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  1. If they're like me, they aren't snitting. They just don't see how a group of "adult" men circle jerking over the internet is interesting. I have so many other things to do. This place is the least of my concerns.
  2. Maybe I'm just getting older but have you noticed the amount of pregnant teens? Perhaps I'm just not self aware of how old I look now and these young ladies are older than I think but damn, they look very young. I knew a couple of young ladies that got into "trouble" when I was in school. Some of them kept the baby and went through their high school lessons carrying the little bundle of joy. I remember one waddling the halls and everyone talked about how brave she and blah blah blah. I can only imagine how pathetic she looked waddling across the stage to get her high school diploma.
  3. **** Wayne says
  4. Considered this. I worry about pull outs mostly but also a fish using the tension against the hanger to get leverage and pop the hook.
  5. Resin. Alumilite plastic.
  6. 6.5". Still messing around with weight. It needs to be buoyant enough float 1.5" out of the top. Need to weigh out the hardware and then I can calculate the plastic mix I'm going to use.
  7. Not wood. Plastic.
  8. The plastic that I will be using to cast the lures is commonly used for fish. Check out Larry Dahlberg's youtube channel.
  9. You are garbage
  10. Good Morning. I wish my lures were progressing faster but I work so many hours and I am just spent when I get home. I'd much rather spend time with my wife and the dog than fiddle on the computer after staring at a screen for a few more hours. Last time we left off, I was using Blender3D which is a truly awesome program but it's more for 3D arts like animation and making video game assets. I have years of experience in that program and me being SIM-esque, I was hesitant to change but it really wasn't the best program. So I decided to learn how to use Fusion 360 which is very different. It's been slow going. My favorite lures to fish are pencil poppers. In my neck of the woods, bass are usually pushing herring to the top so they're really effective and the design isn't super complicated. I have to admit that I think I bit off more than I could chew with the darter but I will get back to that when I have more control over the program. This is what I have come up with as (hopefully) an improvement to the Gibbs Pencil. I've flattened the belly, a feature I see on a lot of other pencil poppers. I do want to work on the nose area a bit to reduce the sharp edges. More work to be done is to make the peg for the swivel hole (more on this), split it in half, and do the pegs for aligning the two halves together. I have abandoned the idea of printing the mold boxes. It just takes too long and I have enough tools to make them out of wood. Also decided is I am going to cast these in one piece as someone else suggested. This allows two things. It allows me to hide the wire wraps on both sides. It will also allow me to peg the egg sinker I am using as a weight exactly where I want it. On this lure, it's going to be in the tail but other lures may have different weights. I'll cross those bridges when I come to it. Now the last question is the swivel. If I am casting the wire in place, I can't just put a swivel or it will be ensconced in the plastic. The idea I have had is to make a smaller mold the shape of a cylinder and then encase the swivel into another material. Either something soft like silicone that I can rip out of the hole later on. Not sure if I am explaining that well. When I actually do live demos, maybe this will become clearer. Another task I need to complete is to make a wire form since it needs to be the same size as the lure. Stay tuned.
  11. Did the wood thing years ago. Still have my lathe somewhere.
  12. I see they have a couple of models. I'll see if I can whip something out. How much would you like it to weigh and how would you like it to float?
  13. Just for fun and to save a little money. These lures cost like 5 bucks to make if you don't count labor. I don't because that's the fun part. I want to start tinkering with my own designs.
  14. FYI, you're an idiot.
  15. I am using a 3d printer to design and print the pattern. Then I am making a mold of that pattern and casting it out of more durable plastic. Yes, I will be weighting it. I have a variety of sinkers to test out. You can also mix different materials into the plastic to get different properties. Glass microballoons to make it more buoyant or tungsten powder to make it denser.