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  1. Pair sold to shiester. Single still available
  2. Rod sold to highlander . Closed
  3. Obelix on sent. I'll check shipping tomorrow Asap
  4. Highlander it's yours . Can meet at manasquan inlet. Pm for details
  5. Rods still to sale. Shipping should be about. 10$ great Had a hard time getting a rod tube the proper size.
  6. Sure I can meet up in monmouth county anytime today. Shoot me a pm
  7. Kayak willy. The rod is yours i just have to get a rod tube and will ship out Tuesday. Pm me your info please
  8. Sure. I'll do that. I'll get them boxed up this afternoon. Pm me your info
  9. Yes all studs are replaceable. Fast and easy to take out and add new studs
  10. Site says 10-11.5 is large. I wear a size 12 Albright wading boot and had no problem ever.
  11. I wear a 12 and they fit fine. I'll look on the site and see. I'd say 11-12 no prob
  12. Offers accepted
  13. Willy. I'm going to wait a bit to see if J hill gets back to me. If I dont hear back from him is yours. Sound good? I'll check back after dinner and update. Thanks fellas
  14. Not interested in trades. Thanks though. Caught some nice fish on the rod. Good deal for someone to hopefully catch a bunch more.
  15. Guides are all good. Just double checked them with a Qtip. It would be a great first rod. Nice all around plugging rod and can throw clams and worms as long as you keep the sinker around 3-4 oz