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  1. It’s called root beer. Sun causes it the black to change go outside some time and learn this stuff
  2. Ernie, ever have one? it’s ok
  3. Bad. got one schoolie at like 5am on my “last cast” it was snotty. It as fun to take a few chilly waves and get knocked around again
  4. Mikeeeeee’s dream
  5. You’re on the wrong side
  6. Too skinny
  7. Honkin from the north. Tried to pond bass fish with Jenny but she bailed after an hour. It was difficult to navigate through. I swept her again. First, biggest and most
  8. Damn I’ve deleted most of my inventory
  9. Too early to that there now anyway. No reason to beat yourself up yet end of the west with sun up is the best bet
  10. Time to go fishing
  11. I need 2 with 50 cals
  12. Can’t imagine being on one track is ideal
  13. You see dem titties
  14. Twitchy says nothing new
  15. I’m in a kayak so yea it’s inherently gay