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  1. I just got a call from the USCCA to inform me they can not renew my membership when it expires on 12/26. Seems Murphy put pressure on the banking community not to do business with companies Murphy feels promote unsafe gun practices. Anyone else get the call?
  2. I have a MK on my skiff. I plug along the sod banks all the time. I set my speed and direction and hit the Auto Pilot button (N). With a bluetooth compass installed, comes with the MK, it will track where it's pointed. The remote that comes with it has a display and is on the large side. MK also makes a smaller remote with just the frequently used buttons. Cost is around $85 if you shop around. That is the one I use.
  3. Can you keep on the lift all year round and eliminate the marina. I'd be looking to do that. If not, I would opt for the trailer. Another Sandy comes along you can be long gone with the boat.
  4. I have an Eastern Arms 16 SxS I bought used in 1965. Haven't used it in years. My 28 and 410 get the call now.
  5. I bought a MK I-pilot this year. Dont know how I fished without spot lock. Last year I added a power pole. I use both all the time. PP for shallow and spot lock for deeper water.
  6. Walther PPS 9mm
  7. Shockwave is legal in NJ, don't ask me how, but they sell a bunch of them. I think one in .410 would be hard to beat for a home defense weapon. Can't shoulder it or brace it against your body but let it just roll upward as you fire it. Women love them especially with a laser on it.
  8. I have cut one hook off the treble and had success with it. Still not perfect but better than 3.
  9. Walther CCP in 9mm. Made with a woman in mind. Easy to rack and less felt recoil.
  10. Alumacraft 165 Classic, 70 Yamaha, Power Pole, Minn Kota I-Pilot, Lowrance 7" HDS
  11. For me it's Seatow. They have been exceptional the 2 times I needed them. They towed my boat 35 miles up the coast for repairs when my engine went. I wasn't even there, no additional charge.
  12. I recently applied for a pistol permit at my local PD and learned it's all online now. The criminal check and application form. Cost is $21 with a credit card. Currently the permits are still $2. I was told it will probably be $50 in the not to distant future. The web site is www.njportal.com/njsp/fars I suggest you contact your local PD and make sure they are using the online process. The process started February 1 but my PD just found out about it 2 weeks ago.
  13. I have non res Utah and Florida from the same class. Applied for and got New Hampshire non res when that was all you needed to carry in PA. The AG woman in PA that went to jail screwed that up. I considered taking the instructor classes but decided against it. I do have the RSO, I have an app on my phone CCW that covers everything you could possibly want to know. State by state. Tracks your permits and where you can carry on a daily basis.
  14. Im in. Saw a video of him on the gun range. The boy can shoot for real.
  15. 7,9,10,11,12,15 all Colton except the 15 is TFO. All Colton reels except the 15. Can't remember the make.