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  1. One more on my way out the door... I cut the sleeves off all my work T's. Today's yardwork?...vintage Stones! Have a good weekend Mokes.
  2. There ya go. To close the week so I can get out and do some yard work before it gets dark... I was a consultant for a company named "BearingPoint" which no longer exists. They sponsored Phil Mickelson though, and I managed to get around with him, but that's another story for another day. In any case, they emailed all associates offering triple salary for anyone willing to take a project in the GreenZone in Iraq. My Father pointed out I had no wife or kids, so...take it. All was good until the guy at the desk next to me got kidnapped. Google it. I never forgot him. Any, and every, conference call I was on after that I asked for status before the call closed. It's what I would have hoped for if it were me. Really though....the f-ing company and world moved on. Fortunately, he was set free after 2.5 year. You know I'm a cyclist. Below pic of me in my BearingPoint cycling jersey from the 150 mile Houston to Austin ride dated May 2008. Remember I was in Houston from my time with Enron before they tanked in 2001 (pic of that below too). Also pic of a me in a Blackwater T-shirt I traded a black BearingPoint/Callaway Phil Michaelson hat for (pic further below). BearingPoint, by the way, was spun off KPMG which is how we got him. Pic of that farthest below...and I just noticed he was with Callaway there too. ....Can we double my win count for the week?
  3. And some riots are even good right?
  4. Right on brother! Top notch journalism is their thing all the way. That's how they earn those ratings with such smart viewers!
  5. No stretch at all. ...I'll just take the win.
  6. That brings us back to my Republican Conspiritor Dead post yesterday in which you guys pretended there wasn't a strong Republican dirtbag link from Nixon to Trump.
  7. I don't know the specifics of their sources and methods. As a Good American, I'm not overly concerned what they did with the probable cause laying all over their desk. That's the kind of thing I want my guys to get to the bottom of.
  8. FOX financial correspondent Pauly D?
  9. He should have stayed with Jwoww. Not good to sloppy 2nd on WWE Hof'er Jr's tail.
  10. Trouble for Pauly... Looks like he and Don Jr. are dipping wicks in same well.
  11. He was at least smart enough to turn down your future President...then Reality TV show host....
  12. Truly lol. I'm going keep that and use it.
  13. Yo, yo, inflation's the hook!
  14. When people are in large groups a different psychology gets going. I forget the technical term. But clearly she and many, many others were caught up in the moment and behaving in ways they probably never would have dreamed of. The guys with zip ties, body armor, etc. were coordinated and following a plan. My guess is Ashley just got carried away and never paused to stop and think.
  15. Next up...Paulie D on the prime rate and taxes!...