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  1. On a side note I took a ride to charlestown beach today to see if anything was going and the entrance was blocked by all out of state vehicles because they were to lazy to drag there beach stuff from the parking lot. Are you serious!
  2. Call EP next time. They won't always show up after a call but it wouldn't hurt. Had them on speed dial last year.
  3. Tried the next size up ring and it's def better. Thinking about getting rid of the ring all together and use a cut 6x treble.
  4. That's what I figured. I was going by videos and what people have said.
  5. Anyone having trouble attaching the 2/0 treble to the split ring? Imy using a rosco 4h split ring but when I put the vmc treble hook on, it warps the split ring enough to put a little gap between the rings. Not worried about the hook coming loose but the swivel definitely has potential to work it's way out.
  6. I've found I use it the most kayak fishing. I connect it to a pole then put it in a rod holder behind the seat. You get a great angle of yourself casting a catching.
  7. Why is that? Don't watch them if u don't like them.
  8. Ive been using the frogged tongs for the past few seasons. For the price they are decent jackets. Only complaint is the water proofing wears out somewhat quickly. I just purchased the stormr fusion jacket and I am pumped to use it. Seems solid.
  9. Sometimes I wish I never see these deals. It would be dumb not to buy one haha. Grabbed myself a clash 4000 over the weekend.
  10. Spook in silver mullet, also 3" and 4" cocahoe on half to 3/4 oz jig head. Caught more fish on those than anything else I own.
  11. Sweet. Saved myself $50 on waders. Thanks for the heads up.
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