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  1. I did a quick search on eBay and saw a set of carbon drags for the 4000FI. Also, Smooth Drag may carry them. Last case scenario buy a carbon sheet and cut your own.
  2. Many opinions on this and anything else that do the same job. If you can afford to why not buy the best pliers that will work for you? Harbor Freight or VS I don’t own VS pliers, but who really cares what people use? I try a lot of gear trying to find what works for me and at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters. I like old school Browning Pliers and discontinued Sargent Sportsmate pliers. Depending on what type of fishing I do. A few friends have VS pliers, but I’m happy with my Browning’s which happen to look similar. At the same time they are very happy with their VS pliers and one guy has had them for over 10 years with heavy use on his charter business.
  3. North Fork Composites makes the blanks. Edge Rods is the completed rod. Same blanks.
  4. I will take it shipped to Texas!
  5. I will take this please. Send me your pp info
  6. Yes go for it! Extended an old Legend that I broke at the handle(don’t ask how) by 18” and still feels like the same rod. Love the rod and it’s still alive. Yeah you can always go with the new stuff but extended an old Offshore Angler by 18” for my brother and he loves it.
  7. Maybe use a small brush to paint on some metal primer and then epoxy over it?
  8. I have a few Saltist 20 HC...my favorite baiting reel because the clicker will scare old ladies. Built like a tank and the high gearing is perfect for bait checking. Is a heavy reel for jigging, but will work. Sold all of my Calcutta 400B's and Abu 6500's. Got a few Chrome Rockets left and went up to the Shimano Calcutta Conquest 400's, but the clickers are weak.
  9. Chub and perch go with 1000 size and as poster said parts availability will be 10 years on newest reels. Though you will be fishing fresh water reel may last 10 years before any maintenance is needed.
  10. What size fish are you targeting? I have a C3000S and target 10lb silver salmon with it. I probably could get by with a C2000S, but I go bigger just in case I hook a king salmon...
  11. Yeah, but you’ll be dead so... She’s no dummy, she will “google” each item and will be a rich widow lol. Gear rich
  12. Way more! I have over 50 rods, 10 are fly rods mostly stuff I wrap and maybe 80-100 reels, 5 fly reels..scared to count lol. I enjoy it and sell my spares on here and eBay, but end up buying more. My family/friends and fishing is the only things that make me happy so why not? When I find great tackle/gear I buy a crapload if it Browning fishing pliers 6 pair Sargent pliers 5 pair spare cutters to last a lifetime Daiwa Saltist 20 HC 12 reels Calcutta Conquest 400 10 reels Shimano Curado 300EJ 12 reels Simms wading belt 5 I know I have a sickness...but I’m ok with it!
  13. I’m pretty sure your Record 60 has a different spindle than your 6500.
  14. Is the line guide missing? I see the line guide is “discontinued and no longer available”. If you let everyone know where you live, maybe someone could recommend a tackle shop close to you. If it’s routine service should not be an issue. Another option about the reel is to buy a cheap used one on eBay and use it for parts since you have 2 reels it may be worth it. handi2 lives in Florida and could help you out.