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  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... Great Kills Park radiation probe update: In case you missed it
  2. That sounds like a great choice - I'm jealous!
  3. It's a tangent, but if you don't mind me asking - what do you use for fluking with the BB3000? I have the same reel and love it, but I got it as a combo with a Jigging World Nexus rod and I'm not a huge fan. Was looking to upgrade it, I use it mostly for fluking and porgies off the boat.
  4. Beautiful work! Quick question, hard to tell the scale - are these guys about 2 oz or so? You planning on working these in shallow water?
  5. When we let banks lend money that they can reasonably assume might never get paid back under the assumption that the government will make them whole because of the damage to the financial system, it's not capitalism anymore. And it's not just the banks - you name the industry, someone's getting a handout - whether it's ethanol in our gas, subsidies to oil companies, bailouts for the airline or auto industry. Welfare is welfare, whether you're cutting a check for a lazy deadbeat or a thieving CEO. Liabilities all over the place - from wars we can't afford to entitlement programs out of control, benefiting the very wealthy and very poor, with the ever dwindling middle class stuck with the bill. And that's mostly because your average American dimwit doesn't know what capitalism is - likely because they can't remember it.
  6. The nominal taxes rates on the wealthy have dropped considerably over the years. And that's why I threw $50M out there - if you think $1M qualifies you as 'wealthy' in most of the US, you're not understanding the scale problem. Have a look - we had a perfectly normal, functioning economy when the highest tax brackets were set much higher (adjusted for inflation): What needs to happen is an adjustment, if not an adoption of a flat tax - to give the middle class more of an opportunity to remain middle class in spite of real wages being stagnant, and to make up the budget gap from the ultra wealthy. There's no reason why you should sell a house and be subject to a 20% capital gains tax while someone with much better means can structure their income to legally derive all of it through dividend income that gets capped at 22% (and we're talking income here, not capital gains). That just gets us back to the root of the problem - Americans are becoming more ignorant, can't figure out they're being screwed, and don't know where to place the blame. It doesn't matter who's in charge, one party or the other - the taxes on the middle class go up, the taxes on the top go down, government spending and entitlement programs rarely change (they just swing from one place to another), and household income stays about the same. And in the process, with every passing year the middle class gets smaller and smaller.
  7. Best in the world? By what metric? We lag most industrialized nations. And should the government get involved? Why the hell not? It gets involved in other areas, like trying to make 'affordable housing' (which creates credit bubbles that does anything but encourage affordable housing) or that sham of a student loan system, the only place in the world where you can lend money and charge interest and basically do so risk free. These are systems set up in the guise of helping the people and they do anything but. If you look into them a bit, you'll see they were propped up by both democrats and republicans alike. And they're benefiting only one class, the very wealthy. I agree that taxes are a huge problem - but that's why the focal point of the tax system needs to be on the ultra wealthy. I'm 100% sure that there's nobody on SOL that even falls into that bracket. When you hear that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet complain that the rich aren't paying enough taxes, that should tell you something. When companies reap huge windfalls from the last round of cuts, but the average American comes home with a couple hundred bucks (if that), it should tell you something. And that something is that the top 0.5-1% of this country are making out like bandits, and it's at the expense of the middle class.
  8. Without a doubt. Half the damn country has an education that's not worth a s**t, our workforce is falling woefully behind the rest of the world, which with globalization is going to be a much bigger problem 20 years from now than it is right now. Real wages for Americans have been stagnant for almost 20 years (adjusted for inflation). Just do a search and take a look at what the average American's savings to debt ratio is. It's pathetic. And those are average Americans - they're not democrats or republicans, they're not gay or 2A supporters. They're representative of all, and on average they're not doing very well.
  9. The wealth inequity is at the top - which, no matter how fond you are of yourself, you're nowhere close to (unless you're sitting on $50M or so). Think of how many billionaires this country has made, and how unevenly the top of publicly traded companies get paid compared to the bottom. This is going to cause a problem - it's starting now, and it's only going to get worse. Ray Dalio's no commie, and he can see it: What we're doing hasn't even been proper capitalism for awhile. The best example was Wall Street - failed miserably, and a lot of people should have taken some serious lumps - but they were bailed out for the public good. The net result is they're going to go right back to making shady business deals and not caring about the fallout, because they know far too well that the next time it happens Uncle Sam will pull out the checkbook and save their asses.
  10. I'm all for people doing whatever the **** they want as long as it doesn't involve me. If you're a dude and want to dress up like a woman, go for it. The bit I'm not clear about - this was happening for quite some time. All of a sudden, we have a bathroom problem. Why? Were these people not using public bathrooms for all that time? Or were they somehow being discriminated against by said bathrooms? You dressed like a woman, you used the women's bathroom (I presume). Unless you did something wrong in there, you should have exited the bathroom no worse for the wear. Does something need to change? This country has a lot of problems - wealth inequity and education being the two biggest ones - and it seems like we're constantly focusing on stupid nonsense that should have no real bearing on our future in an attempt to distract attention away from the issues that do make a difference.
  11. Not only perfectly legal as mentioned above (so long as the fish is legal to keep), but if you hook it right and clip the dorsal fin with a scissor to give it an erratic swim and make it easier to swallow, it's lethal. When the porgies are thick out on the North Fork, I've had some of my best days live lining porgies.
  12. I don't have a problem with sodium but I do try to limit my intake, and I eat a lot of sashimi (a lot - I buy sushi grade fish to eat when I'm not catching). When I'm not busting out the soy/wasabi, I use sambal oelek chili paste for some kick. Works like a charm, in particular on stronger fish like salmon. I can grab some salmon from Costco, cover in sambal oelek and add a little furikake (they make versions with low sodium or no salt added). Perfect low carb lunch.
  13. +1 - it's as simple as that. When they cut down the warranty, they reduced their costs moving forward, so the price of the waders should have dropped accordingly. Yes, people did abuse their liberal return policy, but that was priced into the sale price of the waders. I've only owned one pair of waders from them, used sparingly, and they have a pinhole in them somewhere. I'm not sure the quality was anything to write home about, it was more their willingness to replace without question.
  14. Like I said, more sale priced Gulp! for me!
  15. True, someone mentioned that they'd go in spite of protests against CFA. And on other threads people have mentioned not shopping at Dick's for their ban on certain firearms. That's why I mentioned it.