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  1. Great grab, priced it to move. PM on way,
  2. Many different makers, many different types, most of which I don't remember anything about.....sorry...........brain tumors suck. $225 shipped usps priority mail. [ATTACHMENT=8702]DSC_2665.JPG (2,565k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT] [ATTACHMENT=8703]DSC_2661.JPG (2,563k. JPG file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  3. $500.00 Shipped USPS Priority Mail Several Signed by Sr. l
  4. From the album Large HABS Lot

  5. AS shown, $200 shipped USPS Priority Mail.
  6. From the album AFTERHOURS Plug Lot

  7. Done, PM on the way.
  8. Thanks, PM sent.
  9. I figured some were good, some, not so much, thought one might be a TM, but I don't remember stuffs so good anymore.........PM coming.
  10. Some of these I don't even know what they are. Lot shipped USPS Priority $125
  11. From the album Mongrel Plug Lot

  12. PM coming Thanks, My wife appreciates the housecleaning help:D PM coming
  13. All New, Never wet.....sadly. $200 Shipped USPS Priority
  14. From the album Afterhours Lot