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  1. I am a big boy, but very fit. Doing back-to-back Centuries next weekend. ;-)
  2. How does my pointing out you have tiny minority representation show that I have a problem, and not you?
  3. Oh but watch... someone will explain that the lack of diverse representation is actually a great example of their great platform open to all.
  4. I'm not responding to each of you. You will have to chime in on the facts I've supplied to the others.
  5. Why do you think that blacks, minorities, and women are so unrepresented in your party...at the leadership level...every level? And please don't highlight Niki Haley, Palin, or SD Gal. Speaking in general...you are the party of old white men, everyone knows it, and everyone knows the reason for it.
  6. See my other post for details, but the Republican philosophy of making the richest 1% richer...massive give-aways to corporations...in the hope that it "trickles down" is demonstrably an abject failure.
  7. You're thinking too locally. The national Republican agenda of neglect, indifference, blame, defunding education, etc....is what creates this.
  8. Lol. You're entire platform has both created and perpetuated this problem. No worries. When it it becomes super undesirable...and cheap...the gays and artists will move in and soon you won't be able to afford to live there.
  9. A country who's reaction to the first black president was to elect one endorsed successfully used by the US Government for racial discrimination in housing and endorsed by David Duke and the KKK.
  10. Anyone want to oppose this move and defend that a traitor who tried to overthrow an election by force and illegally install a President should be allowed to hold office in America? Who's first to soil themselves further?
  11. Easy now. It's obvious your discomfort arises from the knowledge of my correctness. A better man would see what is and just move on.
  12. Keep parsing and clouding in attempt to preserve your dark habits. The fact remains neither you nor the other guys would use those terms in a racially mixed group at a restaurant table or in public. You know they are wrong everywhere...but tolerate them in your dark little corner of the web here.
  13. Yes but we balance the trade with our lax gun laws flooding them with tens of thousands of guns annually fueling their murder spree.
  14. The one Mexico bought us that whole big beautiful wall across.
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