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  1. This scumbag still lol
  2. No what's disturbing is when people continue to send thoughts and prayers instead of sensible gun legislation.
  3. We're like cockroaches.
  4. Literate people call them nieces
  5. If you don't know her name, you can't prove she's your cousin.
  6. Don't forget family reunions.
  7. Man, white people are treated so unfairly
  8. He almost strangled me when I called cavatelli "gavadeel". He said that is low class Italian. I didn't know there was a high class...
  9. Good advice.
  10. I have started to mess with them. I make up outlandish answers.
  11. At the same time? Gross. Don't poop in your food.
  12. It's because you are large.
  13. Ray Liotta gained a lot of weight since he quit smoking.
  14. Whatever works for you.
  15. What does the bathroom look like?