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    Avid shore fisherman out of Galveston, Texas. I'm also lucky enough to fish out of West Palm Beach/Naples FL, Venice LA, and try to fish out of Honolulu HI every once in a while.
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    eat, drink and dream fish
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    restaurant operator

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  1. Not sure what a fair price would be as these are hard to come by. I see the 6500 CTs are about $100. I would do $75 shipped
  2. I should have some flat bar frames. Let me take a look tonite and get back to you.
  3. You are as bad as me. I did test drive an LX470 that I really wanted to buy, but it seemed sluggish to me. Will stick with the GX for now.
  4. Now you are a GX collector like me!
  5. The lease that I have doesn't have a huge amount of big rocks exposed. A lot of smallish rocks and brush. GX470s are pretty easy to find for a reasonable price now and the V8s give you a little more torque than the Tacos and 4Runners. Land Cruisers, Tundras, GX470, LX470 and Sequoias all share the same V8 engine.
  6. Ok since I'm still waiting for my rear Strike bumper with tire swing I went ahead and upgraded to the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss M/Ts. Same size as the A/Ts 285 70R 17 those will go on my next project. Added the RCI 1/4" aluminum skid plates.
  7. Ok my ARB front bumper finally came in 6 months later! Still waiting on the Strike rear bumper with spare tire swing and then I can finally ship it to my hunting lease. For now I get to go shopping for a winch and fog lights.
  8. When I’m driving the GX around town, I always have the windows down and enjoying the views and new speakers. Not a lot of custom GXs in Hawaii so people are taking a double take when I drive by. A lot of the Taco and 4-runner guys are asking me what kind of car is it when I fill up gas. They are surprised to see a Lexus lifted as high as their trucks.
  9. Looks good, but I kinda like the faux wood trim for now. Stop trying to make me spend more money lol
  10. Here are the pics. The holes are about the size of a quarter, but if are worried you can put a fine mesh wire over the slider. Front half of the slider is not as wide, but you can step up on it for sure. I also included pics of the side skirt that I cut with a grinder and then sanded to try to match up with the rock slider and not leave it look unfinished.
  11. Really having fun with these 2 builds. I have a 2021 F150 that is now 3rd in rotation. Once I ship off the hunting buggy I will be looking for an LX470 as the next project. I really like the Landcruiser type look on those models.
  12. I will take some pics for you. Holes on the RCI are really small, even my terrier would not be able to put a paw through. It is pretty much full length so should be able to access roof rails, but again I will take close up pics.
  13. All good lol, I just put on a ceramic coat the previous week. Been raining for 3 weeks here in paradise.
  14. You talking about the water test??? I had just caulked the crack so had to have it dry first before spraying
  15. Well I’m kinda over the top when I find something I enjoy. They do drink gas, but for our hunting lease I don’t think we will put over 5,000 miles a year on the hunting buggy. For my daily driver, I will use it for my business so there is no gas expense out of pocket per say. I bought the 2007 GX470 with 207,000 miles for $10,500. I liked it so much, a couple of months later, I bought a 2004 with 193,000 for $4,000. My friend is a mechanic and one of his long time customers was ready to sell so I drove down the same day to purchase the car as I didn’t want to miss out on such a good deal! Repairs and upgrades for 2007(stuff I think is necessary for off roading) $1,500 timing belt, water pump and engine seals $3,500 3” Toytec/Bilstein 5100 lift, SPC UCA, airbag delete $2,500 CV boots, tie rods, LCA, sway bar links(basically all new components to match up with the lift) $1,700 RCI rock sliders, skid plates $1,800 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT, mount and balance 285 70/17 $350 17” used Method rims on FB marketplace $500 misc seals, belt moldings, luggage rack delete I ordered an ARB front bumper with a winch for $2,500 and a Strike rear bumper for $2,500. Both should be here in a couple of weeks. Upgrades not necessary $700 tint on all windows $1,200 camo seat covers $400 speaker upgrade Crutchfield I have a hunting lease so once the 2007 is done and shipped off I will work on the 2004 as my daily driver. Keep in mind I’m in Hawaii, so shipping/freight increases the price of everything by 20-25%!!! In the lower 48, everything will be way cheaper! A lot of the 4x4 companies offer free shipping.
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