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    Avid shore fisherman out of Galveston, Texas. I'm also lucky enough to fish out of West Palm Beach/Naples FL, Venice LA, and try to fish out of Honolulu HI every once in a while.
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    eat, drink and dream fish
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  1. Just curious why you would use a 14lb swivel for 30-50lb line? You have fished for how many years without a snap swivel ever opening up on you? What was your biggest fish? How often do you fish?
  2. Kil how are the pargo snappers? Similar to re snapper?
  3. I use Aftco plier lanyards. $9/$10 shipped from the Bay. I like the weed wacker or paracord idea. I did make a few phone charger plier lanyards, but they do tend to twist up after a while.
  4. LOL Prowrap is what I use. Unfortunately, I have a lifetime supply! OK hand wrap and will start switching to Fuji. Thanks for all of the input, I thought it was something I was doing wrong.
  5. Untangling 5 braided lines is no fun for the deckhands!
  6. This is very true for bait and wait or fishing in close quarters. It’s a pain in the ass when the one guy is using braid in this situation for no reason at all and tangles up everyone else’ lines. Braid has it applications, but when you see all of these weekend warrior types with 500 yards of braid on their reels to catch a 2lb speckled trout it gets annoying. Deep drops, jigging, plugging open areas where distance and sensitivity are needed, using live baits on a boat or non crowded areas, casting light baits, into wind. Any type of fishing where there is a chance of tangling someone else’s line use mono.
  7. For the folks that use a power wrapper for metallic thread how do you keep the thread from twisting and unraveling out of control. Even though I have a power wrapper, I find myself just hand wrapping most of the time. When using metallic thread it’s a PIA.
  8. If fishing salt toss that old school Plano tackle box. Use a tackle bag with Plano boxes. I keep all hooks in their original ziplock bag. If I use plugs, all hooks, plugs, lures and weights go into a 2 gallon bucket for an easy fresh water rinse. Then dried on a towel when I get home. Keep all used tackle in the same Plano box so if a hook does rust it does not spread to new/unused tackle.
  9. I use Sufix 832 and Spiderwire. Depending on the type of fishing 20lb to 65lb. Have had nothing but good luck with both of those types of braid.
  10. Nice uku! Fish don’t care what color your reel is...fish what you want!
  11. ok take a look at these threads
  12. I have to research the threads, but I recall a thread where people were trying to find replacement cutters and I thought it was like P-line and a couple other companies had the exact same aluminum pliers.
  13. I’ve had my North Fork blanks for about 4-5 years now and I love them. Use them for all inshore species in the Gulf of Mexico. Reds, specks, bull reds, black drum, sheepshead and Spanish mackerel. Also use them for light bottom fishing in Hawaii. My favorite blanks are the 8’ backbounce blanks. Very similar to the old G Loomis 8’ rods. Very sensitive, light and have no problem whipping bull reds when I accidentally hook one. Casts a mile too.
  14. After selling G Loomis to Shimano, Gary started North Fork Composites(rod blanks). Edge rods is Gary’s rod company. He uses his line of North Fork blanks.
  15. $100 bucks would be fair to both of you. If you sell it online it will cost you like $15 to ship so your buddy would get like a $20-$30 discount. You don’t feel ripped off and he gets a good deal.