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  1. Not all, just all too many and that needs to come to an end. If you think that will happen under a liberal president I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.
  2. Will it last longer than her LPE?
  3. Tarp is coming off, first pitch 4:20
  4. Is the afternoon game still on, it's raining fairly hard where I am in Ct.?
  5. I agree with Frances, the other half is just total bull chit.
  6. Nonsense, there's work to be done, go find out what BB's been saying about France's family.
  7. So this is an "it" guy.
  8. What's an "it" guy?
  9. Have a safe trip home Tom How's Cottageville?
  10. NO, dry ice is carbon dioxide
  11. Only women bitch and cry as much as she does, it's not assumed, it's a given.