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  1. I was up high in the single digits all night. Went to bed I was 14th woke up and I slipped a bit
  2. Korn sticker
  3. You needed more than swayman tonight
  4. Go Jeff carter go
  5. That goal was so bad Carlo didn’t believe he scored it
  6. Good for you jake
  7. Damn I was in first in the yahoo dfs game for a while there. I’m 2 now
  8. What a shift
  9. Oh wait
  10. That’s how you run a power play
  11. The capitals have play offs coming up. They didn’t want Wilson hulking his way through half the rangers roster again getting himself in trouble. So he got an ubi and is day to day
  12. Finally you say something of value on the situation
  13. Halak to the aces welcome to the bench sway
  14. I’d sleep better tonight knowing I made you waste some of your time