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  1. You didn't answer the one specific question I had though - where are they building a battery storage facility 200 feet from homes? I don't work in the power generation industry. I started my career working for the Navy, specifically on the power generation side for subs. I subsequently spent time as a consultant working for other power generation concerns before changing industries and focusing on the cybersecurity of national infrastructure and the SCADA systems that control industrial facilities. My interest in power generation comes from hoping that one day this country can do something to reduce if not eliminate it's dependency on it's enemies, namely Russia and the Saudis. Secondarily, to offset the effects of global warming. We're at a point where we can stop buying oil from our enemies and reduce our carbon emissions, win/win. I don't care if it's wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal or hydroelectric. In fact, I'd love to see more nuclear - I just don't expect it, because of the tremendous amount of financial risk involved with planning, building and deploying one successfully and the time involved with getting one ramped up. In the meanwhile - solar and wind have been used both in this country and globally to offset a lot of electricity demand. The hippies in Texas seem to have had good luck with it (aside from the asinine cost-driven decision to bypass winterizing their designs). All of the pretend reasons you guys have in this thread have no basis in fact or science, they're just politically driven nonsense. About the closest you have to a concern is the fires associated with battery storage facilities, and if you ever actually spent a day in that Astoria substation, then you really shouldn't be talking. 20th Ave was like the 4th of July on a regular basis with manhole covers flying thanks to transformers blowing their tops.
  2. All kinds - naturally occurring trace levels of radioactive minerals in the coal get concentrated when you burn it for fuel: https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/do-coal-fired-power-stations-produce-radioactive-waste
  3. Interesting - where was this? Where are they planning on putting battery storage 200 feet from a residence? You want stupid? Try including anecdotal evidence that 5 firefighters were injured fighting a fire at a storage facility as an example of your point when you've supposedly worked 35 years in this field.
  4. Again - for the reading impaired - the report covers the lifecycle carbon emissions. Soup to nuts - sourcing materials, building the platforms, operating, maintaining and decommissioning. You guys have had the Russians and Saudis misinformation so balls deep in you for so long you don't know what's what anymore.
  5. *I* need to do more research? You're the one making the baseless claim and I need to back it up? Sure thing, buddy. What meeting were you attending that they introduced someone as an 'expert spokesperson', exactly? As for firemen injured fighting a battery storage fire - this isn't news in the power industry. It's dangerous all the way around, firefighters get injured and killed fighting generation and transmission related fires all the time: https://www.powermag.com/fighting-transformer-fires/ If you think for a second that a coal or natural gas fired plant is somehow magically safer, guess again. As for the community who would live in fear of a battery storage fire, if it's a coal fired plant they're living with nuclear fallout as well as pollution. They'll be much more at risk of cancer than any fire.
  6. Maybe you didn't read it closely enough - that report covers the full lifecycle greenhouse emissions. It's the whole cycle - from construction, operation, lifecycle maintenance and management through decommissioning. I don't understand why it's not common sense to some of you guys either, the physics here isn't particularly complicated. You need to construct a power generation facility of any kind, so you're still building, using concrete, disposal media - in any of them. Just that in some cases, they'll operate without generating any CO2 at all, while the others literally burn fuel and have tons of CO2 as exhaust. If they both operate for 20 years, how could you possibly think the other lifecycle CO2 would ever add up? Battery storage facilities are not any more prone to fires than plants or substations are. If you've ever been near a transformer when it explodes, consider yourself lucky. Same for downed power lines. Since the designs for these facilities tend to put them nowhere near residences, the risk is actually very low.
  7. Might be brand new to operations but the foundations there were built last spring, more than enough time for the bottom dwellers to benefit from their new artificial reef. Just look at how quickly the artificial reefs that were created by dumping subway cars took to be productive.
  8. Not sure, not entirely sure what an 'expert spokesman' is - but the battery chemistry used for storage medium is more often not traditional lithium ion but LiFePO4, which is far more stable and a lot less likely to suffer from the thermal instabilities that cause fires in traditional lithium ion batteries. Also much better at handling full charge/discharge cycles than the older design, and less dependent on rare earth minerals.
  9. This is the best newbie advice you're going to get. I'd just add that when you're new, fishing with bait is usually going to be more productive. Have at it both ways. As Phantom says, take everything except for safety advice as advice, not gospel. Sometimes, fish do things that violate conventional wisdom and you'll catch when advice says you shouldn't, or vice versa. Sure, there are certain times, water temps, tides that are on average more productive than others, but the best time to fish is always when you have the opportunity.
  10. You're calling someone else a keyboard warrior? You came here with zero knowledge about power generation and you're going to leave even dumber. The only thing you did was drop trou, take a giant dump on the thread floor, and leave your stink behind. Then again, I'm pretty sure that sums up most of your interactions with people. You seem like the kind of guy who brings great joy to a room when he leaves it.
  11. All factored into the report that I shared, down to whatever is needed to recycle and dispose of the battery storage. Notably, the one type of battery storage is still highly inefficient (hydroelectric) but isn't used much anymore for that exact reason.
  12. You learned how to tie your shoes? Awesome! Maybe tomorrow you can work on something harder.
  13. Dude, you don’t even know how to read? I made it pretty clear where the chart came from, and it’s got a damn logo right on it. They’re going to need to start labeling hooks on lures if you guys get any dumber.
  14. The funny thing is the people bitching and moaning about agendas are the puppets who bring no facts at all to the table. I get that you guys aren’t the brightest, but maybe if it’s too hard for you guys to understand try not to play expert with stuff that’s over your head.
  15. Your statement was accompanied by zero facts, and is pure Russian propaganda because those drunks won't have a dime to their names once the world stops burning fossil fuels for electricity. They need ignorant fools like Americans who don't understand enough physics to tie their shoes claiming that windmills are going to kill seabirds or that there's some detrimental effect from marine surveying beyond the danger of prop strikes which already exists and gets worse yearly regardless of renewable deployment. This country has some of the best engineering resources in the world, and it's going to be done in by morons. The movie Idiocracy brought to life.
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