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  1. Redhawk 19 answer is the way to go, done many of them this way and they work great
  2. Carbide rings are tough but are not as smooth as ceramics. They will allow wire use without grooving but are rough enough to cause fraying on reg. mono line
  3. I believe you have one Lami and one Fenwick, you can restore the grip by lightly sanding it or you can put heat shrink over it. Replace the guides with Alconite, you can purchase a complete set on Ebay rather inexpensive. Wrapping is no problem, if you don't want to do it, a decent repair builder should do it around 10 bucks a guide, maybe 15 tops.
  4. I agree, it looks like a Garcia Conolon
  5. Bottom line, find a builder who is noted to be good and have the builder direct you on what to get and let the builder obtain the correct parts for you. Both croaker jo and dennysnook gave you good advice I totally agree with both of them
  6. The 1209 is the most desired one. It goes for around 143 if anyone can find them. One major problem, the blanks are desired on the east coast and shipping is costly
  7. Using a carbide tip is one of the reasons for line fray. If it is a Goldberg, notify Al and he will have a replacement tip that he can send to you
  8. Hardloy is on the high end of the aluminum oxide rings in hardness and quality. The O ring is really not as good as the hardloy. Fuji is just playing games with the product line again. Since they went to China for their manufactureing they have changed their marketing thinking.
  9. It is not a big problem but yes, the operative word is qualified or skilled. I have fixed hundreds with no problem
  10. Many times this is true but proper assembley is also a cause many times. If tapers don't quite match, it is an easy fix by a qualified maker
  11. In his first statement, it appears that he is not seating the ferrule with a bayonet type locking method. This could be the problem
  12. It is a great thread, hopefully the limited colors will be taken care of soon. High quality control makes this a better thread than most on todays market, but you have to pay for it
  13. I remember Rich very well, sorry to hear about his untimely passing.
  14. Billy glad to see your shop, also glad to see the initials on the wizard, great people that are truly missed
  15. I would use a 6.5 foot blank, one piece if the customer wants a rod that long. Personally for a standup rod I would use a shorter blank. At any rate the customer seems to want what is called a "NEW ENGLAND set up for the guides. I use an Aftco HD stripper guide and roller tip then3-4 size 16 and down to a 12 conventional guide. If you are familiar with the spiral wrap, I would suggest using that method with a conventional stripper guide size 20 on top, 4 inches ahead a size 10 at 120 degrees, all of the rest of the guides on the bottom using size 12 guides. plus a tip top. I would use Fuji SIN or the equalivant from another source. Tuna pull very hard and using anything other than a spiral wrap will cause the rod to twist causing the angler to fight the rod as well as the fish.