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  1. I started raising Red Wigglers last month, Composting worms. I bought 3000 of them,to get started. They make the best organic fertilizer for the garden. Also I am making Hot compost for the garden.
  2. What Schumaker family are you from? I'm from Lancaster too. Live near the Canal now.
  3. WTS

    WTS Diawa Sealine 400HW wire trolling reel. I bought it new, used it twice. Have box and paperwork. $175.00. Pictures later today
  4. Ihave a good crop of mushrooms my waders
  5. sold
  6. fishmonkey, I have the lines , and topshots, but I take them off the reels at the end of the season, for cleaning. I live near the bourne bridge if you would like to see them.
  7. Tuna rods and reels. 2 130 lb. class 117L penn senators, 2 bent butt rods, all extras. Line, leaders, hooks, kite, kite rod and reel, everything to fish. Everything you need to fish tomorrow. All in excellent condition. Call for more info. Pictures available soon. Located in Bourne MA. Asking $1000.00
  8. yes I can do handles.
  9. I can repair both.
  10. I am a commercial shellfisherman in Bourne. My old screenname was Bourne .Somehow it got changed. Bob-g knows who I am
  11. Bob G, I repair rakes. Replace teeth etc.
  12. I survived CLINTON for 55 years
  13. Walter was paid for that weather interview. He demanded one dozen Cumby s hot dogs, 2 packs of butts, 6 donuts, and a bale of hay for his girlfriend.
  14. I cant find anything regarding the 5 % rule as stated in a previous post. Does anyone have that?