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  1. Is that a trick question?!
  2. I think otter should change his username to CaterpillarD9...he seems expertly adept at digging his own hole!!! There also seems to be a certain amount of subliminal BDSM homo erotica....with male "bruised nipples"....and men "Stepping on their own junk"
  3. Otter has to learn to REMOVE the nipple clamps BEFORE any bruising occurs!!!
  4. Tim; Your advice to otter to wear some head protection I find analogous to closing the corral gate after ALL the horses have galloped away
  5. I'm offended that you posted this!....also VERY OFFENDED that California Caster was banned!!! There are those that will NEVER see the true creative unrestrained brilliance of "CC"...just as there are those that remain cloaked in perpetual darkness due to their self inflicted debilitating cast their collective eyes towards the cleansing rays of the untethered truth of purity & self those with the Greatest Convictions...stand unwavering & steadfast...unabashedly reinforced & invigorated even against the thunderous,deafening sound of the unwashed,uneducated & unruly mob...."California Caster"
  6. Just like when you tell your girlfriend..."How BIG you are".....ALWAYS round off to the larger number .....DAMN Moocks!!!
  7. I heard Moocks sent Tom a "2 for 1" Taco Bell burrito coupon....too BAD it was expired!!!....DAMN Moocks!!!
  9. After wondering the desert for 40 years, Moses finally his dying eyes laid upon Mount Nebo... Odysseus's Journey home to Ithaca which lasted 10 years...driven by his love, honor & duty... Ibn Battutah whose travels by foot covered 120,700 km ( 75,000.00 miles) Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton who after losing his ship to the ice's tenacious crushing grip....traveled 346 miles in a lifeboat & after 497 days AT sea...finally fell upon land... Perseverance is what places one foot in front of the other on a journey of a thousand miles....motivates the oarsmen to dutifully pull the oar for the countless time against the unyielding current....the distant horizon seemingly no closer to a safe harbor.... So it seems the same arduous fate as befallen "California Caster".... YET!!!....Here I AM!!!!!!....In ALL MY MAGNIFICENT GLORY!!!!
  10. WOW!!!...."2" fecal matter references in regards to food in just a truncated sentence...hardly "1" to be even remotely considered erudite!!!
  11. I applaud the fact you used the word "Fruition"....words have Power & can be used to Stimulate & Entice!!!....
  12. Might want to tie a few with a lead wire wrapped shank....
  13. The best motors are the ones with sealed oiled a GOOD "1" once!!!....CHEAP will ALWAYS cost you MORE!!
  14. Agree 100% with the spine analogy...that's the FIRST step in ANY rod building process...akin to the foundation of a house!
  15. Had a 16 gauge Parker Trojan with a Damascus barrel that my Uncle gave me in the early 1970's...