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  1. Anybody got a Stella they need to unload?
  2. No longer available.
  3. Will split the combo up too. Price reduction as well - MUST GO! $275 each, shipped.
  4. I have for sale a very nice vertical jigging combo. The rod is a custom made from a Mudhole 6060 blank. There was a couple inches trimmed from the tip and some more from the butt. It is now 5'2" and I would rate it 300g-500g. It is built spinning with Fuji (VSG) SIC guides. Black/Copper wraps, EVA grips with a gimbal. This rod has only been used three times. Reel is a Shimano Saragosa 18000 filled with Daiwa 80# (PE-6) braid. Have box and papers, only used once. This reel and line would run you $400.00 new. I'll sell the combo for $600.00 shipped.
  5. no longer available
  6. Payment received from Parrot. thanks SOL!
  7. some minor scratches on the back side of the left side plate.
  8. #2 abu no longer available
  9. The Wheel's Reel's 7-Dust would be a great alternative as well. Those Carbon Fiber blanks absolutely rock.
  10. Only used for about 6 months. Great reel just a little big for my uses. These sell new for over $400, I'm asking $300 shipped, have box and papers. I do take paypal.
  11. yes i take paypal. #1 sold to parrot pending payment. send me a pm & we'll work out the details.
  12. Here are some pics of both the reels. The one with the green line is stock, $100.00 shipped. The one with the red line has the knobby mag from Hatteras Outfitters and also the carbon fiber/flat stainless drag upgrade from Hatteras Outfitters. Asking $200 shipped for this one. I think I fished them both once, great reels but I just don't use them.
  13. first one is stock, a 10 out of 10. asking $100.00 shipped. second one has knobby magnetic upgrade from hatteras outfitters, as well as the carbon fiber drags. 10 out of 10, awesome reel I just don't use it. $200.00 shipped. pics go up tonight.
  14. Combat fishing at it's finest on the "Point".
  15. I saw one of the local Hatteras guys (big Ed) destroy one of them this past spring. The bail flipped during the cast & the reel just exploded.