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  1. Yeah, my daughter tested positive and she got all of her shots. Has mild symptoms so I guess we are lucky.
  2. Offer $100 for the Abus shipped to Texas Paypal
  3. 3rd party shipper takes care of all that. Any damage in transit their insurance is responsible for. They sign off on the vehicle being as advertised. In this case new. I pay for shipping services with my credit card so if there ever was a real issue I would just do a chargeback, but never had to do that. Yeah, CA dealership would be great, but none offer the pricing that I got from Granger. Found 1 dealership in Texas that would match the deal, but not a significant shipping savings so I went with the one with the reputation for delivering on their promises.
  4. I hear you! Starting up a new business in September and need a fleet of trucks! Not looking forward to the payments. Have to buy my daughter a car and bought a bare bones Tacoma for a work truck as well.
  5. I have nothing to do with Granger Ford other than placing 2 F150 orders with them. For those that want to research their reputation easy to find on Ford F150 Forums. Granger Invoice.pdf
  6. Well, the Ford dealers here are criminals. Take MSRP and add like $8,000 to that. So a work truck is say $33,000 plus the $8,000(market mark-up) so you are in for $41,000 plus taxes. If I buy from Granger, my final price is $30,500 plus taxes(3% under Invoice Price). I pay a shipping company $3,000(per truck)to pick up the trucks and get them to Long Beach and they are shipped to me in Honolulu. Final landed price in Honolulu $33,500 and I get the exact truck I want. **** Honolulu Ford dealerships!
  7. Well, the Fords are from a well known dealership in Iowa. Granger Ford. You can check them out on the F150 forums. People have been picking up their trucks everyday at the agreed upon price for a while now. If you place a custom F150 order with them, you get 3% under Invoice price. Don't think they would advertise it and then shoot themselves in the foot, but I guess anything can happen. Servco Toyota in Hawaii's claim is that they do not sell any vehicle over MSRP so for them to change with my order would be disappointing, but will post when I'm driving one.
  8. There’s deals out there to be had still. I just bought 2 F150 work trucks with 8’ beds for 3% under invoice price. MSRP was about $33,000 or so and I got them for $30,000 a piece. Won’t be built until October or so, but I’m not buying used for the same price as new! I also bought a 4 cylinder Taco for MSRP here in Hawaii that will be here next month $28,000 for my business. Bought my daughter the new Toyota Corolla Crossover for $28,000 as well. Mid level model. MSRP, will be delivered in August. If you get anything at MSRP in Hawaii you did good. We get bent over all the time!
  9. Just shop around where you live and check online as well. Sounds like a big margin, but as others have stated it all depends on the business model. They are making so much that they are all closing shop? They are kind of stuck in a catch 22. Don’t make enough they close the doors. Remember, as a retailer you out lay all of the money in inventory. Have too little you are screwed have too much you are screwed.
  10. Nice! I love Spanish mackerel! My favorite fish to catch!
  11. Payment sent, thanks!
  12. Offer $160 shipped to Texas 77058
  13. Really no sympathy what so ever! Take freaking arms and fight! Freaking dummies wait until war breaks out then you flee...
  14. I will take it shipped to Texas 77058, but only if Capt Lew passes