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  1. Don't overcast the fish, most fish are in the first set of breaking waves. Fishbites, shrimp, clam strips, mullet bellies all work. Try a few different kinds of bait and see what the fish are biting on. Early mornings and late evenings are usually most productive. My family and I go down every year tail end of July or early August for vacation. Then we go back in November to really fish.
  2. If you turn the low speed screw out, it will increase fuel at idle. What did the inside of the carb look like? How was the sealant on the plugs? Most likely you have an issue with the idle "circuit" inside the carb and it may be best to just replace the carb.
  3. Have you checked voltage at the starter? When you used tried jumping the starter with the charger what amp setting was the charger on?
  4. Any reason why you don't want a rider? For the price of some of the walk behinds mentioned you can get a D series John Deere riding mower. I think the D series JD start around $1399/$1499 at the big box stores.
  5. Thanks for all of the suggestions, we leave Wednesday night for 5 days. I plan to try these places out. My father in law is already there, he rented a boat for 2 weeks and has already caught a ton of mangrove and yellow tail snappers. He got into a few nice mackerels the other day but kept getting broken off. I can't wait to get there.
  6. I am headed to Marathon for a week, my father in law goes every year for a couple weeks and I am looking for some suggestions on restaurants off the beaten path to take him to.
  7. SOLD, Thanks SOL
  8. 9rock pm sent
  9. Big Popper, I can do $110 shipped to RI
  10. I posted this last year with no success. With deer season starting here in MD, thought I'd post it again. I have a new, never been fired, Mossberg 500 12 gauge rifled slug barrel cantilever scope mount, 3 inch chamber, ported. $115 pick up only. I am located in Glen Burnie, MD.
  11. I work as a small engine mechanic and I am trained in this field. I also run a landscaping company and use large commercial mowers everyday. The blade engagement switch is not one that you or anyone would want to bypass. If this switch is bypassed the blades can engage at any time, most likely whenever you start the mower, and you may not be able to disengage the blades if needed. Not only can this cause massive damage to your machine but it could potentially severely injure someone. Just my .02 but please just replace the switch.
  12. Every year while fishing I usually hook a few skates/stingrays. I am not really sure how to tell them apart. In the past I have flipped them over on there backs, with a small shovel, to remove the hook and then try and push them back into the ocean. This at times can be very difficult and take long periods of time. I see in some pictures that guys grab them by the tail to move the skates/stingrays around. How safe is this to do? Just trying to find a faster way to get my hooks/rigs back and get the fish back into the water. Thanks
  13. Turns out I am going to the Keys on Thursday and I am in need of a travel spinning rod. Would need to be local to me, Baltimore MD, since I need it by Thursday. Thought I'd see if anyone had one here before heading to the local store. Thanks
  14. Yes it is