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    4'6" 300lbs no hair, pink eyes, loves long walks on the beach at sunset
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    fishing, eating, sleeping
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    to catch a big silver fish with lines on it
  1. out there again today that pilot is awesome!! Watched them working for a few minutes today
  2. that's a nice fish.... well done
  3. congrats nice looking fish
  4. I got up this morning around 6, and had breakfast, then went to work, I worked for a few hours but I got hungry around lunchtime, so I ate lunch. Then I went back to work for a while until it was time to go home. Then I had dinner, and after dinner my wife wanted to watch the biggest loser but I wanted to watch MMA fights. I got on the computer and watched fights for a while, then I went to bed. Cant wait to do it again tomorrow!!!!!
  5. i used to subscribe to it for a few years, it was good for bathroom reading. They are a local company, and I like to support the local economy when I can. The guys that Ive met from OTW are really stand up guys, knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Something in an OTW episode a few years back made me rethink my support for the company, and I haven't looked at another OTW magazine or watched a show since then.
  6. For the canal, if nothing is happening, if your all by yourself, and someone comes and stands 10yards away, that's amateur. Lot of those around, and they ride bikes too. But if the bite is on and there are a million people lined up, 10 yards is ok by me, as long as lines aren't crossed.
  7. ive seen fish pulled out that I thought were small fish, and then the guy pulls out a tape and measures a 30" fish. Just because one person thinks the kept fish is small, doesn't mean they are illegal.
  8. pm me please if you have any info on boat rentals thanks again
  9. Im going back to SkowheganMadison area for a bit of fishing and fun first week of August. Got a few fish from shore last year but would love to rent a boat with a motor, last resort being a canoe but really looking for a jon boat for the day. Wesserunsett is ideal if anyone knows anyone, but Im willing to drive for a good hookup. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated, shore fishing is great and all, but boat makes the vacation!! thanks and tight lines!
  10. i heard shenanigans across the way last week but other than that, no D baggery goin on ive spoken with some really nice people out there BUT DONT FISH THE CANAL IN SPRING IF YOU DONT LIKE BEING BLED DRY BY SKEETERS AND DRIVEN NUTS FROM NO SEE UMS
  11. they are all yours for $65 shipped
  12. no sorry check or MO
  13. letting it ride for now
  14. sure white swimmer and yellow danny for $30 shipped
  15. last bump with new prices