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  1. I spent some time at sunrise on Sunday at the beach just short of the farm stand that was spot burnt already. No takers (although I remain king of the sea robin with 4 in just under 2 hours). There was only one guy fishing next to me, and he told me that he had hit them in his kayak from the same beach the day before, that they were just past the shoal and out of casting reach, FWIW. No signs of life while I was out, but the water was calm as glass.
  2. So in the end, the wind and waves were nothing to worry about. Calm as glass, no wind to be found. No rain until later according to the forecast. The only problem? Fog so thick you couldn't see in front of your face. Doesn't combine well with the radar upgrade I left half-done (ugh). From shore it is.
  3. They lost Fournette for half a game and the Giants had a winnable game, but the OL and a few headscratchers (Eli throwing the pick 6 after Flowers gave up the pressure, odd clock management at the end of the game, putting in Stewart at the worst possible time) didn't help. Game ball to Bettcher though, those guys showed up to play.
  4. Thanks, but as expected the conditions just kept worsening to the point where there's a small craft advisory now out for both days. Tuesday might be decent, though. I'd like to be pissed and feel out of luck, but that's just selfish, some folks down in the Carolinas are looking at a nasty hit from Flo. I hope for the best of them while we make do with our shore fishing
  5. I've had this weekend penciled in for the longest time because my boys have off (NYC schools are out Mon/Tues). Was going to spend a long weekend with them, hitting the Race and points east. And as the date has drawn closer, I've gone from the Race, to the Gut, to staying inside the bay, and now it looks like we're going to be hitting snappers. Sucks, there's no other word for it. If we're in any way lucky we might fall onto some bonito from shore, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I'm glad the NFL decided to hire some full time refs, but did they really have to pay them by the flag?
  7. I've only caught them from shore and usually just by chance, throwing deadly dicks or hogy epoxy jigs when there are reports they're around or I see other guys lining up to fish. How would you target them from a boat? Do they have any special characteristics that let you know you're looking at bonito and not bass/blues? I know they're topwater feeders - is there something to the way they break that gives you a clue, or is it just find the birds/fish at the surface and go for broke?
  8. I haven't gone out for bsb much the past couple of years, but when I have I've had no problem finding decent sized fish (not huge, but at least keeper size). We limited out in less than an hour's time on Monday. Now, I'm sure it's not the case for everyone, but I've had a very strange year by-catch wise. The sea robins that I was catching non-stop last year have slowed down this year. I've seen very few doggies and bluefish. And for me at least, I'm ready to put out an APB or throw up a picture on a milk carton for fluke. Granted, we didn't specifically go out for fluke much, but when we did we got skunked or anything other than a fluke.
  9. Thanks YakDawg! I ended up leaving Greenport and heading east for Pigeon Rip. Managed a few nice black sea bass on the north side of Plum Island and found some blitzing schoolies and blues under birds in the gut on the way back. But those blitzes lasted all of ten minutes, and then the fish were gone. I don't know if it's just me, but I've been finding a lot more bait than blues this year.
  10. Going to try to fish a bit with the nice weather and the lax work schedule for the next week, and I'm debating whether I'm better off launching out of Mattituck and working my way east in the sound vs. launching in Greenport on the bay and working towards Orient Pt. Been trying to get the kids on some bluefish to play with, but aside from snappers I haven't seen too much going on despite finding bait thick enough for me to walk on in the bay. My last trip to the Gut there was plenty of life, but my youngest is 9 and that's more lead and weight than he can effectively use at this point. Failing that, I'll shoot for some sea bass. Any suggestions? Is it worth it to take the 20 min drive down to Mattituck to launch and work the waters of the sound? I'm not very familiar with the area there (and Capt. Seagull's charts don't seem to point to there being a lot of structure that far west).
  11. Yeah, I'd hate to call anyone who lost his boat 'lucky' (assuming they all got out safely), but it looks like he did luck out - inshore during a season with warmer waters. He's a few miles offshore in November and there's a much smaller chance of everyone walking away from that one.
  12. Same here. When I complain about how much work it is, my wife tells me to just pay someone. I told her, if that payment was only in cash and not in aggravation I'd be right there.
  13. Believe it or not, the cops won't do anything with a car either. When I was a teenager, I broke down on the BQE in Brooklyn. I pulled the car over to the shoulder, went to find a payphone, and returned to the spot with a tow truck to find that the car was gone. Called the police - who checked in with the highway patrol, no record of the car being pulled by the authorized tow unit of either the NYPD or the tow company authorized for that section of the highway. Filed a stolen car report. Two weeks later, I get a parking ticket - for that car. Turns out, some jackass with a tow truck came across it and towed it to his garage - where he left it on the sidewalk, after repairing it. That car was a POS, and I was in my freshman year of college, so money was extremely tight. If it was worth anything, it was under a grand. The owner of the garage, who claimed I asked for them to tow it to his shop and fix it (in the middle of the night without speaking to anyone, miraculously) - told me I owed him $1500 to replace the alternator and timing belt (on an 88 Olds, ha), and that I wouldn't get my car back until he paid up (although he graciously offered to park the car legally so I wouldn't get any more tickets). Called the NYPD - who told me the same - civil matter, take him to court. This, despite the fact that the car was taken after I filed a stolen vehicle report and the plates had been reported lost. The only thing that worked in my favor was the moron parked it on the street. I went at night, took the car, brought it home. I got an angry phone call the next day, at which point I told him I paid the night guy in cash - and that if he couldn't prove I authorized the tow, I couldn't prove I paid the night guy, we'd have fun in court. That was the last I heard of him. So at least I got a new alternator out of the deal, which was nice. Good luck with your boat!
  14. Trust me - even in the bays, things happen quickly. Don't put yourself at risk for what amounts to less than a day's worth of bait. Baofeng makes a handheld VHF (UV5RA) for 28 bucks. Works like a charm, it's rechargeable. It's not waterproof - which would be nice, but that'll take you into the $100 range. The GPS software, if you have a smartphone, will literally cost you nothing if you have no problem with the base maps (and you shouldn't for free). That, a life preserver, a fire extinguisher, an air horn, and a set of flares (you'll need these things in case the Coast Guard stops you regardless). If you find yourself questioning the value of these items, you might want to reconsider boating altogether. Even if you do everything yourself (as I do), *everything* is expensive. The same stupid spark plugs you'd pay $2-3 bucks for a car are 100% marked up. Has the word 'marine' on it? Let's double the price. Stainless? Make that 3x. Makes the gas you burn look cheap in comparison.
  15. That's a perfect little boat for Peconic Bay - good luck with it! Once the mechanic is done tuning it up, run some seafoam through the engine just to knock off any carbon deposits that might still be hanging around. If it's not equipped, get a radio ASAP (if you don't want to spend the time to install one, get a handheld - Amazon has them for as little as $30, so there's no excuse). Same for GPS - at a bare minimum, a smartphone with the Navionics app will give you basic GPS and enough to get the Coast Guard your position god forbid you should need them.