I say no?
  7. my sister just told me she was leaving work early to get us tix for PATCO as they are stopping tix sales at 7. I want to be on the fence about going but I told the kid 15 years ago if the bird or the flyers ever won we'd go, so I'm going.
  8. Bite your tongue !
  9. More years ago then I first thought but it's a good read.
  10. It's been a lot of years since I've been there but, find the hilton head prep school and fish the ponds behind it I did very well on November trips we took. Another thing i recall about the area was that they we very fishermen friendly, I remember seeing no parking signs that said "acsept fisherman" next to golf course ponds. Again that was more than a few years ago, but I'd be surprised if things had changed.
  11. You have to surround yourself with a better stock of people if that is all you see in young people. I've got a bunch of teens and 20somethings in my family that don't even come close to fitting that stereotype.
  12. I have those on my 4runner. Put them on in December so nothing negative to say so far.
  13. My theory on HVAC equipment is the installer is more important than the brand. If if you are concerned about the brand, don't by anything you never heard of, but don't be impressed by any name associated with sears. They don't / haven't made stuff in years. Nortech makes it, not junk, but they bought the rights to the names. York is fine stuff.
  14. We had waist high drifts. I let the kid do a lot of it now
  15. So Steve had mastered high school chemistry at a young age but with all that schooling he needs some one to spoon feed him basic psychometrics. They didn't cover anything like that in engineering school I guess .
  16. Adding h20 to the air causes it to become less dense. Quantifying specific density or better put, using a density correction factor to is the way we ( my peeps) can make more precise measurements of air volume.
  17. If moist air was heavy then why are the clouds in the sky?
  18. It's explained here
  19. Standard air is air at sea level 0% RH and 68 degrees. It weighs .075 pounds per cubic foot. If you add moisture it gets lighter. Crazy eh?
  20. Dry air is heavier that moist air. Fact!
  21. 45

    That's fantastic
  22. Wow, did someone really threaten to call someone's employer ? If so, link me. That is the douche bag move of the year.
  23. Laminate is available that looks like tile.