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  1. It cracks me up that people from NJ look down upon other people from NJ.
  2. You think there are a bunch of people doubting it on SpearfishingOnline?
  3. Mr. Hands style death?
  4. Soooo... Did you bang the hooker or what?
  5. You have been dismissed.
  6. Dollar a tooth is the going rate.
  7. AIDS and Ebola too.
  8. Dysentery
  9. Name: Patrick9915 Location: None of your gosh darn business Current Occupation: internet troll Duties include rabble rousing, being a contrarion, feigning interest in arguments. Also, ****
  10. Went to OCMD with my wife to share my childhood vacation. Place sucked as an adult. Went to MA when she was my girlfriend. Massive snowstorm buried us. I got really sick to boot and wound up losing my voice.
  11. I'll do it. First thought: RiverRaider must die
  12. Suits should be fitted. If you look like you're 13 and borrowing your dad's suit, you're doing it wrong.
  13. Not hidden in his wardrobe, clearly. I look better in my off the rack suit that probably cost a fraction of that.
  14. Leave @Tom T out of this
  15. All that money and he can't get a suit that fits?