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  1. Glad to see that over the years, this actually ended up helping a lot of people out. This forum rocks.
  2. Awww..congrats!
  3. Sorry tim! I'm just lurkin around through posts and stuff. I'll be on my way for the night
  4. Ya know, first i was just gonna let this blow over, considering im friends with a bunch of people on this board including marinetropical, but i can't sit back anymore. First off..Oznavad, who are you to pass judgement on another guy huh? You have no idea about what has happened here obviously, or anything about the product. Call me a cheesy promoter or whatever cuz i don't care, I don't care what Oznavad or anyone else here who doesnt know me on this board thinks about me. People like to talk smack on message boards when they can hide behind a keyboard and seem all tough and confident. The sad part is, marinetropical is one of the nicest guys you'd probably ever met. That's the only reason why this all happened. Everywhere else, marinetropical has paid for banners and HE never self promoted. There are too many friends that want to see this take off, for his sake (if you know anything about his personal life) and his companies. He'd be the first to take his shirt off his back for anyone of his friends. He didn't post any of that crap. I bet you if you look its not the same IP address. It's a friend of his that knows NOTHING about computers, that wants nothing more than him to succeed. I'm sure marinetropical didn't approve of this. This was all a misunderstanding that got out of control. But alas it seems you have all cast your stones (hope your arm doesn't hurt cuz you threw them so hard and quick).
  5. I ain't the owner, I ain't the manufacturer, but i'll tell ya what I know. If you know someone whos bought one you dont have to take "Because the manufacturer says they do, silly! " as an answer, ask him to flip it out next to you and watch it wiggle in the water. (no pun intended ) The head is flush with the body, that with the aero dynamic bullet head makes it go down really fast.
  6. Do a search on "fishinginpuertorico" at google and it will bring you to his website.
  7. Yea, Captain Omar was about 275 - 350 last time i was down there. I was down in May.
  8. Captain Omar out of san juan! Used him two years ago..he's a good guy and knew where the fish were. Yee-Haw Boyz... (as Omar says when yer into fish)
  9. I would take $200..and pay me to build a 8 - 8 1 / 2 foot lamiglas stick. Take $90 and get a penn 5500ss, or a 550 if i can find one. Go get a cheap surf bag for 40 bucks Make a cheap gaff out of a broom handle and a shark hook w/ some epoxy and heavy guage thread. Leaving you with roughly 260 bucks. Lets say the average price of a plug is 9 bucks, so go out and buy 28 of your favorite lures. Or go out, and buy a lathe and do it yourself with a dowel of wood and some paint. Take the remaining 5 bucks and get some lunch.
  10. im predicting once it gets up to fitty degrees on SI the bigger fish will be here. Thanks Bluechaser for the info!
  11. Hmm, i've never heard of them. I'm going to do a search. Are they really lite and breathable? I've always used neopreme, and before that the rubber clown waders.
  12. lol
  13. I was figurin i would draw them over here when its slow, so you guys can steal some jersey spots from em
  14. Anyone know what the temperature is in Great Kills Harbor for instance? I look at the buoy information site, but nothin is that close to the shore. TimS, whenever u want to get out and do some fishin throw me a PM or something. I'm always goin out on SI
  15. Fishing, Playing..same difference Pete/Richie...we should set somethin up. Have you heard anything goin on surf wise? I know they've been pickin up some bass on clams off the boats but thats bout it.