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  1. Me Next, can't wait to load it up with backing & line and get on the water at Harkers.
  2. AMEN, just looking the US from the air gives me goose bumps when flying home from a foreign land. Got to ask you for clarification: Protect the country from what? Pollution, sleazy bankers, drug dealers, what????? Do you realize it took WW2 to pull the country back from the 1929 Depression that was caused by a lack of banking regulation. Americans have no patience and want instant gratification. The recovery of our economy will take as many years as it took to ruin it, maybe more. The only voters I see benefiting are the super rich stock gamblers with hedge funds that are under taxed.
  3. " RW: If you look at the current nationwide polls conducted by four different pollsters you'll see that an overwhelming % of Americans think taxing the upper level wage earners is the way to pay off OUR national debt. That means, by your logic, most Americans ascribe to pinko economics. These pinkos also want to be able to reach the other side of a bridge safely, take off and land safely, drive down a road and retain their hubcaps, and expect a reasonable safe journey portal-to-portal. No one is going to get a free ride when it comes to taxes. Look at your phone bill, airline tickets, cable bill, power bill, gas receipt, and in Virginia food. All users pay taxes in one form or another. Is that communism, because we pay a common tax? Evidently, you feel your tax bill will increase, bully good for the child who has his own. The top earners in the US had not suffered in any respect when they paid taxes under Regan or Clinton, instead they made very good money. Under Bush they made even more with his tax cuts. Now, we have to pay for the Bush era wars which cost 3 trillion dollars are still costing us. Time to pay the piper Mr. Rich Guy, the free ride is about to end.
  4. Everyone hates the government until an earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, 9/11, and then the gov. phones light up. Is our government perfect, absolutely not. But, until you have lived under another flag, far from the USMC consulate guards, you have no idea how wonderful a country we enjoy. The job is to make our government better from within instead of shouting from outside the walls. Vote intelligently and know who you're voting for before you drop the lever. Encourage everyone to vote, its your duty as a citizen of this country.
  5. I do have a son who served 6 years in the US Navy and two beautiful grandchildren, sorry to disappoint your sorry ass.
  6. I do have a son who served 6 years in the US Navy and two beautiful grandchildren, sorry to disappoint your sorry ass.
  7. The whole mess should be laid at the feet of the British. They wanted to get the Jewish holocaust survivors out of Europe after WW2. Palestine was selected as the primary dumping ground in spite of the fact it was already occupied by the Palestinians since the Great Diaspora (Bar Kokhba's revolt AD 135). The spunky Jews have prospered and grown into a modern country in face of a very hostile Muslim reaction to Jewish expansion. You could make a comparison to President Jackson's expulsion of the Cherokee from North Carolina in order to gain their civilized towns and farms for white settlers. The Cherokee have never forgotten nor have the Palestinians.The Muslims have long memories: for instance, today's religious wars between the various Muslim sects started in the year 630 AD with the succession after Mohammed died and continues unabated. SEE current suicide bombings and killing pilgrims. If it wasn't for cheap oil no one would give a good grunt about the region.
  8. If the 1/2 governator don't like what he wrote she has legal recourse or she can just **** and at the same time go home and stop meddling in the 2012 election run up.
  9. Tim is just like you.
  10. Rusting away: Catholic girl schools are where the hot chicks could be found. They knew the confessional would wipe the slate clean. My Irish catholic mother was so traumatize by the "bat people" at a convent school it took her 40 years to accept her sexuality as NATURAL. Most parents, today, are so busy working two jobs to keep the roof overhead, they allow their kids to learn sex from their peers. That's how I found out about it as have millions of others in the last 50 years.
  11. Dude: I pay taxes: income, property, school (we never had a child), gas, personal property, etc. So what is the basis for your post? Are you in a top tax bracket and covet your write offs? Are you about to lose your corporate jet? Don't own a car or suffer from extreme gephyrophobia? Just what are you trying to say: Tthe super rich must be protected from the tax man, oil companies with trillions in profits need federal subsidies, huge farm corporations require subsidies to survive, hedge fund gamblers have to get a tax break so they can broker another huge banking failure? Our current tax laws are a hidden tax that are paid for by you & me. Every dollar that gets sucked up by the wealthy means money taken out of circulation. I do not appreciate being called a "pinko" after 21 years of honorable service in our military. Do you have a DD 214?
  12. My good friend that flew helos for the Navy said the video gave him flash backs to some of the ship landings he had to make in less then ideal sea states. The pilot in this video clip demonstrated some very advanced skills and a lot of hours in that bird.
  13. The taxes you refer to are not not a new tax but income from allowing the Bush Tax Cuts to expire. The folks most affected by this are the super rich (they aren't hiring), corporate tax loopholes, corporate jets (we are paying for this perk), and corporations that hide profits in overseas tax havens. I for one, like safe bridges, highways and the skies we fly into. I'd like to see the construction workers back at it and the FAA brought into the 21st Century. It concerns me that so much money is held by so few people. That capital is already being used to subvert our electoral processes by the ultra right cabals funded by the Koch brothers.
  14. I have SS, Military retirement, and a reverse mortgage for income. eBay has been a gold mine to stock my fly fishing addiction.
  15. I don't understand the thrust of your post. I found a reference to the Solyndra controversy and thought this thread would appreciate learning more. Were mistakes made? Yes, but mistakes are how most humans learn. Its a shame the company failed as they were providing a much needed American made product as well as providing jobs for Americans. No one should gloat over the demise of any American enterprise just because it was part of President Obama's administrations efforts. The country needs to get people back to work and we shouldn't care who provides the work. I'm retired and not in the stock market. The market is rigged against small investors. Insiders get the big bucks and the rest get what crumbs drop off the table (my personal take).