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  1. Maxkatt. Pretty lousy thing to say.
  2. RST3-- Great post today as always.. I was looking forward to your posts yesterday but understand why you didn't. Here in Brockton in areas without drifting it was more than 2ft. 6 pm AND Still snowing and windy..
  3. I will be in Yarmouth tomorrow through Thursday. Tides look pretty good for fishing early evening. Any recommendations for fishing from shore. Any chance for Albies?
  4. What jerks.. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mass Maritime close access to fishing.
  5. An article in the Entrprise from his wife stating it was not covid related. "The rumors that Brockton boxing legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler died after battling aftereffects of the COVID-19 vaccine are false, according to his widow." "For sure wasn't the vaccine that caused his death," Kay G. Hagler wrote in a Monday Facebook post, adding that she was the only person close to him until the end. "My baby left in peace with his [usual] smile and now is not the time to talk nonsense."
  6. Joe, Congradulations to you and your wife. My wife and I were in the same situation 30 years ago and ended up adopting a beautiful daughter. Was the best thing that has ever happened to us. My little girl has given us a beautiful grandson with another baby on the way. Best to you and your wife.
  7. Great recommendation guys! Late in the movie when she goes to the midgets apartment building looked familiar and i realized it was filmed at 601 Congress st where I worked for a few years.
  8. Yes we tip both. Barrels are always put back by the house and any packages are always put at the back door. Much appreciate their work.
  9. USN 71-76 USCGR 81-2008
  10. Have made about 50 of these since January to keep busy. Made some for family and have sold some too.
  11. Glad it was returned. I grew up on Hobart ST and knew both Mr & Mrs Skinner good people..
  12. I just finished it today. Very well done.
  13. Yup he is a good guy and always puts large items in our back porch. I never thought about the trash man until my wife said something. We started to give him a tip a few years ago and every week he gets out of the truck and puts our empty barrel in the back yard. It's funny across the street from us is a two family house. He always puts the little old lady's barrel back but leaves the 2nd floor tenant's at the street.
  14. Gelfex, I have one of those reels. I drilled a hole in the horizontal piece and ran the plug end through it and out the hole on the side and pulled about two feet out as I have it mounted on a wall next to the plug. The key is to leave the plug end hanging free when you are coiling or pulling the cord out to avoid it twisting too much. I just use this setup to run the cord from my bulkhead to my shed to start my snowblower.
  15. Have to agree with Zak-Striper. Mustard & Johnson is the only show I listen to. No bitching about other people they just talk sports and they also have some regular callers that are very knowledgable.