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  1. Spectacular
  2. Winter is here bitches.
  3. How about this ass
  4. By the skin of our teeth we live to see another day
  5. Heinen has his best run when he was with 37 when 88 fell down drunk
  6. Bergeron is hurt, squidward
  7. I don’t hate him i just think he needs help to be a moderately productive player
  8. He kill penalties? no. Marchand was the best forward this season game in and game out.
  9. That’d be Marchand you pigeon
  10. Jenny’s mom mentioned she wanted a B’s flag. I got her a patriots flag for Christmas and that brought good luck so hopefully her Easter present does the same
  11. 8 hard boiled and 7 deviled
  12. “We’ll have the Game on” yaaaaaaap sure
  13. That country guy biting the ice was great