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    Avid shore fisherman out of Galveston, Texas. I'm also lucky enough to fish out of West Palm Beach/Naples FL, Venice LA, and try to fish out of Honolulu HI every once in a while.
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    eat, drink and dream fish
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  1. I’ve had 2 custom rods broken from TSA. They took off my clip to inspect and never closed the carrier back up, and when the rod carrier arrived to my destination the tips were broken off. They were one piece rods though so travel rods should be ok.
  2. Shoot sorry, didn’t even see that! Yup, you got a deal for $170. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for posting! Can you give me a price for all of the leader and the pliers? thank you!
  4. I’m willing to pay $45 shipped. New they were $59.99. When they were on sale they were $29.99. Offer is right in the middle of the 2 price points.
  5. That trailer is a beast! Your queen has a palace on the beach for sure.
  6. Anyone have a pair laying around? I have extra cutters and need pliers to go with them! And no I will not sell my cutters. Just need to make sure your cutters can be removed before I buy them. Sometimes those cheap screws get stripped out when trying to remove. Thanks!
  7. WTS coat thread was a SOL classic. "well, I checked with my wife and she said I couldn't sell it for the price that I agreed to"
  8. Hard to want to be a cop after this idiotic AG press conference. Chauvin was guilty of being an idiot and should do time, but to make this the racial case that it is I don’t buy it. Biden made an ass of himself after the verdict. More jack assery to come later. Let the criminals resists and run away. It’s really working in cities like Portland and Chicago... Criminals should have the right to resist without any consequences is what it all comes down to. Police reform for these gosh darn snowflakes.
  9. Don't you dare mention that because someone will post a video of someone(not white) that was not resisting that got shot by a cop who made an idiotic decision and will claim this happens all the time. The fact of the matter is that the FBI has all of the data to reveal many truths on gun violence, but no matter what you present as fact, it will still be argued as a "race" issue. It is a "race" issue, but skewed in the other direction of what people are trying to argue. How many police interactions in 1 year in the US divided by an innocent individual getting shot? You have a better chance getting struck by lightning...
  10. Either way there will be violence. How much remains to be seen.
  11. I drive a Ford F150 Super Crew and there is not enough room for anyone to ride with me when I go fishing...