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  1. They did it just this year - the limits and start/end dates were different for the NY Bight and LIS. IIRC, the Bight started 4 days later but had 11 more days of fishing.
  2. That's OK - they can set regs for the western south shore/NY Harbor different from what they set in the sound and off Montauk. They've done it before, not too difficult to enforce. There's really no reason why there should be different start times for NY/NJ.
  3. Maybe - but if we don't register and we fish, beyond the fines we might incur you also lose a very effective bargaining tool when organizations try to make claims on what the financial impact is when fishing declines. Can't claim it's a billion dollar industry if half the people fishing aren't registered.
  4. Loved it last year, I'll be there again - look for the short guy running back and forth to the car to put away stuff he's never going to use because he's bought too much to carry around (and still buy more).
  5. Fish more, and at better times. I usually let my work schedule dictate my fishing, which generally puts me on the water at the worst frikkin times/tides. I need to work less in general, been too busy the past few years, could use the time off. #2 - use more of my gear. I've got enough gear to outfit a commercial fishing operation, and 99% of the time I'm using the same 5% of it. I'm using stuff that's getting ratty while I save newer gear for what, I don't know. Time to better organize the rest of my stuff and make a concerted effort to get it wet this year.
  6. It was pretty obvious from the first picture things were seriously distorted - just look at the way the boat tapers inwards towards the back. So either it was trick photography, or he's got the only octagonally shaped powerboat.
  7. I have the same reel paired with a Tsunami boat rod with a trigger seat. Light rod, light reel - it's killer for fluke, sea bass and porgy in shallow waters, but admittedly this rod is probably too light for the range you're referring to for fluking in deeper waters. From a comfort standpoint though, you can't beat it - one handed fishing, as you approach a dropoff you can just easily use the thumb bar to let more line out. I would imagine it would work just fine with your setup.
  8. Probably for money. To borrow from Homer Simpson, the cause of and solution to most of life's problems.
  9. You came to the right place. Obviously, the first step to any kind of therapy is admitting you have a problem. So the best course of action would be to forfeit all of your fishing gear. Since I'm all about helping out my fellow man, I'll be glad to take it all off your hands at no cost to you or me.
  10. I get that these captains are in a difficult position - they're out on the water, outnumbered, and they're busy running the boat. So they deserve a certain amount of leeway. When you get to a situation like this, though, it's hard to absolve the captain. 70 fish when the limit for the boat should have been 30? 75% of the fish were shorts? That seems like the type of situation where a captain should lose their charter license, or at the least have it suspended for a decent chunk of time.
  11. MalwareByte PUP protection is for 'potentially unwanted programs' running. Viewing SOL should only rely on your web browser, but if you have any extensions/add on tools on your PC, it might trigger MalwareBytes protection. The next time it pops it up, take a screenshot of the dialog box, which should show you the name of the offending program it's trying to block. Are you only having the problem with SOL, and not other sites that have embedded YouTube videos? I've seen it triggered before when people install helper programs to download video or audio from YT, but that shouldn't cause it to fire when you're reading PMs.
  12. I'd suggest you hit up the regional forum here or one of the regional forums on a boating site to ask the same question. Local waters can be tricky, you want to hear from people who have fished the same waters on these boats to learn from experience which ones to avoid.
  13. Did you know for sure? Because this seems to me like a big scam they all try. I brought in a Mazda for recall work, and had exactly the same thing. I was promised it'd be done in 3 hours. 6 hours later, I call to find out they need to charge me for 'broken tools' because they couldn't get the wheels off, the lug nuts were overtightened. They wanted 3 hours of labor and another $150 in parts. I told them to leave the car alone, and got a call back in 15 minutes saying they got Mazda to pay for the tools, I'd just have to pay for the labor. I told them to stop all work immediately - went running over there, and it was obvious BS. First - not a single 'broken tool' as evidence (and I was really interested to see what they were going to produce there). Even worse - anyone who's ever done any work on a car knows what a pest brake dust can be. Well, 4 tires - not a single finger print or hand mark on any of them to indicate someone had leaned up against it or touched it in any way. Not possible if you have the car up on the lift. Not all mechanics are crooks, far from it, but when you do get one, brother does it suck.
  14. I hope they all get raises and contracts too, but companies that just paid a bunch of money to buy product lines don't typically hand out cash, unfortunately.
  15. I am with you there - when everyone used to curse the bluefish back in the day, I used to think to myself 'one day they'll be gone and we'll know we're all f**ked'. Well, it seems like we're there. I used to see blitzes off the shore regularly on the beach where I fish, usually when I'd just be walking by casually with the dog, not even fishing. This season? Even from the boat they were hard to find. Really strange, and alarming.