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  1. Threw the baby away and raised the afterbirth.
  2. We aren't going to get out of debt ever, it's just going to keep getting worse no matter whose in charge. It would be political suicide to try.
  3. That's why it must be done, to protect the integrity of the ballot.
  4. You love it Frank, it builds your ego. Now give him a big kiss and say thank you.
  5. Summer is coming, hire some high school kids. I painted houses in high school, they're still standing. Call the school, they'll give you references.
  6. SOL's Belmo sat on a horse Belmo's horse started to jump All of Tim's jockies raced to his side… But when they reached old Belmo His horse took a dump
  7. Frank just loved to moon. He shone just like a star. And everywhere that Frank went He showed it near and far He sneaked it into PG one day, Which was against Tim's rule But Timmah just smiled because he knew Frank wasn't the brightest fool
  8. Oh yes you do, even on school nights and weekends these days.
  9. Roses are red And ready for plucking Girls out of high school Are ready for college
  10. What a bunch of wimps you guys are, they're only harmless black bears. This is how I handled a griz that was trying to take my fishing spot.
  11. Why, were you kicked out of Cottageville?
  12. And let the country be run by the brain power of the big city slum lords. What could go wrong.