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  1. Garden fertilizer my friend, garden fertilizer.
  2. Chickens don't have ass's you idgits, they have cloaca's. They chit, piss, and feed you yummy eggs out of the same hole.
  4. Didn't alter my taste at all, just gave me the drizzly chits.
  5. I was on Paxlovid last week. I had diarrhea while on it which stopped shortly after my last 3 pills. I'm very high risk with my age and medical problems and my bout with covid was no big deal. A temp, minor congestion, achy for a few days, and a minor headache was it. Don't know if it was my two shots (no booster) and Paxlovid that saved my ass or if I'm just one of the lucky ones it doesn't effect, something I'll never know.
  6. I watched Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald live on TV
  7. Why yes, yes they are. Damn city folk.
  8. When you own horses you put horse **** in the garden.
  9. It's perfectly fine to put cow chit and chicken chit and horse chit and rabbit chit and every other kind of animal chit in your garden but put some people piss in your garden and you barf and act like little girls. Too funny, you just can't make this **** up.
  10. Me....I'm an old people. It sits on top of my desk and it's dedicated to the greatest hunting dog I have ever owned or judged.
  11. It was the most stoopid "thing" I could think of.
  12. Depends. If it was a robbery, rape, murder, etc. most definitely would, I am no Seal. If it was for growing some J for personal use, having more than 10 round mags in a 10 round max state, or starting fires on school nights in NJ no way in hell would I.
  13. Then start an intellectual thread instead of your constant bitching like a little girl.
  14. And you are by far the most sarcastic. Just saying.