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  1. time to reshake the Etch-a-sketch
  2. Anyone notice a vast majority Welfare States are Red? Hmmmm Why is that
  3. thanks for many laughs
  4. Can't wait to hear what Romney explain his way out of Romeny Care
  5. Way to beat down the Stanky's
  6. Presdent Clinton Getting a Hummer or George Bush Invading Iraq?
  7. You did Well perfect that back pack holds like 3 medium size Plano 6-21 boxes you could leave one Plano out and Still have enough room for your Maxi Pads. Or you have the Option to still load it up with 3 Plano's and put your pads in the Side mesh pockets
  8. I wonder how many Trillions the Military wasted over the years
  9. This is the one you want if you want Cheap but durable
  10. How many Government Employees were Hired Because of 9/11?
  11. Right wingers would bet against their own Child if they knew they could make a profit.
  12. "Rush Limbaugh" Theres a reasons he's been around so long. A majority of the GOP are TOOLS