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  1. And I don't care. I was standing right outside the building getting airplane parts rained down on me. Several years later, I got to watch these nitwits ply their conspiracy theories about thermite a few feet away from the makeshift 'lost and found' wall near St. Paul's where people were looking for their lost relatives the days after the attacks. It's not any different from these ridiculous conspiracy theories being paraded around after we lost a million Americans to the pandemic. Well - it's slightly different in that now it's a political tool instead of just random internet bull*hit.
  2. It's OK - you say all you needed to by saying you didn't bother to read the post. And I'm sure in your case, it's not the first time. Enjoy the echo chamber. The 9/11 Thermite Guys were no different.
  3. If I were (I'm not), I guarantee you some dumbass politician would trick you into not trusting me and believing him because he's just like you, a simple guy who doesn't at all want to pick your pocket. We're America - science and technology is what we do best. That's one of the main reasons why we have military superiority. In a rush to offset a pandemic that was killing people left and right, we created vaccines on a base technology that had been stuck in neutral for years, and it was effective in reducing spread and highly effective at limiting death and hospitalization. It helped prevent billions of additional losses in GDP due to lost productivity. Russia and China have been falling over each other to steal the technology in attempted hacks against the companies that developed the IP, and China has been desperately trying to use legitimate means to acquire the tech for themselves to get away from the highly damaging lockdowns they keep enforcing to limit the spread. Instead of taking a bow in front of the rest of the world, a good 30% of this country is stuck in stupid, believing that somehow they've been duped into taking medication that's saving them. No different from the jackwads that used to protest outside of the 9/11 museum and scream about how it was staged and an inside job. Couldn't have been any dumber if they tried.
  4. There are definitely those kinds of doctors...
  5. It's not any of my business - and if I was in your front yard asking you this you could rightfully ask WTF I was doing... ...but you're the one who brought it all up on a public message board. Are you going to cry over a HIPAA violation next?
  6. Yeah, I think they wouldn't - what part of Russia do you people think we live in? See, that used to be a joke years ago - too many nitwits now actually believe they live in Russia without realizing how good they had it.
  7. Talk about a well crafted rebuttal - does your brain work like Twitter, are you limited to 140 characters per thought?
  8. Why do you ask? Are you implying that somehow, only those who served should opine? Because if so - the 97% of the enlisted personnel who got their vaccines, as they always have, have already spoken.
  9. Did you consult a medical professional, and if so - what was their advice?
  10. I hate to break it to you - but you're the one spouting propaganda. The fact that you've taken it upon yourself to 'do research' while simultaneously distrusting anything that remotely resembles a fair and unbiased source of data is proof that there isn't much to know about you. Unfortunately, you've fallen victim to nation-state driven misinformation that political opportunists in this country ran with for their own personal gain. You ever hear the old expression 'The man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a lawyer and an idiot for a client'? Works for playing doctor too.
  11. So you're saying the Army is going to misreport those figures now? Do you guys bury large amounts of gold in the backyard "just to be safe"?
  12. On the topics of medicine? Peer reviewed medical journals (NEJM, Lancet, JAMA). I rely on my physician for general guidance, and if he recommends something I consider questionable or new, I'll pursue it further with studies that have data to support their findings. What I don't do - listen to a politician. Strange tactic to believe your government is collectively out to get you but at the same time be willing to listen to one or a handful of elected political representatives.
  13. Honest question - how far do you expect to be running on sand? The ranges in these vehicles are in the 250-300 mile range. Assuming you plan on driving entirely on sand and get half, that's 125-150 miles. You don't want to go below 20% of your battery capacity just to be safe, so let's knock it down to 100-120 miles. Are people really driving those distances on sand?
  14. The lease rates are quirky. Unlike ICE cars there's a huge difference from one car maker to the next in terms of the depreciation rates they build in and options (some won't allow you to buy-out at the end of your lease, others like Tesla had discontinued it entirely for a while there). Because demand currently outstrips supply, the cars themselves are depreciating at a slower than normal rate (and in some cases, appreciating, though that's slowing down as well due to supply). My car has roughly 8k miles on it and I can sell it for $12k more than I paid for it. I don't expect that to continue, and part of that is the price jumped at least $6k from the time that I put a deposit to the several months it took for delivery.
  15. Fauci spent his entire career leading that organization and keeping the country safe from communicable diseases. The people who constantly attacked him - a bunch of political grifters with no medical experience whatsoever, some of them going so far as to recommend treatments that anyone with even a remote clue about medical treatment knew would do nothing but empty people's pockets. But by all means - continue to believe Fauci's the problem.