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  1. I'm not sure which is worse out there - the rip, or the wake from idiots flying through at 40 knots in speedboats racing out from Shelter Island. That's what worries me about YouTube sometimes, it gives people ideas. I've always been reluctant to fish from the shore out there, going out in a kayak just seems like a good way to commit suicide by floatation.
  2. Thanks all, interesting food for thought here. Most of my gardening is raised, container based - either in bags or in Earthbox type boxes that are self watering, so I liked getting a jump start last year with smaller plants since they have an easier time forming roots inside the containers than the starters you get from a garden store. I had great success with the tomatoes (except for the fact that someone who basically gets paid to do math for a living should know that 24 tomato seedlings are way too many for my garden). I'm going to expand, might not go after the cukes and eggplants, but I'll at least give some peppers a shot. For herbs, I think I'll take Steve's suggestion as I do those in bags and I've never had a problem with them shooting up. I do have some oregano and mint from last year, and the Thai basil I grow seems to come back like a weed every year even when I haven't cared for it the best. Has anyone ever tried making a temporary greenhouse out of plastic? I figure I get two in one, maybe help the plants along and solidify my standing as the neighborhood hobo.
  3. I've done this on a small scale a couple of times, picking up packs of seeds from Home Depot along with those Jiffy (?) seed kids (with the starter medium and plastic domes). Worked well, although I only did about 20 plants. I'm looking to do more this season - tomatoes, cukes, eggplants, peppers, herbs. I was wondering if there's a better setup than what I've got, where I'm basically leaving the plants in my bow window's sill to get some light. It's still pretty cold there because of the draft, so I was considering moving to the basement with warming mats and some lights. Overkill? Does anyone do something along those lines? I see some people go a bit farther (with racks that have individual lighting on each shelf), and some go way farther (building a mylar enclosure or an outdoor temporary greenhouse out of polypropylene). Any resources you'd suggest if you do? Thanks in advance...
  4. I was looking over some of the video of my fishing this past summer to help get past the winter blues, and I came across an instance where I was fishing out in Plum Gut and had to change course in my boat because there was a kayak ahead of me. I had to do a double take, because the weather wasn't all that great, we were well into the flood tide and the current was cranking. On days like that, I feel like even my 24' boat isn't really big enough to take too many risks out there, so when I saw this guy I had to take a really good look to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. I tend to fish the area at night, but I don't recall having seen others guys out there in kayaks (and my older radar doesn't catch them). I know we've got plenty of kayak guys here; am I wrong or was that not a seriously insane thing for that guy to be doing? I figured he might just be a nut, but a couple of quick YouTube searches reveals there are others. Am I overrating how tricky those waters are from a kayak?
  5. I think there's zero chance that the Giants sign Rosen - he seems a little risky from a personality perspective (he's been outspoken off the field, something the Giants seem averse to). And the biggest reason - because at the first sign of Eli struggling, the calls will be out to start Rosen. I don't think the Giants will be in on any QB this season for that reason alone. I don't think it's a matter of classy or not classy, rather, just not something that Manning (or any competitor) would want to do. He's said it outright, and I believe him to be enough of a straight shooter to mean it. His predecessor, Kerry Collins, felt the same way. Approached by the Giants with the likelihood that they'd be drafting a successor and that they'd want him along for a transition period, he asked them to release him outright. He wanted no part of the possible circus that might ensue. I'm pretty sure the Giants have had this conversation, and Eli told them outright - if your plans are to move on QB this season, I don't want to be a part of it. Their approach seems to suggest they're going to overlook transition for this year, and re-evaluate in 2020. I think that's a huge mistake, and one that the Giants will be paying for (and have been paying) for years to come.
  6. The thing that really got me - which isn't to downplay how horrible the ending was - was the fact that this wasn't the first time she had even left the kid locked up in a hot car. You'd think that would be enough to convince this nitwit not to do something like that, but no, the poor kid had to pay with her life.
  7. Two things: - It's a shame that some people used their generous return policy as basically a wader rental program and caused them to stop it. - Absent that generous return policy, I think their waders are overpriced. They're very good - but before, they had priced in the fact that they were warrantied for a lifetime. Now, they have the usual limited warranty but the same high price tag. I'll also continue to be disappointed that Sierra Trading Post was bought out and is now basically useless.
  8. LOL! I had the same thought. I was reading one of the articles on the striped bass management in NC and my son asked how I could care about something so boring. I told him you'd better start caring because right now your inheritance is mostly high end fishing gear, and if the fish go the bottom will drop out of that market fast!
  9. Also impacts Abu Garcia and Berkley, right? The Abus were already made overseas IIRC, and I'm not sure how much cheaper the formula for Gulp could get at this point, if the PE firm tries to water it down any further the stuff might just dissolve in water.
  10. I'll take these Marc.
  11. The HPDI's are two strokes, which is why running lean is a really big problem.
  12. People love to repeat that number 12 - but you know how many of those picks are in rounds where you might as well be throwing darts at the board? Two of the team's highest performing assets are gone - one exchanged for a guard, a safety and #17 overall, and one for nothing (possibly a 3rd round comp pick if they're lucky). This isn't how you build a team.
  13. Good in theory, but Manning himself has said he doesn't want to mentor a successor. Manning was a very good QB for a stretch, but he was inconsistent, and his game seems to have fallen off a cliff the past few years even when he has had the protection. I would be OK with the Giants saying 'look, we're paying this guy because he won us two titles' (or something to that affect), but they're trying to pretend they have a playoff squad on their hands now, which is just ridiculous. He's going to end up with a sub .500 record before all is said and done, which is a shame.
  14. He should have been cut. He's not going to get traded with a $23M pricetag. Giants are caught up in the past, and as a result have no view toward the future. Scary times.
  15. It's not that there were no deals to be found - but for a big show with a $12 entrance, there were too many vendors that just had boxes full of crap you had to sort through to find anything of substance. You had a lot of Chinese/off brand stuff - like the guys selling 70 hooks for $10 (that looked like someone bought a box of 10,000 from China for $20), or the guy who was selling knockoff SS needles sometime back (it seems he made some changes to not be a direct copy). There were some good vendor booths - but places that you can hit up online for the same price, where you can take your time to look through their entire inventory online (not just the smaller selection they bring to the show) and usually get free shipping or no sales tax or some coupon to help further reduce the cost (for bigger ticket items like a rod or reel). If I needed another reel, maybe, if I wanted to see it up close - but even then I'd rather go to a B&T and take my time and check the thing out rather than be in closed quarters with people shoving by every 10 sec. Then there were the booths that had no use to me - stupid t-shirts, pickles, jerky, guides for places nowhere close to this area, boat cleaner/wax (this stupid booth turns up at every car, boat and fishing show and it's equally useless throughout). I go to these things to pass the time in the offseason when there's no fish to be caught, so i don't have great expectations. Even with little in terms of expectation, this one was disappointing. I'd rather go to a fishing flea market or a show set up by a fishing club, where at least there's someone benefitting from the entry fee (when there is one). Caveat here - if you find value in the seminars, then that might have made it worth the price of admission. I didn't go to any because I was short on time, but I've gone to shows where the best part were the seminars.