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    Avid shore fisherman out of Galveston, Texas. I'm also lucky enough to fish out of West Palm Beach/Naples FL, Venice LA, and try to fish out of Honolulu HI every once in a while.
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    eat, drink and dream fish
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  1. Will take these please. Just want the Kroc’s so will list the others after I receive. Thanks.
  2. USPS has some stupid restrictions but it is usually cheaper. Length cannot be more then 10x the girth, but most clerks have no idea about that rule and most have no idea how to even charge you so good luck.
  3. Yes we got a deal
  4. I will take this PayPal or I can offer $400 for this reel and the 2 Stradics
  5. Sorry that was my fault. I was just making an off topic remark. I agree with your post. I believe the $2294 will not be accurate because families will find an alternative and if they can’t find one may go without the piece of crap product.
  6. That’s freakin nuts! Hawaii is not that high yet, but this is the reason I’m getting out of the restaurant business. Make pennies on the dollar??? Let the freakin landlords come up with a profitable budget with those numbers...
  7. Not sure what to make of this. For years people complain about Chinese goods then something is done about it and now it’s bad. I’ll give up my cup of coffee a day...
  8. Dam double post sorry
  9. Bingo. Anyone that has owned their own business knows how hard it is. Big companies like Nike and such if they ever brought manufacturing back to the US Air Jordan’s would cost $500. We are in a world economy. Companies will do whatever they need to do to make a profit and there is nothing wrong with that. You can go be an Uber driver and make $20-$30 an hour how could “factory” wages ever compete with that and this generation will not do that type of work. Our economy and current generation do not want to have that type of job. Current college grads think a degree will automatically get them a 6 digit salary. Now back to the tariff question. Short term we may be affected good thing I bought enough gear and terminal tackle to last a lifetime. Long term, China will give in. We need to balance the trade deficit and unfortunately to do that you will need to play hardball in the short term.
  10. Plano box with dividers. $10 or less and will last forever, carry lots of different weights and sizes. I actually use an ammo box but only keep 2,3 and 4 oz weights in there so not a lot of searching.
  11. I did a quick search on eBay and saw a set of carbon drags for the 4000FI. Also, Smooth Drag may carry them. Last case scenario buy a carbon sheet and cut your own.
  12. Many opinions on this and anything else that do the same job. If you can afford to why not buy the best pliers that will work for you? Harbor Freight or VS I don’t own VS pliers, but who really cares what people use? I try a lot of gear trying to find what works for me and at the end of the day that is the only thing that matters. I like old school Browning Pliers and discontinued Sargent Sportsmate pliers. Depending on what type of fishing I do. A few friends have VS pliers, but I’m happy with my Browning’s which happen to look similar. At the same time they are very happy with their VS pliers and one guy has had them for over 10 years with heavy use on his charter business.
  13. North Fork Composites makes the blanks. Edge Rods is the completed rod. Same blanks.
  14. I will take it shipped to Texas!
  15. I will take this please. Send me your pp info