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  1. if you have showtime watch it. trust me.
  2. What do you have? We had a few. Football Glenn Carson played a few years for the Cards now for the ants. SRHS class of 09 Clark Harris currently playing and was in this past years pro bowl. SRHS class of 02 Mike Gesicki Penn State SRHS class of 14, will he or won't he go in the first round? I got to watch him through his high school career looking like a man among boys. We also have soon a new inductie to the schools hall of fame, Martin Truex Jr. SRHS class of 98 of NASCAR fame. My kid was a freshman when Gesicki was a senior.
  3. Gotta go to Graceland if you're in that area. And for real Americana, drive to the other side of Tennessee and go to ruby falls and rock city (the birth place of mini golf). Nashville is OK, I'm not a fan of country music but we found some places worth stopping in.
  4. I've snow boarded a few times
  5. ive done the ski lift in the summer at cameltoe beach in the poconos, its very cool.
  6. My family is doing the Italy tour on a boat this summer. I'll be playing golf at trumps doral for a week. I enjoyed the cruses i've been on, but its not my first choice for a vacation.
  7. Depends on the hp of the well pump, but 9K might be enough. The 12 would probably take you up to a 1 hp pump. Its not the running watts, but the starting on any inductive load.
  8. 2 master suites, we built the place so my mom could move in and have her own space, the first floor master is over 500 SF, Moms gone now. My wife has restless leg syndrome, she kick starts a motorcycle about 300 times a night or strait up dances. Oh and she snores......down stairs most nights. I have a king sized bed that folds up into a taco and a big TV, most nights I’m upstairs solo and I sleep great.
  9. What was this event and can you name the folks in the photo?
  10. While I'm at it a great photo of Z
  11. My favorite Naj photo
  12. It was Naj. I was there that weekend.
  13. Where’s the Florida guy who was stalking the fling thread to see his photo, I’m sure he be along shortly to add to this love fest.
  14. He owns you guys, every time he stops short you guys are right up his ass, it’s funny.
  15. The eagles took on some other guys with baggage and it’s been ok so far.
  16. This is fantastic news
  17. The rules are easy. trump trolls get met with personal comments because participants can’t understand the difference between shots at a public figures and personal insults like calling people **** and queers and sucking dicks comments will continue like they have for years. It’s never going to change. GOP troll gets met with personal insults and if you continue to point it out you get kicked out. Accsept it or leave. The locked thread is there for everyone to see, troll thread is = calling some ***, queer or Dick sucking = questioning someones else’s names calling will be seen as equal and all can get you booted. It’s quite simple really.
  18. 100% rain
  19. Usually the way it works if you want gas for cooking and other stuff they charge you to run the gas to your home. If your are converting your heating system from something else to nat gas they run the pipe for free. Like most businesses they are looking for consistent reoccurring income. The prediction right now for the next 3 years is fuel oil will cost you twice as much to heat a house as nat gas. If they have electric hot water currently you can count on that being $60 a month vs 25 with nat gas. The payback becomes more apparent with each appliance you change to natural gas. If iyou can get the line run to the house (I don't think the gas co will run the line to the garage as if you wanna do the genny there it would entail athother meter and will end up costing over 10K in my estimation) and swap out the boiler and something to make domestic hot water and get ride of the tank plus pipe for the extra goodies like a stove and a dryer its going to be in the 15K range. Ask to see their oil bills, all of them. It can help when trying to decide how your money is best spent. Also look at the gas co for conversion loans, no interest loans are available from the gas companies I work with. Other incentives to make the house more energy efficient as well.
  20. Do like woo woo says, it's where I got mine. Pull the the air cleaner install spacer with gas orifice reinstall air cleaner mount regulator to frame Connect hose from regulator to spacer I used a hose with a quick connect on it from the regulator to the gas pipe that is installed for my gas grill Buy the cheap tach that senses vibration so you can set the regulator so the generator runs at the proper RPM. whole thing took took less than 2 hours. I installed a 6 Circuit change over switch a few years prior, best part is I've never had to use any of this so far. Last time it go used I was running on gasoline and had cords all over the place .
  21. You almost sound like you know what your talking about, then you blow it when you say it trips it's fuse. LOL. The parts to convert the gen to LP should be around $200. I did mine to natural gas for that plus another 125 for th quick disconnect hose. I hook it up next to my gas grill.
  22. I have a separate checking account attached to PayPal venmo google wallet etc. phone banking app move money from account to account. These apps are way to convenient to not use.
  23. Different states different procedures, just because it’s done one way in NJ doesn’t make what was written untrue.