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  1. From Wikipedia: B-52 Stratofortress—31 total (17 in combat, two more being scrapped after sustaining battle damage, and 12 crashed in flight accidents)[7] However, some of the B-52 counted as "crashed in flight accidents" were certainly crashed by missiles or anti-aircraft guns. It is known that when landing on an airfield in Thailand, one B-52 was heavily damaged by SAM, rolled out of the runway and blown up on mines installed around the airfield to protect the guerrillas, only one crewman survived. Subsequently, this B-52 was counted as "crashed in flight accidents"[8] First losses were operational (non-combat) mid-air collision 2 B-52F 57-0047 and 57-0179 (441st Bomb Squadron, 320th Bomb Wing), 18 June 1965, South China Sea during air refueling orbit, 8 of 12 crewmen killed Final loss: B-52D 55-0056 (307th Bomb Wing Provisional) to SAM 4 January 1973, crew rescued from Gulf of Tonkin
  2. What knucklehead is going to buy them, Tim's giving them away for free. I got 5 points just for asking, didn't even have to do anything Frank like. Watch, I'll show you. Tim, can I have 5 more points please.
  3. Coupled with TDS = awesome.
  4. Even when they come from a double nutty unfounded left winger? Poor Franky, his foundation of bull **** is starting to crumble.
  5. All real men want a big truck and a big 12 incher.
  6. Points are a sign of manhood, the more points you have, the bigger dick you are.
  7. GOOD MORNING That's what I woke up to, eat your heart out tomkaz
  8. It sucks.
  9. Happy birthday Gad, they're waiting for the cake.
  10. Shazbot!
  11. If he gets 16 I demand 17.
  12. Hey Dude, I got seven points, how many do you have? Am I beating you yet?