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  1. Correct. It's a legitimate media outlet's job.
  2. You must be joking. That's same old single "you can keep your doctor" again the Trump Lie Machine. The other stuff is not even...I mean garbage. Clown show. Step back fool.
  3. No need. Thanks to you're boy, the whole planet will soon effectively be sucking on a tailpipe.
  4. probably know...all the good ones!
  5. No Dave...that's new news today. Seriously. Trump's just doing things that harm the environment so frequently they blur together and you think they are the same.
  6. It's "AIDS," as in acquired immune deficiency syndrome and medicine is allowing most people to manage and live with it. He's black, so you probably didn't notice, but it's a long time since 1991 and Magic Johnson is still here. Mike we'll be fine. We'll certainly be hearing from him again.
  7. WASHINGTON — The Trump administration, in twin actions to curb environmental regulations, moved on Thursday to temporarily speed the construction of energy projects and to permanently weaken federal authority to issue stringent clean air and climate change rules. President Trump signed an executive order that calls on agencies to waive required environmental reviews of infrastructure projects to be built during the pandemic-driven economic crisis. At the same time, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a new rule that changes the way the agency uses cost-benefit analyses to enact Clean Air Act regulations, effectively limiting the strength of future air pollution controls. Together, the actions signal that Mr. Trump intends to speed up his efforts to dismantle environmental regulations
  8. That was mostly kidding Dave, but I do take this seriously, and do very much see this whole Trump thing and everything it's wrought to be the single most un-American thing I've seen in my life. Never imagined it. And I'm 100% certainly history will look back on all of this as one giant stain on who we are.
  9. I'm everywhere, all the time.
  10. Mitch McConnell has lost all credibility such that I can't bring myself to press "play."
  11. The only good thing about Tucker Carlson is that when he realized how badly Trump was ingoring/failing to address Covid, he got in his car and personally drove to Mar-a-Lago to implore the President to pay attention and care. It didn't work, but at least he tried. "Though it’s hard to believe, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made his very first visit to Mar-a-Lago only a week and a half ago. The resort was hosting a birthday party for former Fox host Kimberly Guilfoyle, also attended by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, and Donald Trump Jr.,—but Carlson wasn’t there for the party. He didn’t even know about it, he says. Instead he’d come with an urgent message for the president. He was there to pull Donald Trump aside and speak frankly about the dangers of the coronavirus epidemic, the gravity of which had not yet fully registered with Trump or his White House." -Vanity Fair 3/17/20
  12. This guy will. Bob Kroll. Head of MN police union and Trump comrade. Kroll makes no secret of his taste for old style police tactics and courts controversy. Last year he appeared at a campaign rally with Donald Trump and praised him as a “wonderful president”. “The Obama administration and the handcuffing and oppression of police was despicable,” he told the rally. “The first thing President Trump did when he took office was turn that around … and decided to start letting the cops do their job; put the handcuffs on the criminals instead of us.” Kroll was wearing a “Cops for Trump” T-shirt his union started selling after Frey barred officers from wearing uniforms at political events. Kroll has been openly hostile to Black Lives Matter, calling it a “terrorist organisation”. In 2016, he commended four Minneapolis police officers who walked out of a professional basketball game because players were wearing Black Lives Matter warm-up jerseys. Before he was federation chief, Kroll had a long record of disciplinary actions against him. He was suspended in 2008 with a fellow officer, while out of uniform and without identifying themselves as police, for beating a man in the street and then having him arrested on false charges. Kroll has also been suspended for using a homophobic slur to describe a gay aide to the then mayor, Rybak. This week, Kroll was critical of the current Minneapolis police chief, Medaria Arrandondo, who is African American, for immediately firing Chauvin and three other officers since charged in Floyd’s death.
  13. I self define as agnostic. There's just so much space out there. Can anyone really accurately say what the full picture is? I do know, however, it's not in a bible, church, or any manmade construct. It would have to be something much larger. I don't know to level Obama was a true believer or not. I think it's going to be another 6-8 Presidents before we could have an acknowledged atheist/agnostic. Probably about the same range for a gay POTUS, although with Buttigeig's solid showing, that might come first.