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  1. Being that Talltale no longer wants the reel if there is no bearing, I guess I can step up my offer to $125.00 cash picke up. Lord knows I don't need another, but hey she looks sweet:)
  2. Looks like a very nice reel. I already have waaayy more than I need, but I would be interested in owning this at $115.00 if that helps you any. I am on LI and could meet or pick it up to save you on shipping. Good luck with your sale either way:)
  3. NLA please close thread>
  4. Please close thread. I am going to make a new thread with a few more reels. I just realized how much stuff I have accumulated that I am never going to use and are just collecting dust. Guess thats fishing;)
  5. BUMPP, both 622's just need a bit of grease here, some oil there, and are good to go! Perfect boat reels. Price Drop: 622's Take both for $50.00 622's now $30.00 each Mitchell 302- $45.00 Need to make room for more gear!
  6. Fritz you are absolutely correct, my mistake. The reels are Garcia Mitchell 622. I will change the title. Thanks!
  7. No problem, I'll keep you in mind. Plugs still up for sale. Take the last 4 plugs for 40 picked up or 45 shipped! Thats 10 bucks a plug for plugs that range from 15-20 bucks a head:D
  8. Rick G, how about you meet me at $25.00. I am available all week for pickup, I'll shoot you a pm.
  9. Bump.. Take the rest of the plugs for 40 picked up, or 44 shipped. I have no problem splitting right now, make me an offer. Thanks.
  10. I have both of these Abu Garcia Reels for sale. All 3 are in fine mechanical condition and are ready to fish. They have been sitting around for awhile so they have some light dust and surface corrosion, but a little vinegar and TLC and you are all ready to go. The Mitchell 302 is perfect for the surf on a nice 10 or 11 foot stick. A 9fter wouldn't be a bad choice either. The Mitchell 622's are nice oldschool vintage conventionals that feature pancake like round handles. Really sweet, and once again perfect for your shelf or ready to go on the water. PP or Money Order is fine. Add 3% for PP and either Pickup on LI or add shipping costs. Prices are reasonable, but feel free to make me an offer. [img= $35 each http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/2429860/width/523/height/700] $50
  11. Matty SI Plugs are yours for 28 shipped, I'll pm you. Rest are still up for sale!
  12. Bump to the top, take the whole lot or pick and choose. MattySI, I am going to give someone the oppurtunity to take the lot. If its not gone by tommorow, I will split the Darters for $25.00 + $3.00 shipped. Cmon nobody needs some sweet pencil and a few bottle plugs. Fall run is under way!
  13. No problem, I'll wait until someone else expresses interest in the other plugs, someone takes the whole lot, or 2 days.
  14. Does anybody have the schematics for this reel? I am having a difficult time lining up the small gear that runs the main shaft up and down. The handle will not turn unfortunately.