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  1. And when they ain’t biting that, you need a reaction bite. Good job with the journal! Long term, it’ll do you good. Wish I had the discipline to do that way back when. Don’t try to figure anything out right now though; observations and conclusions can get really tricky in something like fishing where nobody really knows anything. Real good job on the journal though, it’s really easy to forget things through the years you may be doing this.
  2. Pile perch or striped perch would be a good bet in any embayment in the north west coast round this time. Pier fishing is a lot like river fishing, just got to work current and structure to make that presentation and bam, you should get into fish.
  3. Just got back from a short trip. Decided to throw a little bit on New Year’s Day. Why the hell not, it’s my day off. Ended up in the city, fishing the incoming. Long story short, 6 hits, 5 hook ups, dropped 3 and landed two smaller fish to 12.5” in the 30 minutes I was there. One of the ones I lost was a good fish in the 16” class. Dammit. Anyhows, slightly hung over as I am, decided that was humbling enough for today. Happy New Years everybody.
  4. One thing to think about on gearing up for perch...when considering gearing up as heavy as possible you also cut down on possibilities. A lot of the larger perch tend to be rather line shy and 15-25lb will pretty much preclude you from having a presentation that would be effective for them. Fishing a tiny grub on a c rig would do that too, so I guess a heavy leader wouldn’t be much of a drawback in that case, but if throwing jigs or even in finesse bait presentations I’d use something lighter. I like the phenix M1 7’8 1/8-3/4 ; my finesse perch/bay schoolie rod. Light touch to work the bait, xf action to get the hook in and enough backbone to land 15 1/2” perch, 25” bass and a 23” lingcod in the 9 months I’ve had it - very impressed with its performance as a niche rod for me. In all honesty, on sand, I’d be pretty confident on fish up to the mid teens with enough line cap, anyhows. Please don’t let that curse myself
  5. If you ain’t never done it, then whether or not those days return or not don’t really matter do they? I figure in fishing a lot of times we’re trying to figure the way forwards, most of the time. One thing to think about is are you unintentionally stacking cards one way or the other. I suspect a lot of times (me included) fishermen are fishing for smaller fish. 27lb sounds doable...a real good day for sure but doable. Had a 15lb 5 fish limit myself a couple years back, and 11-12lb is pretty common.
  6. Fishing in SF bay still ain’t so bad, but sure has changed since I started (not the 60s). Reestablished? OMG, what a world. White Sea Bass, halibut....WTF, even the smelt guys think they’re fishing for mackerel sometimes.
  7. I’ve used sufix 832, original PP, slick8 and slick8 v2. 832 seems to be the most colorfast of them all, but other than that not super impressed. When it comes time to reup on line, it’s a toss up between slick8 and slick8v2 for me. I like the way they handle; I run 20lb, 30lb, and 50lb on casting and spin gear. Not a fan of original pp, too rough on guides and noisy.
  8. Both got their place, soft plastics tend to catch really well, and cast not that great. More of a night bait for me.
  9. I’ve found one piece rods to be far superior performance wise. I don’t mess with the super high end stuff tho, so maybe at upper bracket price points this may be different.
  10. As an aside, a lot of guys like throwing Carolina rigs like you do, often with Kalins grubs with red flake. Catches a lot of small fish, like I feel gulp does. But color wise any great perch bait has some red on it, my take on it.
  11. Honestly, in a way, it’s better that you have no one to copy and no one to “learn” from, cause trust me, you really don’t want most of what they’ll teach you. Just going fishing? Hell brother, me too. Sometimes you catch, sometimes you don’t .... you know, that’s all of us, but in it all, you can learn things given time. Why you catch, why you don’t, and in time and with some luck and imagination, how to effect that. fishing is different things to different people. To me, step one is figuring what I want to do. Then, how am I going to do it? Three, making it happen. You want to catch with something other than gulp. Pretty easily fixed - you could use the same rig, with anything else right? If you don’t mind catching the same stuff, and want an “emotional” color boost, throw something with some red on it. Not a lot, just a touch. More than just a “emotion” thing, quantifiable difference in catch rates, at least with perch.
  12. Good keeper size is 12” +. They’re edible, not the greatest in my opinion. Smaller ones not worth the work. Bigger ones got some meat on em, kinda bony tho. Fried whole or food processed fillets into fish cakes (the best, but kinda time consuming) is how I prepare em.
  13. How important varies from very important to not at all, if that makes any sense. Some, most of the time is how i look at it. Water clarity and speed has a lot to do with how important a role realism plays, at least where I fish - nowhere near Santa Cruz. Cant imagine bait being a whole lot different. Forage can be more than just little fish, important detail to remember. For stripers, white tends to be the dominant color I throw nowadays, some variation on it anyhow, I like redheads as well as all/mostly white. Sometimes more realistic patterns do better. Bass are bass, east or west. What’s really key is recognizing how to adapt to what’s in front of you, which takes recognizing what’s in front of you. If you’re just copying other dudes, you’re never gonna do any better than them. Some of these crazy east coast techniques potentially have utility for some of us over here. If anything, we have the stronger current, and they have calmer water on average.
  14. Daiwa Tatula. Just the best spinner I’ve used from the 80’s to present day. Disclaimer: haven’t used em all. Comparable to Stradic Ci4+ and FK I guess, which I’ve also had, but lighter with better line lay/management. Got the gears to handle real fish, and has held up to salt for over a year now.
  15. Why not? Fatigue mainly, leverage another, with individual fishing style (casting, bait preferences since you work em all different) and frequented areas ( shorter lengths tend to be handier and more maneuverable) playing smaller roles in my opinion. I consider surf casting to be throwing in the salt from shore, and that really takes in a whole range of stuff. 7’6 to 10’ does all I need it to, and wouldn’t be the same for someone else.