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  1. Someone get brooksie
  2. Harts lost it. Poor kids done
  3. Move an outdoor game inside
  4. Oh snappppp the OG says it’s good it’s good
  5. Don’t bother with the mouth breathers. They probably lick the brine
  6. Hags to the caps
  7. Maybe I’m missing something Maybe you guys just suck at managing snow and ice MaDot and the towns here do a stellar job at keeping us moving and safe on black and wet roads
  8. I vote you Elect eddy as czar of ice management for the mid Atlantic
  9. I love when people say it wasn’t even icy why did they treat? It wasnt icy cause we treated Why are they treating it didn’t even snow? ok so next time you don’t pretreat and get a late start and fall behind and everyone loses there **** when the roads suck
  10. **** it then. Complain about icy roads
  11. It’s a pre treatment boys. Its better for the municipality because unlike salt it stays on the surface and is not affected by traffic so they can apply it in advance and with few trucks rather then rushing out just before the weather arrives
  12. Gouch Sounded great on the call last night
  13. The wings deserved to tie this one
  14. Heads up boys
  15. Bought time he did something. ****in bust