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  1. Because you use terrible arguments not grounded in reality. You would rather use tax payer money to pay for drug tests that line the pockets of wealthy drug testing companies than actually try to help people.
  2. It's hilarious how the rich have conditioned the middle class to hate the poor while robbing you blind.
  3. Not to mention that healthy food is a lot more expensive.
  4. Yes. How terrible.
  5. Again, anecdotal. The data doesn't back up the claims you are making.
  6. You don't know what anecdotal means, do you?
  7. So you want to spend like 300,000% more to catch a scammer and call it fiscal responsibility. LOL.
  8. I lost interest pretty quickly.
  9. All of these anecdotal stories of welfare queens and drug abusers but no data to support these claims.
  10. I used Alliance but really they are all the same. It's acid but you need a high enough concentration for it to work. You could use diluted hydrochloric acid. The most important thing is to neutralize the acid once you removed the efflorescence.
  11. You want something acid based. Weakened to the point where it takes off the efflorescence but isn't etching the paver.
  12. Florida tried and it failed miserably. If we are going to drug test welfare users, why not the farms we are subsidizing? Or the bankers we bailed out? What's the difference? The fact is, it's easy to stigmatize the poor.
  13. Get a commercial grade cleaner.
  14. That is true but it shouldn't be that bad. They make cleaners for it.
  15. This is exciting. I predicted this a long time ago.