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  1. It’s July and last I heard the dogs had started to move in anything with a strong scent will be an instant dogfish if they are around, jig with teaser defeats dogs. If dogs are not a factor strip of fresh mackerel will out fish old clams!
  2. Wow drew the attention of an editor and the administrator with one innocuous post
  3. I am glad you were catching...but look at the hole you left in the lip of that schoolie. How about clipping a few points off the treble and flattening the barbs, or use singles. please, Pretty please!
  4. Vacationed in the area a few times... my thoughts. If I want to fish in peace without snagging swimmers or battling pelicans I go to Fort Desoto. Most of the Beach fishing I have seen and done would be classified as "inshore" as opposed to "surf casting". There used to be a pier at Indian Rocks Beach, but a storm wiped it out years ago, the fishing from that pier for whiting was very good when they were running. Most of the action for whiting was very close to shore and feasible from the beach, cut squid was bait of choice. When the water temp warms you can see juvenile snook chasing minnows at almost any gulf beach, small plastics and plugs will work if they are around and you can fish safely.
  5. Probably very similar but good luck finding a triumph because they’re discontinued also.
  6. penn z's were/are heavy and therein lies your dilemma, Most modern are too light to balance well. Fwiw i use an old Abu 8.5 ft rewrapped for braid , an original 7.6 ft ugly stick rewrapped for braid, and a discontinued St. Croix premier surf 8.5 ft. 2 pc.
  7. Sorry but I’m not familiar with the 712 Z
  8. Yes it’s Superior Bail less, Balanced it out with a stainless steel metric hex bolt cut down and ground flush. Excuse me my bad it’s not metric
  9. It’s been several years but I believe this is a Mitchell 306 manual bale bracket and roller readily available works great
  10. Has anyone use plexiglass inserts to hold tins and jigs in the plug bag, seems like a no-brainer for small stuff that would fall to the bottom of the tube I am interested in hearing any shortcomings of doing this, I have cut narrower inserts for the fabric sleeves which work well for Sluggo’s paddle tails, etc.
  11. I can remember when you could not buy a rod from Sears and Roebuck’s without seeing Ted Williams name on it
  12. Novel idea! Merry Christmas!
  13. FYI Newburyport is soaking New Hampshire residents $15 to park at the river on Plum Island mass resident Pay $10. And no the restrooms are not open.
  14. If possible either snip the point off two of the trebles or bend them in reason being that a single belly hook will ride up on the body of the lure during strike causing misses but that is not likely with all three parts of the treble intact, plus the lure runs better due to less deviation in hook weight just check that single point for sharpness often then bend or cut all the points off rear treble
  15. I am intrigued and curious, why the Rapala xrap long cast is not getting any love here?, Cost? Durability? Lack of a Mackerel or menhaden finish?, runs too deep? Single hooks? What gives?