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  1. His ear guard would block that shittoss
  2. He’s just talkin to em at this point
  3. Trotz to the peg
  4. Is that that Avery kid. Seems like a dink
  5. Watch out for its recoil speed
  6. I haven’t shaved my ‘13 cup runs yet
  7. Patrice was 60/40 home away on the dot. Stall was out cheating him like a mother ****er. No reason to retire there
  8. He’s banged up every playoff
  9. Playoff dud
  10. I thinks she’s just got a beer belly. She’s been prego for like 3 years
  11. After watching the slow death and possibly seeing my favorite athlete of all times last go at it I can at least smile slightly today knowing eddy sucks and the leafs lost
  12. Too high for acl
  13. How’s your acl
  14. How about ‘04?