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  1. Interesting find. Question, silicone, that word and epoxy dont go together. I guess it works. Nice trick removing dried epoxy.
  2. I tipped a couple 1321L approx 3" to a size #11 tip. Made the rod a bit tighter and added more confidence to throw heavier plugs i.e. 4oz,
  3. pbadad


    Dennis yes can cut this blank as normal. Above mentioned procedures will do well. I use a Dremel cut off wheel. Off in seconds. Ive trimmed a few new material blanks to the next tip size and the owners raved of the increase load and assurance it offers when landing a fish on a rock.
  4. Eric oh my bad. Just browsing and I see your post. 3 reduction guides used on both layouts.
  5. Built a fsc 1087 for zb 22. Great action and balance. Cast and fishes well. RC layout RV25 from EXT SHAFT 26 1/4" RV16 13 1/8" KW12M 7 7/8" could use 10m. Was out of stock at the time. KW10 choke 6 5/8 Running guide distance to end installed tip 28 1/4" KW 8 runners spaced from choke: 5, 4 7/8 4 3/4 4 5/8 4 1/2 4 1/2 #10 tip . All guides were Ti. Hope this helps.
  6. Call Rivers End. I have a couple blanks on order but no 120M .
  7. Awesome blank. Not the strongest out there but IMO will handle what you will be throwing. Love it for SP's to SS darters and needles. Works 1oz to 2.5oz pencils nicely. I built plenty of these blanks. Built with COF set ups to KR set ups. Light tip setup w/ single foot #8KT or #10 if you wish a larger ring to accommodate passing a clip through or weed build up. Transition guides Single foot KL25H , KL12H, KL8M. Perfect set up for a reel spool size of a VS/VR 150 or SaltX 6K. For a larger size reel i.e. VS200 KW30,KL20,KL12 , 6-KT8 or KT10 runners. Cast well and works fish well w/VS/VR150 . This is my rod set up. I designed it to work with VS200 in case of an emergency with line wind knots etc. I carry on beach extra reel VS200 if needed. Had this experience years back but with a smaller guide set up. total weight 11.5oz.w/ underlayment tape and shrink wrap butt.
  8. Hi everyone. Havent been building since winter but I have done a few 1201L w/KLH25 stripper. I own one myself. Use a VR 150. I use 30lb braid. Setting KLH- 25" from spool axle extended works well. Also built one for a VS 200 using a KW30 @28" and single foot KW and KT to tip. This set up lets you have an option to use 150 and larger spool 200 with no ill effects.
  9. I don't go there too often. In Sept I'm going to cape. Best I could do is meet up on I 95 off exit 3. Its an hour + away and with the restrictions who knows.
  10. I have a new GSB1201L I built . Never used. Built for use of reels up to a VS 200. Extremely light weight build. KW30 stripper guide and single foot Fugi guides to tip. Custom made butt assembly w/cork foregrip and spiral wrap rear butt. Must be picked up. $325.00
  11. I too have a full kit of Bob Smith. I use it for gluing. I read its strong epoxy.
  12. U can recoat. Within say 72hrs I recoat most epoxy coatings. That should form a chemical bond for good adhesion. If it goes longer, Ill scuff with a gray scotch pad. Clean with isopropyl. Whether rods or lures. Bob Smith is ok but I do many at a clip and found it better as an adhesive ( 30 minute cure) than a coating. Dont get me wrong the few i did are hard as nails. Just cures way too quick for my use. The 20 minute version has better pot life. I use flexcoat uv hi build. I can mix 12cc and get thru it with maybe a quick hit with heat gun to continue till finished. I use a 1" disposable industrial foam brush to apply. Once applied I hit it lightly with heat gun to help flatten and flow epoxy. Then in a spinner for 8 hrs. They do really come out nice. Once in awhile u get a speck here and there. Feel free to ask any questions and good luck.
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