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  1. Thanks! Thread closed.
  2. Sorry man, $35 is more than fair with shipping.
  3. Sounds good. Thanks!
  4. Bunch of vmc hooks some 4x some 6x, mostly 3 and 4/0s. Also a bunch of split rings, clips, swivels, rigged eel hooks. Plano box not included. Andrus jetty casters 1.5 - 3oz plus sea otter strips. $60 shipped
  5. No scratches, it just needs to be clean. I don’t have the directions but, you should be able to find them online.
  6. Last call
  7. G-shock still available.
  8. Any offers on this?
  9. DEM, you must be in RI lol. I can do $50 shipped, thanks.
  10. Still for sale. $50 shipped.
  11. Still have these for sale. $60 for Swiss army and $35 for gshock.
  12. Haven’t heard back from Dave so $165 shipped to anyone that wants them. I will toss in what I have for vmc 4X and 6x hooks that fit in the flat rate box.