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  1. Bob, you know me and how little I care about what people think of me. I just find that it's funny that no matter how many times I reach their goal posts, they find a way to shift them.
  2. You were the people who made not having the former two an issue. It's all I heard from you ****ers for years. My opinion was not valid because I wasn't worldly enough. I go out and do all this **** and you turn it around and suddenly it doesn't mean jack. Not trying to come off as a Saint, just not a racist twat. Just think it's a little telling that there are a group of people here always seem to take the non-black side.
  3. And I don't think of you as a smart guy.
  4. You clearly missed the joke. I'm not surprised.
  5. I live a nice clean life. My wife and I work hard and treat people the way we want to be treated. Being a decent person isn't hard and it is very fulfilling.
  6. I sure do! I am the best at being humble.
  7. The degree has definitely helped me get me to move up. Business degree. Running my own operation. Doing good work for nice pay. Cover my nut and then some. Plus the wife makes bank. Kids are in the future. Going to brainwash them to be filthy liberals too.
  8. I think I've defined it pretty well
  9. I'm not pretending to be better than anyone but if I'm not a piece of garbage, then I'm better than a bunch of people here. I love how you call me kid... Before you guys were all like "you live with your parents, you have a **** job, you didn't go to college..." blah blah blah. So I went out and got a degree, got a great job, bought a house and you still come at me with horse ****. I'm still extremely moody but if you think I'm pretending that I'm better than everyone, maybe you should consider the idea that not being a piece of garbage automatically makes me better.
  10. No, I'm "whining" that you have a bunch of twats that take the same position based on the color of the actors skin and nothing more. That's racism. I look at each case individually. If a black dude is wrong, I'll say so. That's not racism. Way to try to flip it around though. I never made the argument that all black people are innocent. I'm saying that you have allowed this to turn into stormfront junior.
  11. I love how your tactic is always to oversimplify the issue. It's not just the racism, Tim. It's the class of characters that this place has devolved into. Your inaction has made this place into a mouth breather echo chamber. It's really a poor reflection on you. Fishermen have this stereotype of being trashy yokels. This site doesn't help that at all.
  12. Is "small light blue surfster" what kids are calling beejs these days?
  13. As he tried to form a coherent sentence? That's just cruel
  14. Maybe they'll let you guest star on the mower.
  15. Hey, I'll be down in September. There's your heads up.