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  1. People miss the mark sometimes in comedy just like any other business. He admitted it was in bad taste. Hopefully he grew from it.
  2. What if I told you that some people care about everyone affected by mental health issues? He's a comedian and I can guarantee you that the choice to mock that soldier was not his choice alone. I didn't see the act but that show has writers in addition to the comedians. The fact is you can't tell one guy to man up when he lost his dad in 9/11 and then be okay with others who need help. And while everyone was affected by 9/11, it is absurd to think that everyone was affected equally.
  3. Never said he made a sacrifice. You made the comparison between him and the awful trend of soldiers killing themselves. Why aren't our soldiers "manning up"?
  4. So you're saying all of these military vets who suffer from PTSD, due to the sacrifice they made, should "man up" as well?
  5. Feel badly for the guy. Dad died in 9/11 and he has tried to use humor to get through it. Has drug and mental health issues that he can't seem to get through. I don't think he is all that funny but I couldn't imagine the **** he's gone through.
  6. My apologies. I don't play video games so I never go in that thread.
  7. I hope he is okay. Last post he made was about depression.
  8. I've been in my fair share. Looking back, most of them could have been avoided. I could have laughed it off, walked away, defused it with some jokes, etc.
  9. But how? Do you think a company wasted all that product and jeopardized the life of the operator and people standing near it?
  10. They can but they have to be made out of good steel, assembled properly, and not overloaded. Fork lifts can be extremely powerful and you can't drive one like an idiot. Do the two minutes of work to move the pallets instead of trying to sneak by them.
  11. I have never been a huge fan of zero tolerance. If someone attacks you unprovoked, you should be able to meet their aggression to defend yourself. Zero tolerance is just a way for schools to take themselves and their inaction out of the problem. The bullying didn't just sprout up out of nowhere and it is more than likely that the school did not take adequate actions to put an end to it. However, how did it get that far? I think we need to teach people how to deal with issues before it escalates to violence. I'm a huge fan of humor and when I have interpersonal issues, a good joke can de-escalate a situation and usually catches the other person off guard. Before someone raises their hands, I want to see that they tried to fix the issue without violence. If there is no other option, okay but I want to make sure that they knew there was no other options first.
  12. No. I would plot.
  13. Why would you think this is staged?
  14. Since this is hypothetical, I suppose I can respond. I would understand their reaction but I would not be pleased if the other kid was not an active threat.
  15. I don't speed that much. Why do you think these people are being pulled over?