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  1. good morning everyone. Bee; in the hospital sines December , covid almost killed me.
  2. Long covid sucks. I believe I started it at our house over six weeks ago. The symptoms were exactly the same as when I had covid a year ago except this time I had no temperature, slight conjestion, achy, so I didn't test. Then, a week later my DIL tested positive and one after the other the rest of the family tested positive too. This Monday they were all back to school and work. I'm still dragging ass. I can't keep my eyes open or stay awake. I don't feel sick, eat like normal, just can't stay awake.
  3. Was she dead when you found her? Bringing her back to life as a male would be different to the infinite magnitude.
  4. We are long overdue for some big time snow in the northeast.
  5. And all this time I thought this tread was about Judges new 9 year contract.
  6. You idgit, he's a kosher cocker, the only kosher cocker in the world. That means Santeigo's god bans him from entering the bush in search of woodcock.
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