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  1. Forgot to add I am fishing them from shore and most fish are under 20".
  2. Tried fishing for flounder today for the first time live lining spot. All I had was number 1 gami octopus on me which seemed alright for the 4" to 6" spot i was using. I caught a bunch of fish but hooked some shorts fairly deep. What hook and size would you recommend for for this as my research brings up circles are not good for flounder.
  3. Looking to buy a C Palmer 104 sinker mold.
  4. Want to buy a do it ultra minnow mold 1/2 to 1 1/2
  5. Thank you for the offer I'll keep you in mind.
  6. Want to buy a Lamiglas tfx 7020ct in nice condition.
  7. The original picture is from back side of reel. Thank you that was my mistake here is one from the front. It is a rare left handed model. It is confusing because Newell didn't move the spool release for some reason. It is in the front. I have more than one left handed newell. It reels when you turn the handle counterclockwise with left hand.
  8. Sorry for the late reply that will work pm sent
  9. Wts Newell left hand l-220-5 with new power handle (old handle included),new carbontex drag, reel clamp, and loaded with 65lb tuf line with 50lb BG top shot. 8 out of 10 cometicly 10 out of 10 mechinical. $250 shipped Kast steelhead gloves worn once and washed size large $50 shipped. Stormr cast size medium worn a couple of times 25 shipped
  10. Let me start out by saying a huge thanks to Erik your advice was tremoendous in the sucess of the trip. Did a six pack with guys from work on the Karen Sue out of DE. It was a fun limit but no pigs. The day could of been done in 2 hours with more with some experienced anglers. Couple of dogs and seabass in the mix. Hardly any shorts what a great day in 35'.
  11. I like to buy green crab at Sunset Marina. Get a pair of cheap kitchen to cut them up with. There are numerous ways to cut a crab. I like to first cut the legs and claws off so they don't pull on them.Then depending on the size of crab and the bite I will determine what I do next. When they are pounding the baits, usually on slack tide, I will cut the crab into quarters. Slow bite I will cut the crab in half. Little crabs I will just put them on whole. I also really like using sand fleas with the orange egg sacks or hermit crabs.
  12. Thread Closed Thanks SOL
  13. Sold pm sent
  14. sold pm sent