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  1. Guys- Great exhibit on Hudson River at New York Historical Society Museum until August 4th. You can also join Riverkeeper for $15 bucks and get a free fridge magnet and striper stationary while you're there. "Hudson Rising explores 200 years of ecological change and environmental activism along “the most interesting river in America” through artifacts, media, and celebrated Hudson River School paintings. The exhibition reflects on how human activity has impacted the river and, in turn, how the river environment has shaped industrial development, commerce, tourism, and environmental awareness. The exhibition also explores how experts in various fields are currently creating ways to restore and re-engineer areas of the river in response to climate change." ADDRESS New-York Historical Society 170 Central Park West at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street) New York, NY 10024 Phone (212) 873-3400 HOURS Monday: Closed (please check the calendar for special open days) Tuesday–Thursday: 10 am – 6 pm Friday: 10 am – 8 pm Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm
  2. I agree. My first pencils and bottle plugs were all Gibbs. I know some complain they get waterlogged, and they've introduced a more durable Pro line, but I never had a problem with them.
  3. Yes. I also adopted a spot on the Hudson River I fished and even put up signs after cleaning it. I also just moved to a house on a stream and voluntarily am keeping the quarter mile of it I can see on either side clean. Enlisted neighbors. Got approval from others on the other side to go into their backyards and clean. Emailed the police for assistance and have them patrolling more. It can be done. My theory is that if everyone just worries about their personal space...the whole world will be solved.
  4. Just get Beachmaster or RM from SOL BST here. Obtainable. Functional. Durable. Routinely see stuff $20-$35 bucks in almost every style. Anything more than $35 dollars is largely art, and not something you need to be concerned with. There are other affordable makers, and I'm sure their fan base will chime in here, but you can't go wrong BM/RM. You can fish the expensive stuff, but it's no more effective. As mentioned...go too low and your plug won't last long. Salt water surf and big fish take a toll.
  5. There's great parking by Gunnison, and it's one of the few places that has an excellent daytime bite.
  6. When you set the hook, does the drag slip? If it slips, or if you're using mono (stretch) vs. braid, you aren't driving the hooks in like you might think. You really want to crank back and nail them with that first hit. Ideally you don't feel you have to hit it again. I'll never forget learning it from my younger brother when I watched him set a hook so aggressively. Then steady pressure in. You can always still lose some. That is part of the game.
  7. If you get plastic, get one with a button in the middle that has to be activated as well. I have one like that which works fine. I think I know the AS one you had. If it opens with a just a squeeze on top and bottom it can accidentally be opened bending over. I watched a guy dump an open bag of plugs and scramble to recover them all once.
  8. Search the site and you'll find a couple threads on the topic of Lobster Plugs or Plastic. I found nothing workable in them. Worm Bar lady who did the show circuit told me one year she had some, but I never got to see them, and she didn't have them the last time I saw her. Probably not viable anyway. Problem with most solutions is they mimic a Lobster sitting on your dinner plate and neglect what a Lobster in motion actually looks like. Unless you plan on casting these baits out and just letting them sit still, there's almost no natural way to present them. In that classic form, a Lobster would crawl forward on the bottom, but good luck connecting a line and getting anything to stay upright and slide forward along the bottom like that...never mind the snagging of something with claws, legs, hooks dragged face first through rocks. ___________________ Years ago after seeing all the Lobster pots around Cutty and noting the men at the old bass clubs used Lobster tails, I pondered the Lobster question. Lobsters flee backwards, with their tail flapping underneath them, and their claws outstretched as they go. Best replication I've seen, River2Sea's Dalberg Clackin' Crawfish. But at $15 bucks, 3.5", 1 3/4oz with a hinged tail connecting line to plug it's too expensive, small, light, and weak. Still, if you wanted to replicate a baby lobster fleeing a striper I don't know of anything better than R2R's Dalberg Craw. Just would have to play a fish more skillfully vs. horse it in otherwise you're going to break the tail off the lure. That's the weak point. Line attaches to the tail with a hinge attaching it to the plug body. Google it and watch the vid to at least understand what a fleeing Lobster looks like, as it's the same as a fleeing crawfish. Better, check this Mike Laptew vid of a Lobster on the move: Laptew Lobster. LMB hook probably suspect too, Yum makes the Yum Crawbug which is the most realistic LMB plastic available, but at $4 a bait and 3.5" it's both too expensive and too small. ________________ goal was to find something larger, stronger, more snag proof, and less expensive than the R2R/.Yum. You're going to have to get this thing down in the rocks and hop it backward back to you like a lobster. Invariably, you're going to lose some rigs if you're doing it right. Best I came up with this winter was Venom Lures Nightmare Craw. At 6.25", you have a more substantial profile. It's also 1oz, so Texas rigged with a 1/2-1oz bullet sinker, and you've got something substantial you can cast out and get down into the rocks with. Hook Tex-posed to reduce snag. It's also an inexpensive solution...great for burning a few in the rocks. Unlike R2R Craw at $13-$15, $4 Yum, or any other plug approach that gets you in to the teen$ and up, you can get 5-pack of these for $6 bucks, or 25 for $30 bucks (roughly). Obviously you have to price in a hook and lead, but I can't come up with a better less expensive way to look like a lobster and get down in the rocks. Somewhere I have some really large hooks for this. Might be Gamakatsu 8/0 saltwater if I recall. I know I grabbed them when I saw them imagining some app like this. Just picture the biggest / strongest EWG hook you'd imagine using to pull LMB out of scum and supersize it. I'll re-post when I find. Moved. Everything still boxed. I may also custom cut an Otter tail the shape of a lobster tail and pin it between the plastic and the bullet. Not sure how critical that is, especially in the low light I prefer, but it would allow you to have the action of a little something curled under the belly flipping around a little bit as you pop it up off the bottom...twitch it 7 or 8 pulses like a lobster swims...then let it drop back in the rocks...repeat. No sure it's worth the effort though. I think the more critical thing is a retrieve that mimics a lobster fleeing backwards with it's two claws flailing out behind. Looking for the darkest profile, I got Black-Blue Glitter direct from Venom. It's too blue. When I lose these 5 in the rocks I'll get brownish Roadkill. Below some pics of the Venom Nightmare, R2R Dalberg Craw, and Yum Crawbug, and a TX rigged Rage that looks roughly what the rigged Venom Nightmare will look like, with the Venom being upsized...
  9. No. NY. But you never know. As I look around I don't see many of these spindles. Never really thought about it before.
  10. Garnerville. Rockland County, NY Girlfriend Googled and I now also have a call in to Boston Turning works. Guy said he was so busy I should put everything from our conversation in an email and wait to hear back from him. I'm wondering if people don't do these anymore because they're extra cost, maintenance, and perhaps something that attracts lightning. The 1872 church next door is missing the pointy top that was blown off by lighting in a storm.
  11. If I catch a fish, I tend to stay a little bit in case there's another. If I don't catch a fish, I change lure and/or spot until I do catch a fish. Sometimes I don't catch a fish in the new spot, with the new lure, so I either change one or both again, or go home.
  12. About to paint exterior of 1895 house we moved into in November. 3 of the 4 rooftop finials or spires are completely rotted away and down. I have one I found on the ground. The 4th is up, but rotten. I'm having a hard time finding these online in the US. I find Australia, and/or PVC ones for $250 - $300 bucks. This makes no sense to me. It's a 6x6 post a machine can crank out in numbers. I got a local wood artist telling me his lathe can only handle 3' (fine), and he can do it in Black Walnut, White Oak, or Mahogany, all of which he says won't rot in my lifetime. Current plan is to cut the spindle off flat at the peak of the roof and add a 3' spindle on top of it. Anybody got a big lathe here interested in beating this, or is this as good as it gets? My thoughts were if you have a big lathe, you down load a pattern, tell it to carve...feed another 4x4 or 6x6 in. Why is it so hard to find these or expensive to get them? One would think HomeDepot would have them for $40 bucks each.
  13. You have to post a price. Anything under $100, I’ll take it.
  14. I ran out right away as well and I think I got serial #11 or something. It was low. I never thought it was a great design for surf fishing. Specifically, I wouldn't want another lanyard to get tangled up on, or a foldable blade while out on slippery rocks. I like fixed blade, no lanyard. Always planned to keep it ask a collectable. Got tired of having it arround. Checked value on a knife forum and found zero interest. Eventually sold it mint, unused, original paperwork...with both the original faulty sheath and the free correction sheath (Early buyers got a 1" belt loop and had to request a replacement sheath with a 2" loop if they wanted it) either here or on ThEbay for at, or close to, original price. Whatever it was, I don't recall thinking I scored big at all. Someone got a good deal from me on it, but probably won't retire early with it either. Maybe if you hang on to it for another 50 years it will increase, but I'd say buy it more for a Z collector to enjoy vs. thinking you're going to make a lot of money on it.
  15. I have some Cabelas XML rods, both spinning and casting, that I like so much I keep reels mounted on them and fish them even when I’m not traveling. Had them for10-15 years.