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  1. There are a lot of good ones out there, maybe the best thing to do is handle them and shoot a few that feel good. I would go with a 9mm because it's more than enough to ruin a bad guys day and cheaper to shoot than most other calibers.
  2. I thought people in Texas only carried wheel guns in 45LC. I watch Walker, Texas Ranger ya know.
  3. Jimmy, you're a good person yet you insult all those in the name of god that don't believe in a god. Is that your gods way, I think not.
  4. Best of mornings to ya Bob.
  5. I inserted a word that you don't realize you're also doing. Is that "right"? I think not and don't believe you do either yet you do.
  6. You didn't watch it I take it.
  7. Good for you Jimmy, I'm glad for you that you're having a blast. I just feel sorry for you the day you realize your firm foundation you talk about is nothing more than your beliefs and what you believe to be true. I too have a firm foundation because I also believe, I believe I'll have another beer.
  8. This last post of yours shows you've learned nothing from this thread Jimmy, nothing at all. There is no god in my life AND there is a lot of good in it. You will never understand that or accept that.
  9. You started this thread just to call out one "wing-nutz", what an you are.
  10. Have a good day Bob
  11. And neither do you Jimmy. I think that's what Nessmuk has been trying to say and what I've been saying in a round about way.
  12. Thanks for the laugh Jimmy, I''m lmao at it. What a pile of bull$hit.