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  1. I totally agree here. I’ve seen it go from justice for George to I don’t want to be pulled over. The agenda is changing. Scared of dying at the hands of the police? 200 out of 40,000,000? 15x more likely to die at the hands of another black person. Come to the table with the facts and then ask for what you want. Come to a business to steal and burn it down, don’t be screaming like little beaches when you get shot.
  2. Out of the 400 whites killed by police, I’m sure some were unjust yet no burning of cities. Never shown in the media for sure.
  3. So true of the media. The non-black protestors are so full of it and I’m tired of them justifying violence when they are clueless. I see one hanging around my business I will beach slap them. This data needs to all be posted in one place so that everyone can see what this is all about. I’m all for equality, but like you said you can’t move forward without looking in the mirror. The FBI should release this data every year. You can’t have a discussion unless you acknowledge the truth.
  4. Sorry, no access to a computer, so trying to post on my phone. Police kill about 400 whites and 200 blacks in yearly confrontations. Can google it. The following data is from the FBI for 2017 for homicides in the US. I will post the entire chart when I get access on Monday as I’m pretty dumb when it comes to technology. 3,567 whites killed, 576 were killed by blacks 2,970 blacks killed, 264 were killed by whites Whites make up about 70% of the population in the US while blacks make up about 12%. What are people protesting for? Do they even know? I see a lot of people posting “please educate yourself” when others post an opposing view. Can someone educate me from these numbers?
  5. Dam, you’re making my mouth water! One of the best tasting things on earth...spot prawns!
  6. Strippers on a budget...just hoping for a blitz so any denominations can catch them
  7. Thanks Scoob! Never even heard of the reel before last week, but I wasn't really looking for new gear either. Maybe I'll wait until the summer since I won't be trout fishing until then anyways.
  8. Not sure why I’m interested, but saw one in the BST recently. Looking for a little speckled trout reel to play around with. Any thoughts?
  9. We fix a lot of refrigerators for the military, majority of time this is the problem.
  10. Well, at least you got to the bottom of the issue! Reels are pretty easy mechanically, small details cause them not to work properly. Have fun fishing!
  11. Here’s a pic of my star drag. In my case part 67 sits right at the outer edge of the groove.
  12. I’m looking at this on my phone as my kids have my computer. In your 1st pic, hard to tell but the 2 washers look like they are facing the wrong way? Not sure if this would make a difference but I think either your star drag or part 67 is damaged and causing the shavings. If you want to fix the reel, take closeup pics of each part Tim listed in the schematics. If you want a free reel contact Sweetwater. I mean there ain’t anything else to do as we are on lockdown so a guy can at least figure out his reel... I took apart my Saltist and the parts are different from yours so it didn’t tell me anything.
  13. I gotcha. I recently serviced 15 of my Abu reels that I just purchased. All Abu 6000 and 5000 reels. 1/3 of them had drag issues very similar to yours. Obviously different reels and different parts. All of the issues were resolved with simply cleaning the drag stack. Again, I will take a look at my Daiwas and get back to you.
  14. You greased the carbon drags? If there is too much grease, this will cause slippage and could be the cause of the noise and no drag pressure. I apply a very thin layer of Cal's grease, rub it into the carbon fiber, then take a paper towel to wipe off the excess. When you turn the star drag, does it continually move down the handle shaft(in other words could the shaft be stripped?). If you believe part 69 is worn, I could maybe see this as a potential problem(protecting myself here as I have not run into this exact problem). I have 20 Daiwa Saltist 20HC, which have similar parts and this weekend I will try to re-create your issue with parts 69 and 67.
  15. I'm thinking your initial issue was that your factory drag washers gave out and were maybe wet or got grease on them. Then when you changed to the carbon washers, I believe it has something to do with the way the star drag is sitting. Part 67 and 66 are tricky when you put the reel back together. Is 31 a fiber washer or is it metal?