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  1. Dude....6 bucks? You're a cheap ****. Stop doing that and pay it forward. You just made a brag thread about your high end cruise and then you tip 6 bucks??? 6 dollars??? Jesus Jimmy.
  2. My wife and I tip ridiculously high usually as we both worked in restaurants as youngins. We know the drill. People suck. Ohh....6 whole dollars!! Rent right now averages 2k a month lol.
  3. I seriously don't deserve my wife.
  4. You have no clue what you're talking about.
  5. Corny survives a giant IED blast and Crazypants thinks he gonna be the guy that scares him lol?
  6. Damn....I forgot that. I was hangry.
  7. Seriously......if we wanted to overthrow the Government......I'm pretty sure 50 million of us would make quite the force. Booty has no clue what sleeping giant resides in America.
  8. You Dems are worthless. Worthless. 100%. Stop making excuses and ****ing LEAD you ****ing wussies.
  9. Yeah, I put a bit of fresh on after too, but I wasn't sure. I've seen it both ways. I kept tearing hunks of mozz and was like...."one more more piece......and one more piece....." Happy belated berfday btw.
  10. Decided to make a Margherita style pie for fun, but I went crazy with the mozz. Was going to make a Sausage pizza, but we have this fresh mozzarella made in Rhode Island so I thought it would be fun. Got some Mutti crushed tomatoes, fresh oregano from outside, little onion, garlic and my own pepper flakes, sugar, salt and pepper for a sauce I cooked down. Wifey was very happy. I need to keep working on this style. I dig it.
  11. Just under half a tank of heating oil. That means I need about 120 gallons or so. Give or take 20 gallons. Look at these effing prices. I ****ing loathe Biden voters. You all are responsible for this ****. Thank god we can afford this, but so many cannot and guess who they are in MA? Biden voters lol.
  12. We 110% more patriotic. You pukes cried about the Pledge of Allegiance.
  13. Are you saying Combat Vets like JimP aren't considered a Patriot? You should probably walk that back. If the **** ever really hits the fan, what skills do you possess that will help our country and fellow citizens besides cowering and surrendering? I'm betting you aren't much of a survivalist on any level.
  14. We have a special train car just for you bud.
  15. Makes sense to me..... /wipes oil off M&P
  16. Progs hate Peterson. He's a smart cookie imo.
  17. Meanwhile.....Dems are all all....
  18. Yay.....more illegals for Mass....... Great.
  19. Dems effed our whole country over. All because of mean tweets. Biden is the worst President ever.
  20. Hang No. I still don't care. Damn. Almost had feelings for a second.
  21. Here's my take on this..... I don't care.
  22. Too late. What's done is done. I have tarot cards if you want a reading. They're all Death cards.
  23. They always are. I'm basically Mokestradamus.
  24. Yeah......not buying it. The weirdo Progs are in charge and they are trying to force us to all drive EVs because the Left in general are retarded. In my very honest and somehow impossibly adorable opinion.