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  1. [ATTACHMENT=4257]common shiner.jpg (7k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] Looks like a common shiner to me. They are nicknamed "Silversides Minnows" in Tennessee, but they're actually common shiners.


    [ATTACHMENT=4258]goldenshiner.jpg (35k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT] Here's a golden shiner.


    I've never seen common shiners in bait shops. But golden shiners are sold at several marinas, bait shops, and larger outdoor establishments....Common shiners don't seem to be as hardy in the bait buckets as golden shiners.

  2. Those two pictures I posted last time were taken yesterday (Saturday) afternoon. This one was taken Wednesday. This is a small lake out back from where my wife works, matter of fact it was taken from inside the building looking out the hallway window. Lots more snow and ice as you can see. Believe it or not, some of the states to our south such as Georgia and Alabama got more snow than us.


  3. Sometimes when fishing below freshwater below dams or steam plants I use a 12' surf rod when fishing for catfish or stripers with a baitfeeder reel. However this rig is too big for constantly throwing artificials I use it mostly with live shad, shiners, chubs, suckers, or skipjack herring, or cut bait; I have a couple of 8 foot rods that will throw up to 3 oz, they're pretty good for artificials.

  4. I don't know anything about the Ct. River but I use cut bluegill most of the time. The head seems to be the most effective cut, I slice it off at an angle and leave some gut hanging. The rest of the gill I scale first, then fillet, leaving skin on, Kahle or circle hook, Carolina Rig with either a no-roll or egg sinker.

  5. Yep, I have a couple of 1-1/2" Countdown Rapalas, one in rainbow trout pattern, the other perch. They cast great with 4 lb line on ultralight spinning.


    Kmart used to sell knock versions of Shad Raps, I think they were under the Sportsfisher label. 3 for $7. They weren't as pretty as the Rapalas, but just as effective. They even had a 1-1/2" model, a size that Rapala doesn't make to my knowledge, but I wish they did.

  6. I'm another one of those who prefer crab over lobster. I love clams, too, but apparently I'm allergic to them because both times I ate them I got sick. Unusual for me, I have a cast iron stomach.


    My favorite saltwater fish is flounder. For freshwater fish yellow perch, probably because there's so little waste when filleted, and they're delicious. Walleye, sauger, crappie and bluegill are high on the list, too.


    I know a couple people who ear longnse gar. They say it tastes like lobster? kooky.gif

  7. In a little drainage ditch/branch that drained a 1/4 acre pond. It averaged about 6" deep and 3' wide. Someone had dammed up a spot which formed about an 10' to 12' diameter pool about 2-1/2' deep halfway covered with algae. Another ditch/branch drained into this one and the pool was full of bass anywhere from 4" to 14" and different size bluegill. One day I asked the landowner about it and he thought some kids had done it. I went back up there later after a big flood and the fish had apparently washed into Poplar Creek, which is approximately 1-1/2 miles downstream because I walked it out and saw nothing else but shiners, suckers, chubs and a few underize bream.

  8. Thanks for the reply. If I can find something similar to my old Plano Magnum box, I'll get it. If not, I'll get my striper lures out of the Magnum and find another box to replace it with and put my muskie lures in it.


    Wonder why anything to do with muskie fishing is so much more expensive than other species? Lures, rods, and tackle boxes prices are outrageous in proportion to other gear.

  9. I have hooked a couple of muskies while fishing for other species lately. Both got off at the bank, one came unhooked and another broke my light line while sauger fishing. This is enough to give me muskie fever, I suppose, because I have sunk some bucks into some muskie lures, Storm Kickin' Minnow, Swim Shads, Kickin' Sticks, Thundercore Dawgs, Savage Alien Eels, Mepps Muskie Killers, some Joe Bucher plugs and Fluttertail swimbaits, some giant Rat-L-Traps, Believers, Pikies, a giant Jitterbug and even carved a few oversize lures from cedar myself.


    But I have a problem. I thought I could get these huge lures in my striper box but I have run out room big time. What is the best muskie tackle box? I have my striper lures in an old two sided Plano Magnum box. I'm thinking about buying a new tackle box for my striper lures and storing my muskie lures in the Plano Magnum. Any suggestions?

  10. This junction doesn't look like much because it was made one autumn when the water was down. But this is a few miles downstream from the waterfalls in the other pictures. Right here is where I said the spawning suckers come up in early springs. Last time I passed through there was Monday and the water was high and muddy. But the creek backs up to form part of Watts Bar Lake just a couple miles downstream and you'd be surprised what all has come out of here. There's no more falls or obstructions to hold any fish from swimming up this far. That's the remnants of an old railroad trestle in the background.


  11. There you are again. Yeah, I use to catch rainbows at another creek about 15 minutes away and put them in my backyard in early spring. They'd stay in there a little while and either swam downstream to the waterfall or died of heat stroke if they stayed where I put them. BTW, here's some shots downstream away at some of the falls. I wish there were some trout in there.


    Looks like I duplicated a photo, it won't let me edit it out. The creek was a little low when the picture was made and there has been plenty of rain since and it's been much bigger than some time now.




  12. Those black traps have a problem with the clip not holding the trap completely shut. That's one reason you have better luck with the galvanized traps. The minnows can escape the black trap. That's what Walmart sells--the black traps. They're pretty useless.






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    For some reason i always catch more in the galvanized traps than the black coated ones headscratch.gif . Dry cat or dog food works good for bait, throw some in loose and wrap some up in fine mesh too. If you setting the trap in shallow water, or close to shore, consider leaving a bit of the trap above water or you'll end up with a bunch of drowned water snakes frown.gif . Traps set in deeper water usually dont get snakes in them.

  13. View PostOne of 2 things. 1 your read it wrong or 2 it was a mis print. They are rated higher than 1 OZ!


    Ugly Stick might have some more Striper Rods I heard of yet. In the 2009 BPS catalog, they have 3 trigger rods:


    USCA 70 7' 1 pc ML, line: 6-20 lb. test, lure wt 1/4 to 3/4 oz

    USCA 70MH 7' 1 pc MH, line: 12-25 lb test, lure wt 3/8 to 1 oz

    USCA 76 7' 6" 1 pc ML, line 6-20 lb test, lure wt 1/4 to 3/4 oz


    They have two spinning rods, both 7', ML and MH, lure wt 1/4 to 1 oz.


    So maybe it is a mis print or they make some more Striper Rods that BPS doesn't sell. Anyone know?