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  1. There was a returned Berkley TEC cutting/plastic welding tool on the counter at my local tackle shop. Has an element that gets red hot and cut/melts braid and mono like a champ. It was a whopping $9 cause the led light didn't work. I love this thing. Is it a toy? Yes... kinda... but my uni to uni looks so good without the frayed edges!
  2. At Taco Bell we say 'gran-day'.... at Boca, you say plain old 'grand'. And we'll know you're a tourist by the 'Boca Grande' shirt you're sporting.
  3. I'm not sure theres even a lure on that rod! Congrats... hopefully my wife will follow suit shortly.
  4. Being that I fish 2 OK's, I almost couldn't click the link fast enough! I love it. Very well thought out features, and if it were 400 bucks less.... I'd consider it. But my next purchase will definately be a boat with pedal power. Being a sight fisherman in a kayak and having to paddle just does not work. Thank you Ocean Kayak for listening, it's just 10 years too late. This of course is my opinion, and I know what they say about opinions.
  5. double post, sorry.
  6. Great advice guys, thanks. My preference is really mono. Just an old school thing really. Especially on the flats. If I'm gonna hit some docks, or rocks, I'll use a spinning outfit with braid and a flouro leader. But mono is just easier (and cheaper). I will predominantly be fishing for Redfish and Speckled Trout. There is the occasional chance of a Bluefish, Spanish Mackerel, Ladyfish, etc... But I do sight fish, so it's mostly Redfish in the 7-15 pound range. For the rest of the water column, there are always at least two other rods rigged and ready. I spooled it up with some 12# mono that I had half a spool left laying around. SpiderWire XXX. It's OK casting, but I can tell there's more distance to be had. I also have some 8# Sufix Elite, which is as low as I will dare go on the flats, cause you just never know when that 35 incher decides your topwater is his breakfast. And I HATE losing lures due to line failure. For now, the FL braid will stay in the package, in case I need to swap it out for something else. But it seems 14-15# braid would be a perfect choice diameter wise to really launch a plug, and still have the confidence to put pressure on the fish Thanks again guys. Tight Lines.
  7. I just got my dream (for now) setup, and I need a little advice as per line. I got a different answer from everyone in my local shop, so I turn to the pros here for help. It's a Calcutta 201dc mounted on a Shimano Cumara 7'7". The reason for this setup was mainly because i wade and kayak fish predominantly, and I wanted maximum distance... Now, i have basically been told every single line you could think of, with Fireline Crystal coming up more than once. Keep in mind I'll be 95% chunking topwater in salt flats. Any advice is VERY appreciated at this point. I do have experience with baicasters, just not the DC, but I figured it would give me an advantage if I decided to go with braid. At this point I was thinking Fireline Crystal in 14 lb. test, cause the reel would hold around 200 yards of it. Again, any opinion welcome and appreciated!
  8. Oh, that's cold. So cold. And it'd be RNWA (Rich-$)
  9. Lets hear what ya got.. 'The Three Flamingos' 'All Hyped Up and No Place To Go', 'So much Money, So little Class' ... I got nothin'.... let em rip.
  10. This is eerily familiar somehow... let me think.. hmm... ESPN played it up ad nauseum...endless commercials... the nicknames.... wait..... THE CELTICS! The thing about the Celtics, at least for me... (flame warning).. is I actually WANT the Celtics to win. I genuinely like the players. For some reason, this whole Miami thing rubs me the wrong way. It seems orchestrated. OH MAN.. new thread time...
  11. Amen to that. Panama City Beach is still perfect. Fishing closures are 20 miles out, so that leaves, oh about 3 million acres to fish. We are truly the stewards of our respective ecosystems, if big business or government would give our words, and opinions more credence, most of these type things could be avoided. 4 AM, time to hit the road to the launch! Tight lines.
  12. I actually lol'd at that. Man, you are one prepared fisherman. If only Tom Hanks had that in Cast Away....
  13. That's the truth, people in boats are way worse than wildlife. The only way you'd get in trouble with a gator is if you went looking for it. Where ya headed anyway?
  14. Oh yeah.... don't use 'auction sites' exclusively. The newspaper is always worth looking at, free 'trade publications' are good, ours is called the Thrifty Nickel. Cr***'s List is good, because just cause someone is asking a certain price, doesn't mean it's rock bottom. People love to haggle. And there's always forums. The hardest part is just finding somebody where you live. But if there is a dealer selling new ones, he's also selling used ones. Hope some of this rant helps ya, see you on the water!