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  1. I take 2 Alleve as preventative before I go out and bring one with me. Aquaskinz also used to sell a belt with back support if you can find one. I don't have a disc problem like you, and as some have suggested fitness helps. No question the better shape I'm in the problem diminishes. When I slack's right back. I also got one of those inversion devices I like. I try to do a minute or two upside down every day to decompress the spine and stretch things out. Sucks, but such is life.
  2. Interesting. I don't catch big enough fish, or I play them in too kindly. I see pics of mangled hooks here so I know it happens, but I myself have never wrecked a hook, clip, or ring. With that said, I do run hardware that's fairly robust.
  3. Most guys use 30lb braid with 50lb typically being the top. Wouldn't 60lb make that ring the strongest link in that chain, and thus not too light?
  4. I see others say it casts and swims fine, but at 20k posts I'd like to hear more from you on this. I had an order ready to go and hit pause. What line were you using? I ask because I once bought a ridiculously tiny pencil popper...litterally about the size of a pencil by RM Smith if I recall. Maybe a novelty? I wanted to use it for LMB, but the action was weak. Never pulled it out again. As I thought back on it, I wondered if my line was too heavy for such a slight plug. Killed the action. Been meaning to re-try it with 4lb fluoro, or 6lb braid that I have.
  5. Don't manhandle your fish by the gills. Don't put anything you estimate over 35 on a Boga Circle hook bait, or at least hold the rod to avoid deep throating. Single hooks on tail of plugs. Triple Trebles = overkill...and face / eye hooking mess...and risk to your hands as well. Turn them back so fast the don't even know what happened. Respect the fish. Be grateful. Don't throw it back in the water or be a total a** and kick it back in. Hold tail and revive before nudging away from shore if necessary. Give it a chance. See it next season 3lb larger.
  6. 3 year ban on ALL... Unrealistic. Coms. Lost jobs, incomes, etc. What are they going to do for three years? Who's paying to maintain the boats? Is everyone just going to be sitting around for 3 years flipping calendar pages? Only way to get there would be maybe if you had much more substantial terrestrial based fish farming fisherman could transition into.
  7. Studies show C&R mortality rates are generally lower than those of fish that are kept. We are making progress. By this point in the thread a couple years ago there inevitably would have been some chest-pounding "kill 'em & grill em" caveman spouting off about his rights and mocking conservation efforts. Their absence suggests some shame, and dare I say education.
  8. Hipsters took over Montauk because they couldn't afford the Hamptons and thought they were too cool for the Jersey shore.
  9. In order for plugs to truly be "obsolete," you would need to haver a superior option that replaced them. What you are presenting is alternatives (soft plastics, jigs, tins), not replacements. Now...i f SuperStrike started making plastic Atom 40's, Jr.s, Conrads, Cowboy Sr. & Jr, Danny's, Donny's, etc. you might...might...start nudging toward obsolecene. They would have to have a comparable buoyancy and action. They would have to be marginally less expensive. It's given that their durability and inability to become waterlogged, dented, chipped, would be superior to wood plugs. They'd have to be offered in an array of color options, scaled, blind, etc. All of which isn't that hard to do. Buoyancy and action I believe is the challenge. Maybe a plug builder can chime in and explain why it's hard to make plastic act like wood. BUT!... If you can get all the attributes of a wood plug in plastic for less cost, why wouldn't you? Who's going to pay $25+ for wood that's less durable, may not always swim right, dents, chips, waterloos... If they can get the same item with perfect consistency swim-wise, better durability, etc. in plastic for $18 bucks. If Beachmaster produced their entire line in both plastic and wood (with the same buoyancy and action) but at $18 for plastic and $30 for wood...80% would probably go plastic, and over time as the old schoolers drift to the big back bay in the sky it would eventually make wood effectively obsolete. They'll always be a few who insist on wood, just as some use mechanical typewriters and record players just because. In fact, both have been rendered largely obsolete. Art collectors will also still want wood for the paint schemes (scales, foil, lava) and hand carved , but your OP clearly is referencing the obsolesces of plugs to fish, not BST and Shadowbox.
  10. Well that's silly. Obviously there's prep and maintenance. I'm obsessed with line quality, I just haven't found dull hooks to be an issue. It may be that I have such a large array of tackle I'm not fishing any one think enough to dull it before replace. I can really only remember one chartreuse spinnerbait loaded with mojo that I used to sharpen. Sadly, I snagged that up somewhere, and have never found another as magical.
  11. No background checks, but they're solid guys I see every day at HomeDepot. They can't believe I'm paying them more money then they typically make to do nothing. They're already out standing around in the morning...someone's going to pay them to do that!?!? Happy munchkins.
  12. Understood. Minders aren't for everyone. Different game. PS, there's this thing called "Google" you should check out.
  13. Excellent! A man on the inside. Just open when you hear three taps on the Exit. ;-) Doors open 8:30. You guys will be empty by 9. Maybe join me and the Minders for lunch. Fixter. Forgot about him. I'm going to have to dispatch team early You made me check vendor list and I also see AH, BWL, Goo goo.... Katy bar the door! ...and I see "John Skinner Fishing" will be there as well to shake his head over this Plug Ho Circus.
  14. No worries. When they surface, they'll be just in time to see Luna making change for my guys as the Rent-a-Cop I greased shows them the door.
  15. Morning wood.'ll probably be on line when my Minders get there. Bring coffee. What's your price? This started as a joke, but two guys contacted me for SurfDay, and one wants to go FAT. I guarantee "First-in-Line." I trust you're a gentleman and that there's a reasonable price at which you can help me satisfy my obligation to this client.