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  1. Finished the thinned Etex single topcoat. Plug weight gain came out to 1.8g. Warming the Etex really allowed for a thin coat with minimal-to-zero bubbles to deal with. And best of all, plug action was preserved.
  2. Yep, kind of like 'roll & tip' process. Grateful to all for each and every tip. I will go with one coat of warmed thinned mix of Etex as it gives me more work time when compared to D2. Next batch of these small plugs I will go up an 1/8" dia in wood size to add extra buoyancy. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Tested Rustolium 2X clear but too soft; does not pass a simple nail test. DiamondFinish has mixed reviews. Have not really seen other rattle can options. Maybe a simple lite coat of polyurethane.?
  4. Absolutely! Several times that 'xtra coat of protection' has led me down the path of 'shouldn't have done it'...! That is the reason for this pause. That wood rash does add lots of weight, but with that nice plug it looks like a plus to me.
  5. Made some small (4" +/-) metal lip plugs that swim test-perfect prior to paint & topcoat. Do not want topcoat to add lots of weight and make the plug more subsurface. Etex or DC2 @ 2 coats has been my go to but trying to not go so heavy. What did Danny plug / Gibbs use as their topcoat? That always seemed thin. Any thoughts? Maybe just one thin coat DC2? Thank you.
  6. Crickets for 2 weeks then a note that the orders will be shipped the next day. Sounded encouraging. Then another 3 weeks of crickets and zero response to emails and tel call. Really?? Asked for the orders to be cancelled. No response and more crickets until credit card company dispute filed. Orders finally cancelled. Unfortunate.
  7. Just found one of these units and would like to be able to use it fully as a portable Loran on different boat as a tool to convert existing Loran numbers to GPS waypoints. Can't get the unit to even 'lock' on to signal yet.. Anybody with a lead as to where I get a copy or if you have a copy and are willing to make a copy or scan a copy I will pay you for your time, expense, and effort.. Thanks you for your assistance..
  8. Have used the Garmin 182 Monochrome unit w/ Blue Chart for years. Just switched it out for a new Garmin 182C color unit for better visibility. Colors are great and more visible but the WAAS corrected signal has an accuracy of 25-80'..!! When I turn the WAAS correction off, I get 15-17' accuracy. I have the latest version of firmware installed (6.2). I also checked w/ two other dock mates to see what they were getting w/ their Garmin units... same lack of accuracy as mine. What are you guys achieving as far as accuracy?? Is there any way to adjust the actual unit as to obtain a more accurate position..?? Thanks.
  10. Try a used Grady 22'. I'm on the South Shore with mine for the last 8 years and could not be happier.
  11. In time it seems that all spots will be by one... I just don't get it..
  12. Get rid of the Bird. Get one of the color units from Lowrance. It will not disappoint. I've been using Lowrance in the salt for 10yrs.
  13. I used the 182 mono for 2 years so far. Color is a waste. It is great without the color.
  14. I stand corrected.. graphite ends at the 5500SS level... this reel has never been fished or seen the water.. Any takers??
  15. For sale new penn 750ss reel never seen water. not a single scratch or mark on this reel. it is not the current graphite reel but the all metal smooth as silk ones from the past. reel is a 10 out of 10. never been fishing. current graphite 7500ss sells for $129. this one available for $95 plus shipping to your door.